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Confronting Cancer

Confronting Cancer:
A Selection of Adult Fiction

Tom Batiuk – Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe [comic strip compilation – 741.5 Bat] Elizabeth Berg – Talk Before Sleep
Alden R. Carter – Sheila’s Dying
Susan Cheever – Doctors & Women
Jill A. Davis – Ask Again Later
Brian Fies – Mom’s Cancer [graphic novel] Ellen Gilchrist – The Anna Papers: A Novel
Lisa Glatt – A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That
Allegra Goodman – Intuition
Nadine Gordimer – Get a Life
David Guterson – East of the Mountains
Katherine Hannigan – Ida B.: and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster and (Possibly) Save the World
Joseph Hansen – Job’s Year
Davida Wills Hurwin – A Time for Dancing
Susan Kenney – Sailing
Haven Kimmel – Something Rising (Light and Swift)
Karen Kingsbury – Halfway to Forever
Norma Klein – Sunshine: A Novel
Alice Kuipers – Life on the Refrigerator Door: Notes Between a Mother and Daughter
Anne Lamott – Hard Laughter
David Leavitt Equal – Affections
Anne D. LeClair – The Lavender Hour
Bobbie Ann Mason – Spence + Lila
Larry McMurtry – Terms of Endearment
Susan Minot – Evening
Lilli Palmer – A Time to Embrace
Richard Powers – Gain
Neil Ravin – Informed Consent
Philip Roth – The Dying Animal
May Sarton – A Reckoning
Lauraine Snelling – The Healing Quilt
Alexander Solzhenitsyn – Cancer Ward
Danielle Steel – Fine Things
Glendon Swarthout – The Shootist
Hilma Wolitzer – Ending
Helen Yglesias – How She Died

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