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The Not-So-Quiet Countryside


The Not-So-Quiet Countryside
Courtyard Book Chats, May 22, 2007
Donna G.

Tired of the traditional urban detective novel? Looking for mysteries or thrillers with some midwestern grit and characters? Look no further than these titles, used in Donna’s “Not-So-Quiet Countryside” Book Talk recently.

Jamie Harrison — Set in Montana

Edge of the Crazies [1995]

Going Local [1996]

An Unfortunate Prairie Occurence [1996]

Blue Deer Thaw [2000]

Donald Harstad — Set in Iowa

Eleven Days [1998]

Known Dead [1999]

The Big Thaw [2000]

Code 61 [2002]

A Long December [2003]

Craig Johnson — Set in Wyoming

The Cold Dish [2005]

Death Without Company [2006]

Kindness Goes Unpunished [2007]

Patrick McManus — Set in Idaho

The Blight Way [2006]

Avalanche [2007]

Charlene Weir — Set in Kansas

The Winter Widow [1992]

Consider the Crows [1993]

Family Practice [1995]

Murder Take Two [1998]

A Cold Christmas [2001]

Up In Smoke [2003]

Edge of Midnight [2006]