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Strange and Wondrous Books


Strange and Wondrous Books
Bethany Branch, October 5, 2012 and Gere Branch, October 29, 2012
Carolyn D.

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Taboo Tunes: A History of Banned Bands and Censored Songs
by Peter Blecha [Music 780.026 Ble]

Musically Speaking
by Ruth Westheimer [Music 780.92 Wes]

Narcocorrido: A Journey Into the Music of Drugs, Guns and Guerrillas
by Elijah Wald [Music 780.972 War]

Me, the Mob and the Music: One Hell of a Ride With Tommy James and the Shondells
by Tommy James [Music 781.66 Jam]

Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage
by Albert Glinsky [Music 786.73 Gli]

Chopin and Beyond: My Extraordinary Life in Music and the Paranormal
by Byron Janis [Music 786.2 Jan]

Wild Harmonies: A Life of Music and Wolves
by Hélène Grimaud [Music 786.2 Gri]

The Great Animal Orchestra
by Bernard Krause [Music 780.05 Kra]

Beethoven’s Hair
by Russell Martin [Music 780.92 BeeYm]

Sounds of the Silk Road
by Mitchell Clark [Music 784.19 Cla]

The Halloween Songbook: 27 Frightfully Fun Songs to Play and Sing
by various composers [Music 781.52 qHal]