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The Mean Magical Streets


RevPro-SDC-150The Mean Magical Streets
Courtyard Book Chats…in the Garden!, July 1, 2008 and Gere Books Talk, December 1, 2008
Scott C.

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Brown Girl in the Ring
by Nalo Hopkinson

Stand-alone urban fantasy novel set in a future broken-down Toronto with strong Caribbean mysticism elements.

The “Dresden Files” series by Jim Butcher

Storm Front
[first volume in the series]

Harry Dresden is a practising wizard in the city of Chicago, working as a private investigator and a consultant to the police on cases with paranormal influences.

The “Southern Vampires/Sookie Stackhouse” series by Charlaine Harris

Dead Until Dark
[first volume in the series]

Tales of a telepathic small-town barmaid and the various members of the paranormal communities in Louisiana that she gets involved with.

The “Harper Connelly series” by Charlaine Harris

Grave Sight
[first volume in the series]

Harper Connelly has the ability to find dead people…whether she wants to or not.

The “Weather Warden” series by Rachel Caine

Ill Wind
[first volume in the series]

Being able to control the weather is one thing…being accused of murder and on the run from an entire organization that controls the weather is another…

The “Nightside” series by Simon R. Green

Something From the Night Side [first volume in the series] [This series is not currently owned by the Lincoln City Libraries]

John Taylor has a particular talent for “finding things”. That’s because he’s from the Nightside, the underbelly of reality, where all the dark things from people’s nightmares have timeshares.

The “Mercy Thompson” series by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called
[first volume in the series]

Mercy Thompson is a native american shapeshifter, who was raised by a clan of werewolves. She thought settling into Washington state’s tri-cities would allow her to live a normal life as an auto mechanic. She wasn’t counting on the werewolves and vampires pulling her into their territorial squabbles.

The “Kitty Norville” series by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty and the Midnight Hour
[first volume in the series]

Kitty Norville is a werewolf…with a late-night Denver radio talk show, and some baggage of her own.

The “Rachel Morgan” series by Kim Harrison

Dead Witch Walking
[first volume in the series]

In a world that’s slightly “alternate history”, Rachel Morgan is a witch, working as the equivilant to a bounty hunter — bringing in the non-humans who break the rules in an uneasy coexistance with a resentful humanity.

The “Dante Valentine” series by Lilith Saintcrow

Working for the Devil
[first volume in the series]

Lilith is sort of a “bounty hunter/assassin” for the Devil, reluctantly working to track down rogue demons and the like, while being accompanied by one of the Devil’s own hand-picked assassins, who’s to kill her if she fails her missions.