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Nebraska Trivia


Nebraska Trivia!
Gere Branch Library – Monday, January 13, 2020
Meredith M. (former curator of the Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors)

Our main Nebraska trivia focus:

Nebraska Trivia
by Gabe Parks (978.2 Par) (1998)

Other Nebraska trivia books in the libraries’ circulating collection:

Husker Trivia: Nebraska Football Quiz Book
by Lowell Greunke (796.332 NebYg) (1994)

Big Red Trivia Quiz Book, Volume 1
by Lowell Greunke (796.332 Gre) (1984)

It Happened in Nebraska: Remarkable Events That Shaped History
by Tammy Partsch (978.2 Pat) (2012)

Other non-circulating Nebraska trivia items available only in the Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors:

Nebraska School Trivia: An Amazing & Fascinating Look at Our State’s Teachers, Schools, & Students
by Carole Marsh (Heritage 371 Mar) (1990)

The Hard-to-Believe-But-True! Book of Nebraska History, Trivia, Mystery, Legend, Lore, & More
by Carole Marsh (Heritage 978.2 qMar) (1990)

Note: There are additional “Nebraska Trivia” volumes attributed to Carole Marsh in the Heritage Room collection.

Trivia Unlimited
by The United States Trivia Association (Heritage Periodical Tri) (1979-1984)

Note: The United States Trivia Association was based in Lincoln, NE.