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Time Enough at Last


Time Enough at Last
Bethany Branch Library, November 5, 2004 and Gere Branch Library, November 8, 2004
Scott C.

A selection of off-beat Time Travel novels or short stories, taken from our on-line booklists Time is Relative (2002), and Somewhere in Time: Time-Travel Romances (1998). 

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
All five volumes in Douglas Adams’ hilarious “Hitchhiker’s” series are a loving celebration and lampooning of science fiction’s standard plot devices, including a trip to a restaurant that exists in time only at the moment just before the end of the universe.

Time Machines: The Greatest Time Travel Stories Ever Written
This anthology edited by Bill Adler collects 22 of the most memorable short time travel stories in one handy volume.

“A Sound of Thunder” in collection Dinosaur Tales
Ray Bradbury’s classic science fiction short story that explores the inherent dangers of traveling back in time and stepping off the marked path. This story appears in numerous collections, including Dinosaur Tales.

Time on My Hands
A screenwriter is sent back in time to 1938 to try to prevent Ronald Reagan from becoming president in this novel by Peter Delacorte.

A Knight in Shining Armor
A classic example of the Time Travel Romance, with a 16th century knight transported to modern day, and the strong-willed contemporary heroine who falls for him then transported back to his world of the 1560s. Updated and expanded for a 2002 edition. By Jude Deveraux.

In the Time of the Poisoned Queen
Mystery series by Ann Dukthas, featuring time traveling sleuth Nicolas Segalla.

Time and Again
Jack Finney’s classic tale of an observer sent back in time to 1880s New York, who gets too closely involved with the people he encounters.

A cosmic accident transports an entire West Virginia coal-mining town back in time and space to 17th-century Germany, where they find themselves trapped in the midst of the bloody and savage conflict known as The Thirty Years War. By Eric Flint.

Bid Time Return
The heartbreakingly romantic novel by Richard Matheson that the Christopher Reeve – Jane Seymour movie Somewhere in Time is based upon.

In Robert J. Sawyer’s novel, a scientific test in 2009 causes everyone in the world to “flash forward” to where they will be 20 years later, before snapping back to the present. A fascinating study of fate versus free will and the potential immutability of time.

The Dechronization of Sam Magruder
Written by renowned paleontologist George Gaylord Simpson and discovered in his papers following his death, this tells the tale of a paleontologist who is thrust back in time to the era of the dinosaurs, with no hope of rescue.

The Smithsonian Institution
This rather atypical novel by Gore Vidal focuses on a teenage math prodigy in 1939, who is pulled into a secret atomic weapons program in the basement of the Smithsonian Institution, where late at night, the historical exhibits come to life and lead the young man on adventures in time and history.

In a semi-autobiographical novel, author Kurt Vonnegut finds himself thrust 10 years backwards in time and revisits some of the characters from his past works as he tries to salvage a novel he’s working on.

Lincoln’s Dreams
This debut novel by multiple award-winning science fiction/fantasy author Connie Willis involves a young contemporary woman who is suffering the dreams of a Civil War general whenever she falls asleep.

A Scientific Romance
An English archeologist who stumbles upon a Victorian time machine visits a depopulated future, and is tempted to “fix” his own unhappy personal history, in this novel by Ronald Wright.