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The World Next Door


The World Next Door…
Bethany and Gere Branches, Spring, 2004
Scott C.

A selection of Alternate History stories

The Eyre Affair
by Jasper FfordeAn investigator in an England where Literary figures are society’s heroes tries to prevent an arch-fiend from using an experimental technology to enter great works of literature and assassinate characters beloved by millions. [First in an ongoing series.]

Newton’s Cannon
by J. Gregory Keyes

Newton’s Cannon is the first in a quartet of novels (The Age of Unreason) set in the mid-to-late 1700s and early 1800s in which the use of alchemy and sorcery is mixed with scientific advances, as a young Benjamin Franklin gets involved in a plot to decimate the European continent with weapons of mass destruction, and dark creatures plot domination over our realm.

Making History
by Stephen Fry

In 1998, a grad student in history and a physics professor team up to try to prevent the birth of Adolf Hitler and create a better “history” for humanity…only things don’t go quite as they’d planned.

The Lathe of Heaven
by Ursula K. Leguin

In Portland, in a future beset with overpopulation and societal decay, George Orr believes his dreams have the power to alter reality — and the psychologist he’s assigned to see believes he can use George’s unique ability to transform their world into a better place. Or can he?

Time and Chance
by Alan Brennert

In a hauntingly emotional tale, an ordinary man has the opportunity to see two different versions of what his life could have been like, based on a “what if” scenario when he was in college. But human nature shows him that no life is perfect.