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Young Adult, Entertaining and Style


Sarah DaleYoung Adult, Entertaining and Style
Gere Branch, January 28, 2008 and Bethany Branch, February 1, 2008
Sarah D.

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by Steven Gould
High schooler Davy had no idea he could teleport – until a couple of really dangerous situations occur and he finds himself suddenly miles away from the danger, in the safety of the reading room at his library. Now that he knows, what will he do with the new ability? And what kind of man will he grow up to be? The film version of this novel is due out on 2/14/08.

American Born Chinese
by Gene Luen Yang
Told in Graphic Novel format, the story occurs in three parts – the realistic story of Jin Wang and his adventures in high school – the ancient Chinese fable of the Monkey King who wants to be a god – and a sort of oddball side story about an American kid whose Chinese cousin comes to visit once a year. The three story lines resolve brilliantly at the end – the first book in a long time that I finished to immediately flip back to the beginning and start again.

Once Upon a Marigold
by Jean Ferris
Funny and warm, this fractured fairy tale is the story of Christian, who at age six, runs away from his family to be rescued by a Troll named Ed. Since Christian won’t tell Ed who his parents are or where he lives, Ed raises him as his own. Once Christian turns 17, he discovers that by using Ed’s telescope he can observe his neighbor across the river, the Princess Marigold. In discovering the secret of her curse, he discovers the secret of his past. Many laugh-out-loud scenes later, they all live happily ever after.

by Jerry Spinelli
Stargirl created her own name — the image of a star and a girl. Up ’til now, Stargirl has been homeschooled, and now suddenly she is attending public school at Mica High. And Mica High will never be the same. Stargirl is like no one else. She is elusive, odd, and unconditionally cheerful, endearing and bizarre. She leaves tiny gifts on everyone’s desk in homeroom. On your birthday, she sings to you in the lunchroom, and plays her ukulele. Leo is head over heels in love with her from minute one, but can their love endure the vagaries of high school?

by Stephenie Meyer
If you haven’t already fallen in love with Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen, you owe it to yourself. This is a love story in the finest traditions of Shakespeare, Jane Austin, and Joss Whedon all rolled together. You see, they are doomed before they begin. Helplessly, hopelessly, epically in love, it can never be, for Edward is a Vampire. He and his family don’t feed on humans, but the struggle to remain moral against their vampiric nature isn’t one Edward wishes to burden Isabella with, not even so that they can have a lifetime together. Dramatic, romantic, marvelous. AND the first in a series!

by Robin McKinley
Dragons are real. And they are protected in a couple of National Parks – one in Australia, one in Africa, and then there is Smokehill. Jake’s father runs the Institute of Integrated Dragon Studies at Smokehill, and Jake has grown up there. After his mother is killed doing research at the park in Africa, Jake’s life turns even more insular than before, and when at the age of 14 he accidentally (and illegally) rescues a dragon baby, his life becomes bizarre, wild and utterly unpredictable. Lois is in no way an easy infant or toddler, but the years of painful ‘mothering’ Jake provides may actually pay off in the end.

Barefoot Contessa at Home
by Ina Garten
An amazing cookbook – don’t just look at the pictures! Read her insights as well. Elegant, delicious — no, not exactly low-fat – but not quite as over the top as Paula Deen either. And check out her “Parties!” cookbook as well – the recipe for asparagus under the broiler is to die for.

Seriously Simple Holidays
by Diane Rossen Worthington
Another lovely, elegant cookbook, and if you love Ina Garten’s asparagus recipe, check out Worthington’s take on Brussels sprouts on pg. 177!!

Before You Put That On
by Lloyd Boston
365 days of fun with style and fashion. He has great fun quizzes, interesting (short) interviews with designers and interesting folks, and check out the last day of each month – blank recipes for outfits that actually make sense!

Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style
by Tim Gunn
“Make it work!” is Tim Gunn’s famous line on Project Runway, but his book is in depth and amazing. Have your dictionary handy, as Tim’s vocabulary use pulls no punches. Tim’s philosophy goes far beyond the fashion of the day, and distinguishes what really constitutes Style. If you read nothing else, read his chapter on POSTURE. You’ll thank him, daily!

Five Minute Face
by Carmindy
Carmindy is the makeup artist from the TV show “What Not to Wear”. Her background (being the daughter of a watercolor artist) informs her philosophy of makeup application. Sheer colors, working with highlights, and her firm belief that women are NOT “flawed or that there is any set standard of beauty they MUST meet” make this an affirming and interesting read.

The Science of Sexy
by Bradley Bayou
The highlight of this book is the exact measuring. Plug your measurements into his formula and you are directed to an exact breakdown of your figure and what your “blessings” and “curses” are – and how to address those to create the best silhouette for you.

Nothing to Wear? A Five Step Cure for the Common Closet
by Jeff Garza and Joe Lupo
Take the time to read through (lots of words, fewer pictures than some style books) but worth the effort. The quiz might surprise you – are you really Chic? Classic? Bohemian? Avant Guard? Whimsical? Once you know, they encourage you to pare down the things you don’t wear and clear out the clutter. Treat yourself to their brand of “visual therapy.”

The Little Black Book of Style
by Nina Garcia
Nina Garcia is one of the judges for Bravo TV’s “Project Runway.” – and now we get to judge her! Or her book, anyway. The two most winning elements for me were reading her own story – her background and upbringing are far from typical and quite interesting, and her rundown of various classic films that are known for the style classic they created. Audry Hepburn’s Little Black Dress (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) is just the beginning of the list of films.