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Miscellaneous Mysteries – 2014


Miscellaneous Mysteries – 2014
Gere Branch Library, May 12, 2014 and Bethany Branch Library, May 16, 2014
Donna G.

Pillow Stalk
by Diane Vallere [Vallere]

Hell or High Water
by Joy Castro [Castro]

Nearer Home
by Joy Castro [Castro]

Mr. Churchill’s Secretary
by Susan Elia McNeal [McNeal]

Rage Against the Dying
by Becky Masterman [Masterman]

Aloha, Lady Blue
by Charley Memminger [Memminger]

First Evidence
by Ken Goddard [Goddard]

Outer Perimeter
by Ken Goddard [Goddard]

Speak of the Devil
by Allison Leotta [Leotta]

Damage Done
by Hilary Davidson [Davidson]

Say You’re Sorry
by Michael Robotham [Robotham]

Written in Bone
by Simon Beckett [Beckett]

Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter
by Blaize Clement [Clement]

Brush With Death
by Karen MacInerney [MacInerney]

Murder Gets a Life
by Anne George [George]

Multiple Exposures
by Ellen Crosby [Crosby]

Death Rides the Zephyr
by Janet Dawson [Dawson]

Read and Buried
by Ericka Chase [Chase]

The Death Relic
by Chris Kuzneski [Kuzneski]

Lethal Treasure
by Jane Cleland [Cleland]

by Linda Barnes [Barnes]

by Lis Wiehl [Wiehl]

Sins of the Flesh
by Colleen McCullough [McCullough]