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Karrie and Steph’s Awesome BookTalk – Fall 2021


Karrie and Steph’s Awesome BookTalk – Fall 2021
Bethany Branch BooksTalk, October 8, 2021 and South Branch BooksTalk, October 14, 2021
Karrie S. and Steph E. (Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries)

Karrie’s Books

The Personal Librarian
by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray (Benedict)

In 1905, at just twenty-something years old, Bella de Costa Green becomes the personal librarian of JP Morgan. She quickly rises to notoriety in the upper-ranks of NYC. But she’s hiding an important secret.

Remember: The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting
by Lisa Genova (153.1 Gen)

A scientific, though never dry, look at memory; how we remember, why we forget, and what you can do to take charge of your own memories.

The 57 Bus
by Dashka Slater (YA 364.155 Sla)

The true story of Sasha and Richard, two teen-agers in Oakland, CA and the one senseless act that left both of their lives changed forever.

The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet
by John Green (814 Gre)

Part memoir, part analysis of the world around us, part mockery of the five-star review, all wonderful.

We Came, We Saw, We Left: A Family Gap Year
by Charles Wheelan (physical book still on order)

The story of one family’s nine-month journey across six continents.

Nine Perfect Strangers
by Liane Moriarty (Moriarty)

Nine completely different people spend ten days at a remote retreat. All there for different reasons, their lives interchange in ways they can never imagine.

Steph’s Books

Harlem Shuffle
by Colson Whiteheat (Whitehead)

Furniture salesman Ray Carney finds himself drawn into the heist of Harlem’s Hotel Theresa while trying (for the most part) to stay on the straight and narrow and maintain his standing as a respectable business owner in his community.

Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law
by Mary Roach (591.5 Roa)

From thieving monkeys, birds that down airplanes, killer trees and marauding bears, Mary Roach investigates how we cope when humans and the natural world collide.

The Thursday Murder Club
by Richard Osman (Osman)

A motley group of septuagenarians meet weekly in their upscale retirement community in order to review some of the police department’s cold cases.

This is Your Mind on Plants
by Michael Pollan (581.6 Pol)

How do caffeine, opium and mescaline affect our minds? Pollan looks at our changing relationships with these plants, and shares some personal experiments with all three.

Better Luck Next Time
by Julia Claiborne Johnson (Johnson)

Emily first meets Nina at the Flying Leap – a dude ranch where women of means can spend the required 6 weeks in Nevada before they can get a divorce.

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art
by James Nestor (613.192 Nes)

Our breathing has changed as we’ve evolved, and not necessarily in a good way. It’s possible that breathing differently might improve your physical and mental health.