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Culinary Crimes

Mysteries featuring specific themes have proven to be very popular in recent years. One very popular theme, which has been a fan favorite, is mysteries featuring a culinary theme…either with a food industry character as the sleuth — cook, chef, waiter, caterer, bartender, vineyard owner, restaurant critic, etc., or with the mystery story set in a restaurant, bar, coffee shop or similar establishment.

Most of these mysteries or suspense novels fall into the “cozy” or “amateur detective” mystery sub-genre categories, so for the most part, you shouldn’t expect private eyes, forensics labs, or police procedural elements to be involved. Many of these novels, especially those in which the primary sleuth is a cook, caterer, baker, brewer, etc., include the recipes for culinary dishes that are described in the plot of the novel — these usually appear as an appendix at the end of the books. Several long-running series have produced so many recipes that there have been numerous full-fledged cookbooks released, tied in to the mystery series. We’ve included those in this booklist, for those that we are aware of, although not all of the cookbooks are in the libraries’ collection.

There are many more series that feature sleuths who are food lovers — gourmands — whose loves of good foods, desserts, wines, and other edible and drinkable delicacies make those characters stand out. For the most part, we have not included those in this list, unless several of the mysteries in their series featuring the creation of foods/drinks as major plot points. An example is the Nero Wolfe novels of Rex Stout — Wolfe is a legendary lover of fine cuisine, and many of the Nero Wolfe novels do feature the culinary arts as part of the plots and/or part of the solution of the mysteries.

This list is not exhaustively complete, and tends to focus on relatively recent publications. All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries (including the cookbooks) are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department. If you have titles/series/authors you’d recommend be added to this list, you’ll find our email contact info at the bottom of this page!

Avery Aames

Cheese Shop Mysteries
The Long Quiche Goodbye (2010)
Lost and Fondue (2011)
Clobbered by Camembert (2012)
To Brie or Not to Brie (2013)
Days of Wine and Roquefort (2014)
As Gouda As Dead (2015)
For Cheddar or Worse (2016)

Kathy Aarons

Chocolate Covered Mysteries
Death is Like a Box of Chocolates (2014)
Truffled to Death (2015)
Behind Chocolate Bars (2016)

Allyson Abbott

Macks Bar Mysteries
Murder on the Rocks (2013)
Murder With a Twist (2014)
In the Drink (2015)
Shots in the Dark (2016)
A Toast to Murder (2017)
Last Call (2018)

Ellery Adams

Supper Club Mysteries
Carbs and Cadavers (2006) as by J.B. Stanley
Fit to Die (2007) as by J.B. Stanley
Chili Con Corpses (2008) as by J.B. Stanley
Stiffs and Swine (2009) as by J.B. Stanley
The Battered Body (2009) as by J.B. Stanley
Black Beans & Vice (2010) as by J.B. Stanley
Pasta Mortem (2018) with Rosemary Stevens

Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries
Pies and Prejudice (2012)
Peach Pies and Alibis (2013)
Pecan Pies and Homicides (2014)
Lemon Pies and Little White Lies (2015)
Breach of Crust (2016)

Riley Adams

Memphis Barbeque Mysteries
Delicious and Suspicious (2010)
Finger Lickin’ Dead (2011)
Hickory Smoked Homicide (2013)
Rubbed Out (2014)

Rebecca Adler

Taste of Texas
Here Today, Gone Tamale (2015)
The Good, the Bad and the Guacamole (2016)
Cinco de Murder (2018_

Susan Wittig Albert

China Bayles – herbal shop, frequently deals with foods and drinks
Thyme of Death (1992)
Witch’s Bane (1993)
Hangman’s Root (1994)
Rosemary Remembered (1995)
Rueful Death (1996)
Love Lies Bleeding (1997)
Chile Death (1998)
Lavender Lies (1999)
Mistletoe Man (2000)
Bloodroot (2001)
Indigo Dying (2002)
An Unthymely Death and Other Gardening Mysteries (2003)
A Dilly of a Death (2004)
Dead Man’s Bones (2005)
Bleeding Hearts (2006)
Spanish Dagger (2007)
Nightshade (2008)
Wormwood (2009)
Holly Blues (2010)
Mourning Gloria (2011)
Cat’s Claw (2012)
Widow’s Tears (2013)
Death Come Quickly (2014)
Bittersweet (2015)
Blood Orange (2016)
The Last Chance Olive Ranch (2017)
Queen Anne’s Lace (2018)
A Plain Vanilla Murder (2019)
Hemlock (2021)

Ellie Alexander

Bakeshop Mysteries
Meet Your Baker (2014)
A Batter of Life and Death (2015)
On Thin Icing (2015)
Caught Bread Handed (2016)
Fudge and Jury (2017)
A Crime of Passion Fruit (2017)
Trouble is Brewing (2017) (eNovella that introduces Sloan Krause – separate series, crossing over with the Bakeshop Mystery characters)
Another One Bites the Crust (2018)
Till Death Do Us Tart (2018)
Live and Let Pie (2018)
A Cup of Holiday Fear (2019)
Nothing Bundt Trouble (2020)
Chilled to the Cone (2020)
Mocha, She Wrote (2021)
Bake, Borrow and Steal (2021)
Donut Disturb (2022)
Muffin But the Truth (2022)

Sloan Krause – brewer/microbreweries
Death on Tap (2017)
The Pint of No Return (2018)
Beyond a Reasonable Stout (2019)
Without a Brew (2020)
The Cure For What Ales You (2021)

Robin Allen

Poppy Markham: Culinary Cop
If You Can’t Stand the Heat (2011)
Stick a Fork in It (2012)
Out of the Frying Pan (2013)

Connie Archer

Soup Lovers Mysteries
A Spoonful of Murder (2012)
A Broth of Betrayal (2013)
A Roux of Revenge (2014)
Ladle to the Grave (2015)
A Clue in the Stew (2016)

Winnie Archer

Bread Shop Mysteries
Kneaded to Death (2017)
Crust No One (2017)
The Walking Bread (2018)
Flour in the Attic (2019)
Dough or Die (2020)
Death Gone-a-Rye (2021)
A Murder Yule Regret (2021)
Bread Over Troubled Water (2022)

Tony Aspler

Wine Lovers Mysteries
Blood is Thicker Than Beaujolais (1994)
The Beast of Barbaresco (1996)
Death on the Douro (1997)
Nightmare in Napa (2021)

Sandra Balzo

Maggy Thorsen series (set in Uncommon Grounds coffee shop)
Uncommon Grounds (2004)
Grounds for Murder (2007)
Bean There, Done That (2008)
Brewed, Crude and Tattooed (2009)
From the Grounds Up (2009)
A Cup of Jo (2010)
Triple Shot (2011)
Murder on the Orient Espresso (2013)
To the Last Drop (2016)
Importance of Being Urnest (2017)
Murder a la Mocha (2018)
Death of a Bean Counter (2019)
Flat White (2021)
The Big Steep (2021)

Maggie Barbieri

The Maggie Conlan series — baker
Once Upon a Lie (2013)
The Lies That Bind (2015)
Lie in Plain Sight (2016)

Karoline Barrett

Bread and Batter Mysteries
Bun For Your Life (2015)
Raisin the Dead (2016)
It Cannoli Be Murder (2017)

Jessica Beck (a.k.a. Tim Myers)

Donut Shop Mysteries
Glazed Murder (2010)
Fatally Frosted (2010)
Sinister Sprinkles (2010)
Evil Eclairs (2011)
Tragic Toppings (2011)
Killer Crullers (2012)
Drop Dead Chocolate (2012)
Powdered Peril (2012)
Illegally Iced (2012)
Deadly Donuts (2013)
Assault and Batter (a.k.a. Felony Filled) (2013)
Sweet Suspects (2013)
Deep Fried Homicide (2014)
Custard Crime (2014)
Lemon Larceny (2014)
Bad Bites (2014)
Old Fashioned Crooks (2014)
Dangerous Dough (2015)
Troubled Treats (2015)
Sugar Coated Sins (2015)
Criminal Crumbs (2015)
A Holiday Donut Steal (2015) e-Novella
Vanilla Vices (2015)
Raspberry Revenge (2016)
Fugitive Filling (2016)
Devil’s Food Defense (2016)
Pumpkin Pleas (2016)
Floured Felonies (2016)
Mixed Malice (2016)
Tasty Trials (2017)
Baked Books (2017)
Cranberry Crimes (2017)
Boston Cream Bribery (2017)
Cherry Filled Charges (2017)
Scary Sweets (2017)
Cocoa Crush (2017)
Pastry Penalties (2018)
Apple Stuffed Alibis (2018)
Perjury Proof (2018)
Caramel Canvas (2019)
Dark Drizzles (2019)
The Donut Mysteries Cookbook (2019) (cookbook, not a mystery)
Counterfeit Confections (2019)
Measured Mayhem (2019)
Blended Bribes (2019)
Sifted Sentences (2019)
Dusted Discoveries (2020)
Nasty Knead (2020)
Rigged Rising (2020)
Donut Despair (2020)
Whisked Warnings (2020)
Baker’s Burden (2020)
Battered Bluff (2021)
The Hole Truth (2021)
Donut Disturb (2021)
Wicked Wedding Donuts (2021)
Donut Hearts Homicide (2022)

Classic Diner Mysteries
A Chili Death (2012)
A Deadly Beef (2012)
A Killer Cake (2012)
A Baked Ham (2013)
A Bad Egg (2013)
A Real Pickle (2013)
A Burned Out Baker (2014)

Cast Iron Cooking Mysteries
Cast Iron Will (2015)
Cast Iron Conviction (2015)
Cast Iron Cover-Up (2015)
Cast Iron Motive (2016)
Cast Iron Suspicion (2016)

Maymee Bell

Southern Cake Baker Mysteries
Cake and Punishment (2018)
Batter Off Dead (2019)

Claudia Bishop

Hemlock Falls
A Taste for Murder (1994)
A Dash of Death (1995)
A Pinch of Poison (1995)
Murder Well-Done (1996)
Death Dines Out (1997)
A Touch of the Grape (1998)
A Steak in Murder (1999)
Marinade for Murder (2000)
Just Desserts (2002)
Fried by Jury (2003)
A Puree of Poison (2003)
Buried by Breakfast (2004)
A Dinner to Die For (2006)
Ground to a Halt (2007)
A Carol for a Corpse (2007)
Toast Mortem (2010)
Dread on Arrival (2012)
A Fete Worse Than Death (2013)

Miranda Bliss (a.k.a. Miranda Bliss, Zoe Daniels, Connie Deka, Connie Lane, Connie Laux, Constance Laux, Kylie Logan)

Cooking Class Mysteries
Cooking Up Murder (2006)
Murder on the Menu (2007)
Dead Men Don’t Get the Munchies (2007)
Dying for Dinner (2008)
Murder Has a Sweet Tooth (2009)

Ginger Bolton

Deputy Donut Mysteries
Survival of the Fritters (2018)
Goodbye, Cruller World (2018)
Jealousy Filled Donuts (2019)
Boston Scream Murder (2020)
Beyond a Reasonable Donut (2021)
Deck the Donuts (2021)

Michael Bond

Monsieur Pamplemousse series — food critic, with his bloodhound Pommes Frites
Monsieur Pamplemousse (1983)
Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Secret Mission (1985)
Monsieur Pamplemousse on the Spot (1986)
Monsieur Pamplemousse Take the Cure (1987)
Monsieur Pamplemousse Aloft (1989)
Monsieur Pamplemousse Investigates (1990)
Monsieur Pamplemousse Rests His Case (1991)
Monsieur Pamplemousse Stands Firm (1992)
Monsieur Pamplemousse On Location (1992)
Monsieur Pamplemousse Takes the Train (1993)
Monsieur Pamplemousse Afloat (2000)
Monsieur Pamplemousse On Probably (2000)
Monsieur Pamplemousse On Vacation (2002)
Monsieur Pamplemousse Hits the Headlines (2003)
Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Militant Midwives (2006)
Monsieur Pamplemousse and the French Solution (2007)
Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Carbon Footprint (2010)
Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Tangled Web (2014)

Jacklyn Brady (a.k.a. Sherry Lewis)

Piece of Cake Mysteries
A Sheetcake Named Desire (2011)
Cake on a Hot Tin Roof (2012)
Arsenic and Old Cake (2012)
The Cakes of Wrath (2013)
Rebel Without a Cake (2014)
The Cakes of Monte Cristo (2016)

Catherine Bruns

Cookies & Chance Mysteries
Tastes Like Murder (2015)
Baked to Death (2016)
Burned to a Crisp (2016)
Frosted With Revenge (2017)
Silence By Sugar (2018)
Crumbled to Pieces (2018)
Sprinkled in Malice (2019)
Ginger Snapped to Death (2019)
Icing on the Casket (2020)
Knee Dead in Dough (2021)
Dessert is the Bomb (2021)

The Italian Chef Mysteries
Penne Dreadful (2019)
It Cannoli Be Murder (2020)
The Enemy You Gnocchi (2021)

Maple Syrup Mysteries
A Doomful of Sugar (2022)

Mollie Cox Bryan

Buttermilk Creek Mysteries – cheesemaker
Christmas Cow Bells (2019)
Goodnight Moo (2020)

Julia Buckley

Undercover Dish Mysteries
The Big Chili (2015)
Cheddar Off Dead (2016)
Pudding Up With Murder (2017)
A Fatal Fettuccine (2021)

Hungarian Tea House Mysteries
Death in a Budapest Butterfly (2019)
Death of a Wandering Wolf (2020)
Death on the Night of the Lost Lizards (2021)

Leslie Budwitz

Food Lover’s Village
Death Al Dente (2013)
Crime Rib (2014)
Butter Off Dead (2015)
Treble at the Jam Fest (2017)
As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles (2018)
Carried to the Grave and Other Stories (2021)

Spice Shop Mysteries
Assault and Pepper (2015)
Guilty as Cinnamon (2015)
Killing Thyme (2016)
Chai Another Day (2019)
The Solace of Bay Leaves (2020)

Lucy Burdette (a.k.a. Roberta Isleib)

Key West Food Critic Mystery
An Appetite for Murder (2012)
Death in Four Courses (2012)
Topped Chef (2013)
Murder With Ganache (2014)
Death With All the Trimmings (2014)
Fatal Reservations (2015)
Killer Takeout (2016)
Death on the Menu (2018)
A Deadly Feast (2019)
The Key Lime Crime (2020)
A Scone of Contention (2021)
A Dish to Die For (2022)

Lynn Cahoon

Tourist Trap Mysteries — bookstore cafe
(some entries seem out of order but there were several E-novellas released in later years that fit into the chronology/continuity earlier in the series)
Guidebook to Murder (2014)
Mission to Murder (2014)
If the Shoe Kills (2014)
Dressed to Kill (2015)
Rocket’s Dead Glare (novella) (2018)
Killer Run (2015)
Santa Puppy (novella) (2018)
A Deadly Brew (novella) (2018)
Murder on Wheels (2016)
Mother’s Day Mayhem (novella) (2019)
Corned Beef and Casualties (novella) (2019)
Tea Cups and Carnage (2016)
A Very Mummy Holiday (novella) (2019)
Hospitality and Homicide (2017)
Killer Party (2017)
Memories and Murder (2019)
Murder in Waiting (2020)
Picture Perfect Frame (2021)
Wedding Bell Blues (2022)
A Vacation to Die For (2022)

Cat Latimer Mysteries — B&B owner/operator, frequently with culinary elements, this is also a “Writers’ Retreat” series
A Story to Kill (2016)
Fatality by Firelight (2017)
Of Murder and Men (2017)
Slay in Character (2018)
Sconed to Death (2019)
A Field Guide to Homicide (2020)
A Killer Christmas Wish (2021)
Body in the Book Drop (2021) (prequel)
Caught Dead to Write (2022)

Farm to Fork Mysteries
Who Moved My Goat Cheese (2018)
Killer Green Tomatoes (2018)
One Potato, Two Potato, Dead (2019)
Have a Deadly New Year (2019)
Deep Fried Revenge (2020)
Penned In (2020)
Killer Comfort Food (2021)
A Fatal Family Feast (2022)

The Kitchen Witch Mysteries
Chili Cauldron Curse (2020)
Poison Pie (2021)
Three Tainted Teas (2022)

Eve Calder

Cookie House Mysteries
And Then There Were Crumbs (2019)
Sugar and Vice (2020)
A Tale of Two Cookies (2021)

Alexander Campion

Capucine Culinary Mysteries
The Grave Gourmet (2010)
Crime Fraiche (2011)
Killer Critique (2012)
Death of a Chef (2013)
Murder on the Mediterranean (2014)

Janet Cantrell

Fat Cat Mysteries
Fat Cat at Large (2014)
Fat Cat Spreads Out (2015)
Fat Cat Takes the Cake (2016)

Joanna Carl (a.k.a. Eve K. Sandstrom)

Chocoholic Mysteries
The Chocolate Cat Caper (2002)
The Chocolate Bear Burglary (2002)
The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up (2003)
The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle (2004)
The Chocolate Mouse Trap (2005)
The Chocolate Bridal Bash (2006)
The Chocolate Jewel Case (2007)
The Chocolate Snowman Murders (2008)
The Chocolate Cupid Killings (2009)
The Chocolate Pirate Plot (2010)
The Chocolate Castle Clue (2011)
The Chocolate Moose Motive (2012)
The Chocolate Book Bandit (2013)
The Chocolate Clown Corpse (2014)
The Chocolate Falcon Fraud (2015)
The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha (2016)
The Chocolate Shark Shenanigans (2019)
The Chocolate Raccoon Rigmarole (2021)

Sammi Carter

Candy Shop Mysteries
Candy Apple Dead (2005)
Chocolate Dipped Death (2006)
Peppermint Twisted (2007)
Goody Goody Gunshots (2008)
Sucker Punch (2009)

Bailey Cates (a.k.a. Cricket McRae)

Magical Bakery Mysteries
Brownies and Broomsticks (2012)
Bewitched, Bothered and Biscotti (2012)
Charms and Chocolate Chips (2013)
Some Enchanted Eclair (2014)
Magic and Macaroons (2015)
Spells and Scones (2016)
Potions and Pastries (2017)
Cookies and Clairvoyance (2019)
Witches and Wedding Cake (2020)
Spirits and Sourdough (2022)

Joyce Cato (a.k.a. Faith Martin)

Jenny Starling — traveling cook in Britain
Birthdays Can Be Murder (2010)
A Fatal Fall of Snow (2011)
Dying for a Cruise (2012)
The Invisible Murder (2012)
Deadly Stuff (2014)
Just Not Cricket (2015)
The Country Inn Mystery (2019)

Chris Cavender (a.k.a. Tim Myers)

Pizza Mysteries
A Slice of Murder (2009)
Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder (2010)
A Pizza to Die For (2011)
Rest in Pizza (2012)
Killer Crust (2012)
The Missing Dough (2013)
Thin Crust Killers (2014)

Marie Celine

Gourmet Pet Chef Mysteries
Dishing Up Death (2005)
Lights, Camera, Murder (2015)
Pets in Peril (2016)

Jessie Chandler

Shay O’Hanlon — LGBTQ+ coffee shop owner
Bingo Barge Murder (2011)
Hide and Snake Murder (2012)
Pickle in the Middle Murder (2013)
Chip Off the Ice Block Murder (2014)
Blood Money Murder (2016)

Vivien Chien

Noodle Shop Mysteries
Death by Dumpling (2018)
Dim Sum of All Fears (2018)
Murder Lo Mein (2019)
Wonton Terror (2019)
Egg Drop Dead (2020)
Killer Kung Pao (2020)
Fatal Fried Rice (2021)
Hot and Sour Suspects (2022)

Laura Childs

Tea Shop Mysteries
Death by Darjeeling (2001)
Gunpowder Green (2002)
Shades of Earl Grey (2003)
English Breakfast Murder (2003)
The Jasmine Moon Murder (2004)
Chamomile Mourning (2005)
Blood Orange Brewing (2006)
Dragonwell Dead (2007)
The Silver Needle Murder (2008)
Oolong Dead (2009)
The Teaberry Strangler (2010)
Scones & Bones (2011)
Agony of the Leaves (2012)
Sweet Tea Revenge (2013)
Steeped in Evil (2014)
Ming Tea Murder (2015)
Devonshire Scream (2016)
Pekoe Most Poison (2017)
Plum Tea Crazy (2018)
Broken Bone China (2019)
Lavender Blue Murder (2020)
Haunted Hibiscus (2021)
Twisted Tea Christmas (2021)
A Dark and Stormy Tea (2022)

Cackleberry Club Mysteries
Eggs in Purgatory (2008)
Eggs Benedict Arnold (2009)
Bedeviled Eggs (2010)
Stake & Eggs (2012)
Eggs in a Casket (2014)
Scorched Eggs (2014)
Egg Drop Dead (2016)
Eggs on Ice (2018)
Egg Shooters (2021)

Jennifer J. Chow

L.A. Night Market
Death by Bubble Tea (2022)

Mary Jane Clark

Piper Donovan/Wedding Cake Mystery
To Have and To Kill (2010)
The Bracelet (2012) e-Novella
The Look of Love (2012)
Footprints in the Sand (2013)
That Old Black Magic (2014)

Peg Cochran

Gourmet De-Lite Mysteries
Allergic to Death (2012)
Steamed to Death (2013)
Iced to Death (2014)

Cranberry Cove Mysteries
Berried Secrets (2015)
Berry the Hatchet (2016)
Dead and Berried (2017)
Berried at Sea (2018)
Berried in the Past (2020)
Berried Motives (2020)

Lucille Mazzarella Mysteries (not all in this series are culinary, but a few are, and are listed here)
Hit and Nun (2015)
Cannoli to Die For (2017)

Farmer’s Daughter Mysteries – food blogger
No Farm, No Foul (2016)
Sowed to Death (2017)
Bought the Farm (2018)

Nancy Coco (a.k.a. Nancy Parra — see separate entry)

Candy-Coated Mysteries
All Fudged Up (2013)
To Fudge or Not to Fudge (2014)
Oh Say Can You Fudge (2015)
All I Want for Christmas is Fudge (2015) e-Novella
All You Need is Fudge (2016)
Oh, Fudge! (2017)
Deck the Halls With Fudge (2017) e-Novella
Forever Fudge (2018)
Fudge Bites (2019)
Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas (2020)
Here Comes the Fudge (2021)
A Midsummer Night’s Fudge (2022)

Lyndsey Cole

Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mysteries
Blueburied Muffins (2015)
Strawburied in Chocolate (2015)
Blackburied Pie (2015)
Very Buried Cheesecake (2015)
Raspburied Torte (2015)
Poisonburied Punch (2015)
Cranburied Coffeecake (2016)
Wineburied Wedding (2016)
Jingle Buried Cookies (2016)
Easter Buried Eggs (2017)
Boo Buried Cupcakes (2017)
Merry Buried Christmas (2017)
Cherry Buried Cake (2018)

Hooked and Cooked Cozy Mysteries
Gunpowder Chowder (2015)
Mobsters and Lobsters (2016)
A Fishy Dish (2016)
Crook, Line and Sinker (2016)
Catch of the Dead (2017)
Caught Dead Handed (2017)
A Fowl Feast (2017)
A Fatal Fish Fry (2018)

Abby Collette (a.k.a. Abby Vandiver)

Ice Cream Parlor Mystery
A Deadly Inside Scoop (2020)
A Game of Cones (2021)
A Killer Sundae (2022)

Books & Biscuits Mystery
Body and Soul Food (2021)
Soul of a Killer (2022)

Susan Conant and Jessica Conant-Park

Gourmet Girl Mysteries
Steamed (2006)
Simmer Down (2007)
Turn Up the Heat (2008)
Fed Up (2009)
Cook the Books (2010)

Sheila Connolly

Orchard Mysteries
Called Home (2011 – prequel)
One Bad Apple (2008)
Rotten to the Core (2009)
Red Delicious Death (2010)
A Killer Crop (2010)
Bitter Harvest (2011)
Sour Apples (2012)
Golden Malicious (2013)
Picked to Die (2014)
A Gala Event (2015)
Seeds of Deception (2016)
A Late Frost (2017)
Nipped in the Bud (2018)

J.J. Cook (a.k.a. Joyce and Jim Levene)

Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mysteries
Death on Eat Street (2014)
Gator Bowl (2015) e-Novella prequel
Fry Another Day (2015)
Fat Tuesday Fricasee (2016)

Amanda Cooper

Teapot Collector Mysteries
Tempest in a Teapot (2014)
Shadow of a Spout (2015)
The Grim Steeper (2016)

Maya Corrigan

Five Ingredient Mysteries
By Cook or By Crook (2014)
Scam Chowder (2015)
Final Fondue (2016)
The Tell-Tale Tarte (2017)
S’more Murders (2018)
Crypt Suzette (2019)
Gingerdead Man (2020)
Bake Offed (2022)

Shelley Costa

Italian Restaurant Mysteries
You Cannoli Die Once (2013)
Basil Instinct (2014)

Cleo Coyle (a.k.a. Alice Alfonsi and Marc Cerasini)

Coffeehouse Mysteries
On What Grounds (2003)
Through the Grinder (2004)
Latte Trouble (2005)
Murder Most Frothy (2006)
Decaffeinated Corpse (2007)
French Pressed (2008)
Espresso Shot (2008)
Holiday Grind (2009)
Roast Mortem (2010)
Murder by Mocha (2011)
A Brew to a Kill (2012)
Holiday Buzz (2012)
Billionaire Blend (2013)
Once Upon a Grind (2014)
Dead to the Last Drop (2015)
Dead Cold Brew (2017)
Shot in the Dark (2018)
Brewed Awakening (2019)
Honey Roasted (2022)

Isis Crawford

Mystery With Recipes
A Catered Murder (2003)
A Catered Wedding (2004)
A Catered Christmas (2005)
A Catered Valentine’s Day (2007)
A Catered Halloween (2008)
A Catered Birthday Party (2009)
A Catered Thanksgiving (2010)
A Catered St. Patrick’s Day (2012)
A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange (2013)
A Catered Fourth of July (2014)
A Catered Mother’s Day (2015)
A Catered Tea Party (2016)
A Catered Costume Party (2017)
A Catered Cat Wedding (2018)
A Catered New Year’s Eve (2019)
A Catered Book Club Murder (2020)
A Catered Doggie Wedding (2022)

Jessie Crockett (a.k.a. Jessica Ellicott, a.k.a. Jesicca Estevao)

Sugar Grove Mysteries
Drizzled With Death (2013)
Maple Mayhem (2014)
A Sticky Situation (2015)

Ellen Crosby

Wine Country Mysteries
The Merlot Murders (2006)
The Chardonnay Charade (2007)
The Bordeaux Betrayal (2008)
The Riesling Retribution (2009)
The Viognier Vendetta (2010)
The Sauvignon Secret (2011)
The Champagne Conspiracy (2016)
The Vineyard Victims (2017)
Harvest of Secrets (2018)
The Angels’ Share (2019)
The French Paradox (2021)
Bitter Roots (2022)

Carol Culver

Pie Shop Mysteries
A Good Day to Pie (2011)
Never Say Pie (2012)

Judith Cutler

Josie Welford
The Food Detective (2005)
The Chinese Takeout (2006)

Mary Daheim

Bed and Breakfast Mysteries
Just Desserts (1991)
Fowl Prey (1991)
Holy Terrors (1992)
Dune to Death (1993)
Bantam of the Opera (1993)
A Fit of Tempera (1994)
Major Vices (1995)
Murder, My Suite (1996)
Auntie Mayhem (1996)
Nutty as a Fruitcake (1996)
September Mourn (1997)
Wed and Buried (1998)
Snow Place to Die (1998)
Legs Benedict (1999)
Creeps Suzette (2000)
A Streetcar Named Expire (2001)
Suture Self (2001)
Silver Scream (2002)
Hokus Croakus (2003)
This Old Souse (2004)
Dead Man Docking (2005)
Saks and Violins (2006)
Scots on the Rocks (2007)
Vi Agra Falls (2008)
Loco Motive (2010)
All the Pretty Hearses (2011)
The Wurst is Yet to Come (2012)
Gone With the Win (2013)
Clam Wake (2014)
Here Comes the Bribe (2016)
A Case of Bier (2017)
Lady MacDeath (2021)

Diane Mott Davidson

Goldy Schulz
Catering to Nobody (1990)
Dying for Chocolate (1992)
The Cereal Murders (1993)
The Last Suppers (1994)
Killer Pancake (1995)
The Main Corpse (1996)
The Grilling Season (1997)
Prime Cut (1998)
Tough Cookie (2000)
Sticks and Scones (2001)
Chopping Spree (2003)
Double Shot (2004)
Dark Tort (2006)
Sweet Revenge (2007)
Fatally Flaky (2009)
Crunch Time (2011)
The Whole Enchilada (2013)
Goldy’s Kitchen Cookbook (2015) (cookbook – not a mystery)

Krista Davis

Domestic Diva
The Diva Runs Out of Thyme (2008)
The Diva Takes the Cake (2009)
The Diva Paints the Town (2009)
The Diva Cooks a Goose (2010)
The Diva Haunts a House (2011)
The Diva Digs Up the Dirt (2012)
The Diva Frosts a Cupcake (2013)
The Diva Wraps it Up (2014)
The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss (2015)
The Diva Serves High Tea (2016)
The Diva Cooks Up a Storm (2018)
The Diva Sweetens the Pie (2019)
The Diva Spices It Up (2020)
The Diva Serves Forbidden Fruit (2021)
The Diva Says Cheesecake! (2022)

Maddie Day

Country Store Mysteries
Flipped for Murder (2015)
Grilled for Murder (2016)
When the Grits Hit the Fan (2017)
Biscuits and Slashed Browns (2018)
Death Over Easy (2018)
Strangled Eggs and Ham (2019)
Nacho Average Murder (2020)
Candy Slain Murder (2020)
No Grater Crime (2021)
Batter Off Dead (2022)
Four Leaf Cleaver (2023)

Gale Deitch

Trudi Fine Mysteries
A Fine Fix (2013)
Fine Dining (2014)
Fine Arts (2016)
A Fine Line (2020)

Devon Delaney

Cook Off Mysteries
Expiration Date (2018)
Final Roasting Place (2018)
Guilty as Charred (2019)
Eat, Drink and be Wary (2020)
Double Chocolate Cookie Murder (2021)
A Half-Baked Alibi (2022)

Christine DeSmet

Fudge Shop Mysteries
First-Degree Fudge (2013)
Hot Fudge Frame-Up (2014)
Five-Alarm Fudge (2015)
Deadly Fudge Divas (2020)
Undercover Fudge (2021)

Lesley A. Diehl

Microbrewing Mysteries
A Deadly Draught (2010)
Poisoned Pairings (2012)

Maria DiRico (a.k.a. Ellen Byron)

Catering Hall Mysteries
Here Comes the Body (2020)
Long Island Iced Tina (2021)
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder (2021)

Leighann Dobbs (a.k.a. L.A. Dobbs)

Lexy Baker Mysteries
Killer Cupcakes (2012)
Dying for Danish (2012)
Murder, Money and Marzipan (2013)
3 Bodies and a Biscotti (2013)
Brownies, Bodies and Bad Guys (2013)
Bake, Battle and Roll (2013)
Wedding Blintz (2013)
Scones, Skulls and Scams (2014)
Ice Cream Murder (2014)
Mummified Meringues (2014)
No Scone Unturned (2016)
Cream Puff Killer (2017)
Brutal Brulee (2015)
Never Say Pie (2018)
Ain’t Seen Muffin Yet (2020)
Assault and Buttercream (2022)
(Lexy Baker Coxy Mystery Series Boxed Set 1)

Teatime Classic Whodunits
Teatime Pastries and Punishments (2019)

Teresa Dovalpage

Havana Mysteries
Death Comes in Through the Kitchen (2018)
Queen of Bones (2019)
Death of a Telenovela Star (2020)
Death Under the Perseids (2021)

Pamela DuMond

Annie Graceland Mysteries — psychic baker (mostly originals for Kindle format only)
Cupcakes, Lies and Dead Guys (2010)
Cupcakes, Sales and Cocktails (2014)
Cupcakes, Pies and Hot Guys (2012)
Cupcakes, Paws and Bad Santa Claus (2014)
Cupcakes, Diaries and Rotten Inquiries (2015)
Cupcakes, Bats and Scare-dy Cats (2015)
Cupcakes, Bars and Rock Stars (2016)
Cupcakes, Spies and Despicable Guys (2016)
Cupcakes, Signs and Valentines (2022)
Murder, Maisey and Oopsi-Daisies (2022)

J.C. Eaton (a.k.a. Ann I Goldfarb and James E. Clapp)

Wine Trail Mysteries
A Riesling to Die (2018)
Chardonnayed to Rest (2018)
Pinot Red or Dead (2019)
Sauvigone for Good (2019)
Divide and Concord (2020)
Death, Dismay and Rose (2020)
From Port to Rigor Morte (2021)

K.J. Emrick

The Cookie and Cream Cozy Mysteries – Kindle format and independently published trade paperbacks
How to Baker a Murder (2016)
Destination Murder (2016)
Doors, Danishes and Death (2016)
Changes to the Recipe (2017)
Murder Hits the Road (2018)
As Long As There’s Cake (2019)
Mystery in the Mix (2020)

Nancy Fairbanks

Culinary Mysteries With Recipes
Crime Bruleé (2001)
Truffled Feathers (2001)
Death a L’Orange (2002)
Chocolate Quake (2003)
The Perils of Paella (2004)
Holy Guacamole! (2004)
Mozzarella Most Murderous (2005)
Three-Course Murder (2006)
Bon Bon Voyage (2006)
French Fried (2006)
Turkey Flambé (2007)
Blood Pudding (2009)

Jerrilyn Farmer

Madeline Bean Culinary Mysteries
Sympathy for the Devil (1998)
Immaculate Reception (1999)
Killer Wedding (2000)
Dim Sum Dead (2001)
Mumbo Gumbo (2003)
Perfect Sax (2004)
The Flaming Luau of Death (2005)
Desperately Seeking Sushi (2006)

Sharon Farrow (a.k.a. Sharon Pisacreta)

Berry Basket Mysteries
Dying for Strawberries (2016)
Blackberry Burial (2017)
Killed on Blueberry Hill (2018)
Mulberry Mischief (2019)
Hollyberry Homicide (2020)

Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily

The Ariel Quigley series
The Chef Who Died Sauteing (2006)
The Lawyer Who Died Trying (2007)
The Reporter Who Died Probing (2008)
each volume in this series was accompanied by a companion volume entitled A Killer Cookbook, with recipes

Amanda Flower (a.k.a. Isabella Alan)

Amish Candy Shop Mysteries
Assaulted Caramel (2017)
Criminally Cocoa (2019) e-Novella between earlier books
Lethal Licorice (2018)
Botched Butterscotch (2020) e-Novella between earlier books
Premeditated Peppermint (2018)
Toxic Toffee (2019)
Marshmallow Malice (2020)
Candy Cane Crime (2020)
Lemon Drop Dead (2021)
Peanut Butter Panic (2022)

Farm to Table Mysteries
Farm to Trouble (2021)
Put Out to Pasture (2022)
In Farm’s Way (2023)

Joanne Fluke (a.k.a. Jo Gibson, a.k.a. Chris Hunter)

Hannah Swensen (a.k.a. Cookie Jar Cozy series)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (2000)
Strawberry Shortcake Murder (2001)
Blueberry Muffin Murder (2001)
Lemon Meringue Pie Murder (2001)
Fudge Cupcake Murder (2004)
Sugar Cookie Murder (2004)
Peach Cobbler Murder (2005)
Cherry Cheesecake Murder (2006)
Key Lime Pie Murder (2007)
Candy Cane Murder (2007) (short story)
Carrot Cake Murder (2008)
Cream Puff Murder (2009)
Plum Pudding Murder (2009)
Apple Turnover Murder (2010)
Gingerbread Cookie Murder (2010) (short story)
Joanne Fluke’s Lake Eden Cookbook (2011) (cookbook – not mystery)
Devil’s Food Cake Murder (2011)
Cinnamon Roll Murder (2012)
Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (2013)
Blackberry Pie Murder (2014)
Double Fudge Brownie Murder (2015)
Wedding Cake Murder (2016)
Christmas Caramel Murder (2016)
Banana Cream Pie Murder (2017)
Raspberry Danish Murder (2018)
Christmas Cake Murder (2018)
Chocolate Cream Pie Murder (2019)
Coconut Layer Cake Murder (2020)
Christmas Cupcake Murder (2020)
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder (2021)
Caramel Pecan Roll Murder (2022)

Sarah Fox

Pancake House Mysteries
Crepes of Wrath (2016)
For Whom the Bread Rolls (2017)
Of Spice and Men (2018)
Yeast of Eden (2018)
Crepe Expectations (2019)
Much Ado About Nutmeg (2020)
A Room With a Roux (2021)
A Wrinkle in Thyme (2021)

Literary Pub Mysteries
Wine and Punishment (2018)
An Ale of Two Cities (2019)
The Malt in Our Stars (2020)
Claret and Present Danger (2021)
Through the Liquor Glass (2022)

Jacqueline Frost (a.k.a. Julie Anne Lindsey)

Christmas Tree Farm Mysteries
Twelve Slays of Christmas (2017)
‘Twas the Knife Before Christmas (2018)
Slashing Through the Snow (2021)

Yasmine Galenorn (a.k.a. India Ink)

Chintz ‘n China Mysteries
Ghost of a Chance (2003)
Legend of the Jade Dragon (2004)
Murder Under a Mystic Moon (2005)
A Harvest of Bones (2005)
One Hex of a Wedding (2006)
Holiday Spirits (2016)
Well of Secrets (2021)

Rosie Genova

Italian Kitchen Mysteries
Murder and Marinara (2013)
The Wedding Soup Murder (2014)
A Dish Best Served Cold (2015)

Daryl Wood Gerber (a.k.a. Avery Aames — see separate entry)

Cookbook Nook Mysteries
Final Sentence (2013)
Inherit the Word (2014)
Stirring the Plot (2014)
Fudging the Books (2015)
Grilling the Subject (2016)
Pressing the Issue (2018)
Wreathe Between the Lines (2018)
Sifting Through Clues (2019)
Shredding the Evidence (2020)
Wining and Dining (2021)
Simmering With Resentment (2022)

French Bistro Mysteries
A Deadly Eclair (2017)
A Souffle of Suspicion (2018)

J.G. Goodhind (aka Erica Brown, Jeannie Johnson, Lizzie Lane)

Honey Driver Mysteries
Something in the Blood (2007)
A Taste to Die For (2007)
Walking With Ghosts (2008)
Menu for Murder (2009)
Deadly Lampshades (2009)
Murder by Mudpack (2010)
Wicked Words (2010)
The Ghost of Christmas Past (2014)
Killing Jane Austen (2014)
Death of a Diva (2014)
Blood & Broomsticks (2014)

Nadia Gordon (a.k.a. Julianne Balmain)

Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley Mysteries
Sharpshooter (2002)
Death by the Glass (2003)
Murder Alfresco (2005)
Lethal Vintage (2008)

Pip Granger

Soho Cafe Mysteries
Not All Tarts Are Apple (2002)
The Widow Ginger (2003)
Trouble in Paradise (2004)
No Peace For the Wicked (2005)

Sarah Graves

Death by Chocolate Mysteries
Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake (2018)
Death by Chocolate Malted Milkshake (2019)
Death by Chocolate Frosted Doughnut (2020)
Death by Chocolate Snickerdoodle (2021)
Death by Chocolate Chip Cucpcake (2022)

Kerry Greenwood

Corinna Chapman Mysteries
Earthly Delights (2004)
Heavenly Pleasures (2005)
Devil’s Food (2006)
Trick or Treat (2007)
Forbidden Fruit (2009)
Cooking the Books (2011)
The Spotted Dog (2019)

Lena Gregory

All Day Breakfast Cafe Mysteries
Scone Cold Killer (2018)
Murder Made to Order (2018)
A Cold Brew Killing (2018)
A Waffle Lot of Murder (2020)
Whole Latte Murder (2021)
Mistletoe Cake Murder (2021)

Victoria Hamilton

Merry Muffin Mysteries
Bran New Death (2013)
Muffin But Murder (2014)
Death of an English Muffin (2015)
Much Ado About Muffin (2016)
Muffin to Fear (2017)
Muffin But Trouble (2019)
Double or Muffin (2021)

Vintage Kitchen Mysteries
A Deadly Grind (2012)
Bowled Over (2013)
Freezer I’ll Shoot (2013)
No Mallets Intended (2014)
White Colander Crime (2015)
Leave It to Cleaver (2017)
No Grater Danger (2018)
Breaking the Mould (2018)
Cast Iron Alibi (2019)
A Calculated Whisk (2021)

Susannah Hardy

Greek to Me Mysteries
Feta Attraction (2015)
Olive and Let Die (2015)
A Killer Kebab (2016)

Ellen Hart

Jane Lawless Mysteries
Hallowed Murder (1989)
Vital Lies (1991)
Stage Fright (1993)
A Killing Cure (1993)
A Small Sacrifice (1994)
Faint Praise (1995)
Robber’s Wine (1996)
Wicked Games (1998)
Hunting the Witch (1999)
The Merchant of Venus (2001)
Immaculate Midnight (2002)
An Intimate Ghost (2004)
The Iron Girl (2005)
Night Vision (2006)
The Mortal Groove (2007)
Sweet Poison (2008)
The Mirror and the Mask (2009)
The Cruel Ever After (2010)
The Lost Women of Lost Lake (2011)
Rest for the Wicked (2012)
Taken By the Wind (2013)
The Old Deep and Dark (2014)
The Grave Soul (2015)
Fever in the Dark (2017)
A Whisper of Bones (2018)
Twisted at the Root (2019)
In a Midnight Wood (2020)

Sophie Greenway Mysteries
This Little Piggy Went to Murder (1994)
For Every Evil (1995)
The Oldest Sin (1996)
Murder in the Air (1997)
Slice and Dice (2000)
Dial M for Meat Loaf (2001)
Death on a Silver Platter (2003)
No Reservations Required (2005)

B.B. Haywood (a.k.a. Beth Feeman and Robert Feeman)

Candy Holliday Mysteries
Town in a Blueberry Jam (2009)
Town in a Lobster Stew (2011)
Town in a Wild Moose Chase (2012)
Town in a Pumpkin Bash (2013)
Town in a Strawberry Swirl (2014)
Town in a Sweet Pickle (2015)
Town in a Cinnamon Toast (2016)
Town in a Maple Madness (2017)

Tim Hemlin

Culinary Mysteries
If Wishes Were Horses (1996)
A Whisper of Rage (1997)
People in Glass Houses (1997)
A Catered Christmas (1998)
Dead Man’s Broth (1999)
Dead Men Don’t Pay (2016)

Lee Hollis (a.k.a. Rick Copp and Holly Simason)

Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mysteries
Death of a Kitchen Diva (2011)
Death of a Country Fried Redneck (2011)
Death of a Coupon Clipper (2012)
Death of a Chocoholic (2014)
Death of a Christmas Caterer (2014)
Death of a Cupcake Queen (2015)
Death of a Bacon Heiress (2016)
Death of a Pumpkin Carver (2016)
Death of a Lobster Lover (2017)
Death of a Cookbook Author (2018)
Death of a Wedding Cake Baker (2019)
Death of a Blueberry Tart (2020)
Death of a Wicked Witch (2020)
Death of an Italian Chef (2021)
Death of an Ice Cream Scooper (2022)
Death of a Christmas Carol (2022)
Death by Haunted House (2022)

Julie Hyzy

White House Chef Mysteries
State of the Onion (2008)
Hail to the Chef (2009)
Eggsecutive Orders (2009)
Buffalo West Wing (2011)
Affairs of Steak (2012)
Fonduing Fathers (2012)
Home of the Braised (2014)
All the President’s Menus (2015)
Foreign Eclairs (2016)

Takis Iakovou and Judy Iakovou

Nick and Julia Lambos Mysteries
So Dear to Wicked Men (1996)
Go Close Against the Enemy (1998)
There Lies a Hidden Scorpion (1999)

Lee Jackson

Sarah Tanner Mysteries
A Most Dangerous Woman (2007)
The Mesmerist’s Apprentice (2008)

Cathie John

Journals of Kate Cavanaugh
Carve a Witness to Shreds (1999)
Beat a Rotten Egg to the Punch (1998)
Add One Dead Critic (1997)

Claire M. Johnson

Mary Ryan Pastry Chef Mysteries
Beat Until Stiff (2002)
Roux Morgue (2008)

Tina Kashian

Kebab Kitchen Mystery
Hummus and Homicide (2018)
Stabbed in the Baklava (2018)
One Feta in the Grave (2019)
On the Lamb (2020)
Mistletoe, Moussaka and Murder (2020)

Karen Kijewski

Kat Colorado Mysteries
Katwalk (1989)
Katapult (1990)
Kat’s Cradle (1992)
Copy Kat (1990)
Wild Kat (1994)
Alley Kat Blues (1995)
Honky Tonk Kat (1996)
Kat Scratch Fever (1997)
Stray Kat Waltz (1998)

Josi S. Kilpack

The Sadie Hoffmiller Cozy Culinary Mysteries
Lemon Tart (2009)
English Trifle (2009)
Devil’s Food Cake (2010)
Key Lime Pie (2010)
Blackberry Crumble (2011)
Pumpkin Roll (2011)
Banana Split (2012)
Tres Leches Cupcakes (2012)
Baked Alaska (2013)
Rocky Road (2013)
Fortune Cookie (2014)
Wedding Cake (2014)
Sadie’s Little Black Recipe Book (2014) (not a mystery, but a recipe collection)
The Candy Cane Caper (2019)

Peter King

The Gourmet Detective
The Gourmet Detective (1994)
Spiced to Death (1997)
Dying on the Vine (1998)
Death al Dente (1999)
A Healthy Place to Die (2000)
Eat, Drink and Be Buried (2001)
Roux the Day (2002)
Dine and Die on the Danube Express (2003)

Cecile Lamalle

Culinary Mysteries
Appetite for Murder (1998)
Glutton for Punishment (2000)
Prepared for Murder (2001)

J.A. Lang

Chef Maurice
Chef Maurice and a Spot of Truffle (2015)
Chef Maurice and the Wrath of Crepes (2015)
Chef Maurice and Bunny Boiler Bake Off (2015)

Janet Laurence

Darina Lisle Mysteries
A Deepe Coffyn (1989)
A Tasty Way to Die (1990)
Hotel Morgue (1991)
Recipe for Death (1992)
Death and the Epicure (1993)
Death at the Table (1994)
Death a la Provencale (1995)
Diet for Death (1996)
Appetite for Death (1998)
The Mermaid’s Feast (2000)

Julie Anne Lindsey

Cider Shop Mystery
Apple Cider Slaying (2019)
Pulp Friction (2020)
The Cider Shop Rules (2021)

Liz Lipperman (a.k.a. Liz Roth)

Jordan McAllister Mysteryes (a.k.a. Clueless Cook Mysteries)
Liver Let Die (2011)
Beef Stolen-Off (2012)
Murder for the Halibut (2012)
Chicken Caccia-Killer (2013)
Smothered, Covered and Dead (2015)

Elizabeth Logan (a.k.a. Camille Minichino)

Alaskan Diner Mysteries
Mousse and Murder (2020)
Fishing for Trouble (2020)
Murphy’s Slaw (2021)

Kylie Logan (a.k.a. Casey Daniels)

Chili Cook-Off Mysteries
Chili Con Carnage (2013)
Death by Devil’s Breath (2014)
Revenge of the Chili Queens (2015)

Ethnic Eats Mysteries
Irish Stewed (2016)
French Fried (2017)
Italian Iced (2018)

Colette London

The Chocolate Whisperer Mysteries
Criminal Confections (2015)
Dangerously Dark (2015)
The Semi-Sweet Hereafter (2016)
Dead and Ganache (2017)
The Peppermint Mocha Murder (2018)

Virginia Lowell

Cookie Cutter Shop Mysteries
Cookie Dough or Die (2011)
A Cookie Before Dying (2011)
When the Cookie Crumbles (2012)
One Dead Cookie (2013)
Cookies and Scream (2014)
Dead Men Don’t Eat Cookies (2015)

Karen MacInerney

Grey Whale Inn Mysteries
Murder on the Rocks (2006)
Dead and Berried (2007)
Murder Most Maine (2008)
Berried to the Hilt (2010)
Blueberry Blues (2012) e-Novella
Brush With Death
Death Runs Adrift (2014)
Pumpkin Pied (2015) e-Novella
The Grey Whale Inn Kitchen (2016) not a mystery, this is a recipe book
Whale of a Crime (2017)
Claws for Alarm (2018)
Iced Inn (2018) e-Novella
Scone Cold Dead (2019)
Four Seasons of Mayhem (2020) e-short story collection
Lupine Lies (2020) e-Novella
Anchored Inn (2020)

Dewberry Farm Cozy Mysteries
Killer Jam (2015)
Fatal Frost (2016)
Deadly Brew (2017)
Mistletoe Murder (2017)
Dyeing Season (2019)
Lucy’s Farmhouse Kitchen (2019) not a mystery, this is a cookbook
Wicked Harvest (2019)
Sweet Revenge (2020)
Peach Clobber (2022)

Mia P. Manansala

Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery
Arsenic and Adobo (2021)
Homicide and Halo-Halo (2022)
Blackmail and Bibingka (2022)

Mary McHugh

The Happy Hoofers Mysteries
Chorus Lines, Caviar and Corpses (2014)
Flamenco, Flan and Fatalities (2015)
Can Cans, Croissants and Caskets (2015)
Bossa Novas, Bikinis and Bad Ends (2016)
High Kicks, Hot Chocolate and Homicide (2016)

G.A. McKevett

Savannah Reid Mysteries
Just Desserts (1995)
Bitter Sweets (1996)
Killer Calories (1997)
Cooked Goose (1998)
Sugar and Spite (2000)
Sour Grapes (2001)
Peaches and Screams (2002)
Death by Chocolate (2003)
Cereal Killer (2004)
Murder a la Mode (2005)
Corpse Suzette (2006)
Fat Free and Fatal (2007)
Poisoned Tarts (2008)
A Body to Die for (2009)
Wicked Craving (2010)
A Decadent Way to Die (2011)
Buried in Buttercream (2012)
Killer Honeymoon (2013)
Killer Physique (2014)
Killer Gourmet (2015)
Killer Reunion (2016)
Every Body on Deck (2017)
Hide and Sneak (2018)
Bitter Brew (2019)
And the Killer Is… (2020)
A Few Drops of Bitters (2021)

Jenn McKinlay

Cupcake Bakery Mysteries
Sprinkle With Murder (2010)
Buttercream Bump Off (2011)
Death By the Dozen (2011)
Red Velvet Revenge (2012)
Going, Going, Ganached (2013)
Sugar and Iced (2014)
Dark Chocolate Demised (2015)
Vanilla Beaned (2016)
Caramel Crush (2017)
Wedding Cake Crumble (2018)
Dying for Devil’s Food (2019)
Pumpkin Spice Peril (2020)
For Batter or Worse (2021)
Strawberried Alive (2022)

Staci McLaughlin

Blossom Valley Mysteries
Going Organic Can Kill You (2011)
All Natural Murder (2012)
Green Living Can Be Deadly (2013)
A Healthy Homicide (2015)
Murder Most Wholesome (2016)
Marriage is Pure Murder (2017)

Leslie Meier

Lucy Stone Mysteries
Mail Order Murder (1991)
Tippy-Toe Murder (1994)
Trick or Treat Murder (1996)
Back to School Murder (1997)
Valentine Murder (1999)
Christmas Cookie Murder (1999)
Turkey Day Murder (2000)
Wedding Day Murder (2001)
Birthday Party Murder (2002)
Father’s Day Murder (2003)
Star Spangled Murder (2004)
New Year’s Eve Murder (2005)
Bake Sale Murder (2006)
St. Patrick’s Day Murder (2008)
Mother’s Day Murder (2009)
Wicked Witch Murder (2010)
English Tea Murder (2011)
Chocolate Covered Murder (2012)
Easter Bunny Murder (2013)
Christmas Carol Murder (2013)
French Pastry Murder (2014)
Candy Corn Murder (2015)
British Manor Murder (2016)
Turkey Trot Murder (2017)
Silver Anniversary Murder (2018)
Invitation Only Murder (2019)
Irish Parade Murder (2021)
Easter Bonnet Murder (2022)

Carol Miller

Moonshine Mysteries
Murder and Moonshine (2013)
A Nip of Murder (2014)
An Old-Fashioned Murder (2016)

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Pepe Carvalho Mysteries
Murder in the Central Committee (1984)
Southern Seas (1986)
The Angst-Ridden Executive (1989)
An Olympic Death (1992)
Offside (2000)
The Buenos Aires Quintet (2003)
The Man of My Life (2005)
Tattoo (2008)

Liz Mugavero

Pawsitively Organic Mysteries
Kneading to Die (2013)
A Biscuit, a Casket (2014)
The Icing on the Corpse (2015)
Murder Most Finicky (2015)
Custom Baked Murder (2016)
Purring Around the Christmas Tree (2017)
Murder, She Meowed (2019)

Meg Muldoon

Christmas River Cozy
Murder in Christmas River (2012)
Mayhem in Christmas River (2013)
Madness in Christmas River (2013)
Malice in Christmas River (2014)
Mischief in Christmas River (2014)
Roasted in Christmas River (2014) e-Novella
Manic in Christmas River (2015)
Magic in Christmas River (2015)
Menace in Christmas River (2016)
Missing in Christmas River (2016)
Meltdown in Christmas River (2017)
Midnight in Christmas River (2018)
Crushed in Christmas River (2018) e-Novella
Mistake in Christmas River (2018)
Matrimony in Christmas River (2019)
Framed in Christmas River (2020) e-Novella
Trapped in Christmas River (2022) e-Novella
Malarkey in Christmas River (2022)

Amy Myers

Auguste Didier Mysteries (A Victorian culinary mystery series)
Murder in Pug’s Parlor (1986)
Murder in the Limelight (1987)
Murder at Plum’s (1989)
Murder at the Masque (1991)
Murder Makes an Entree (1992)
Murder Under the Kissing Bough (1992)
Murder in the Smokehouse (1994)
Murder at the Music Hall (1995)
Murder in the Motor Stable (1996)
Murder With Majesty (1999)
Murder in the Queen’s Boudoir (2000)

Tim Myers (see also: Jessica Beck, Chris Cavender)

Slow Cooker Culinary Cozy Mysteries
Slow Cooked Murder (2011)
Simmering Death (2011)

Gail Oust

Spice Shop Mysteries
Rosemary and Crime (2013)
Kill ’em With Cayenne (2014)
Cinnamon Toasted (2015)
Curried Away (2016)
Ginger Snapped (2017)

Nancy Parra (a.k.a. Nancy Coco, a.k.a. Nell Hampton)

Baker’s Treat Mysteries
Gluten for Punishment (2013)
Murder Gone A-Rye (2014)
Flourless to Stop Him (2015)

Wine Country Mysteries
A Case of Syrah, Syrah (2017)
Seven Deadly Zins (2019)

Joanne Pence (a.k.a. JoMarie Lodge)

Angie Amalfi
Something’s Cooking (1993)
Too Many Cooks (1994)
Cooking Up Trouble (1995)
Cooking Most Deadly (1996)
Cook’s Night Out (1997)
Cooks Overboard (1998)
A Cook in Time (1999)
To Catch a Cook (2001)
Bell, Cook and Candle (2002)
If Cooks Could Kill (2002)
Two Cooks A-Killing (2003)
Courting Disaster (2004)
Red Hot Murder (2006)
The Da Vinci Cook (2007)
Cooking Spirits (2013)
Cook’s Big Day (2015)
Cook’s Dessert Cookbook (2016) (not a mystery, but a cookbook)

Angie and Friends Food & Spirits Mysteries (some cross-over with the Angie Amalfi series above)
Cook’s Curious Christmas (2013) e-Novella
Cooking Spirits (2013)
Cook’s Big Day (2015)
Add a Pinch of Murder (2017)
Murder by Devil’s Food (2017)

Shari Randall

Lobster Shack Mysteries
Curses, Boiled Again! (2018)
Against the Claw (2018)
Drawn and Buttered (2019)
The Queen of Christmas (2019) e-Novella

Raquel Reyes

Caribbean Kitchen Mystery
Mango, Mambo and Murder (2021)
Calypso, Corpses and Cooking (2022)

Virginia Rich (followed by Nancy Pickard)

Eugenia Potter Mysteries
The Cooking School Murders (1982)
The Baked Bean Supper Murders (1985)
The Nantucket Diet Murders (1988)
Series continued by Nancy Pickard following the dead of Virginia Rich (in 1985)
The 27 Ingredient Chile Con Carne Murders (1992) (by Nancy Pickard)
The Blue Corn Murders (1998) (by Nancy Pickard)
The Secret Ingredient Murders (2001) (by Nancy Pickard)

Phyllis Richman

Chas Wheatley Mysteries
The Butter Did It (1997)
Murder on the Gravy Train (1999)
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Ham? (2001)

Al Roker (with Dick Lochte)

Billy Blessing Mysteries
The Morning Show Murders (2009)
The Midnight Show Murders (2010)
The Talk Show Murders (2011)

Delia Rosen

Deadly Deli Mysteries
A Brisket, a Casket (2010)
One Foot in the Gravy (2011)
A Killer in the Rye (2011)
From Herring to Eternity (2013)
To Kill a Matzo Ball (2014)
Fry Me a Liver (2015)

Barbara Ross

Maine Clambake Mysteries
Clammed Up (2013)
Boiled Over (2014)
Musseled Out (2015)
Fogged Inn (2016)
Iced Under (2016)
Stowed Away (2017)
Steamed Open (2018)
Sealed Off (2019)
Shucked Apart (2021)
Muddled Through (2022)
Hallowed Out (2022) e-Novella
Logged On (2022 ) e-Novella

Rosemarie Ross (a.k.a. Rose Ross Zediker)

Courtney Archer Mysteries
Cobblered to Death (2019)
Finished Off in Fondant (2020)
Christmas Candy Corpse (2021)

Michele Scott

Wine Lovers Mysteries
Murder Uncorked (2005)
Murder By the Glass (2006)
Silenced by Syrah (2007)
A Vintage Murder (2008)
Corked by Cabernet (2009)
A Toast to Murder (2010)
A Perfectly Purloined Pinot (2012) e-Novella
A Killer Margarita (2013)
Cooking By the Book (2020) (not a mystery, a cookbook)

Connie Shelton

Samantha Sweet Mysteries
The Woodcarver’s Secret (2015) prequel, e-Novella
Sweet Masterpiece (2010)
Sweet’s Sweets (2011)
Sweet Holidays (2011)
Sweet Hearts (2012)
Bitter Sweet (2012)
Sweets Galore (2013)
Sweets, Begorra (2013)
Sweet Payback (2014)
Sweet Somethings (2014)
Sweets Forgotten (2015)
Spooky Sweet (2016)
Spellbound Sweets (2017) e-Novella
Sticky Sweet (2018)
Sweet Magic (2019)
Deadly Sweet Dreams (2020)
The Ghost of Christmas Sweet (2021)

Paige Shelton

Farmer’s Market Mysteries
Farm Fresh Murder (2010)
Fruit of All Evil (2011)
Crops and Robbers (2011)
A Killer Maize (2012)
Red Hot Deadly Peppers (2012) e-Novella
Merry Market Murder (2013)
Bushel Full of Murder (2015)

Country Cooking School Mysteries
If Fried Chicken Could Fly (2012)
If Mashed Potatoes Could Dance (2012)
If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion (2013)
If Catfish Had Nine Lives (2014)
If Onions Could Spring Leeks (2015)

Karen Rose Smith (a.k.a. Karen Hughes, a.k.a. Kari Sutherland)

Daisy’s Tea Garden Mysteries
Murder With Lemon Tea Cakes (2017)
Murder With Cinnamon Scones (2018)
Murder With Cucumber Sandwiches (2019)
Murder With Cherry Tarts (2019)
Murder With Clotted Cream (2020)
Murder With Oolong Tea (2020)
Murder With Orange Pekoe Tea (2021)
Murder With Darjeeling Tea (2022)

Rex Stout (followed by Robert Goldsborough)

Nero Wolfe Mysteries
[Note: Many of the Nero Wolfe novels are comprised of three short stories or novellas loosely tied together — you’ll see this indicated by many of the novel titles referring to “three” in some way!] Fer-de-Lance (a.k.a. Meet Nero Wolfe) (1934)
The League of Frightened Men (1935)
The Rubber Band (a.k.a. To Kill Again) (1936)
The Red Box (a.k.a. Case of the Red Box) (1937)
Too Many Cooks (1938)
Some Buried Caesar (a.k.a. The Red Bull) (1939)
Over My Dead Body (1939)
Where There’s a Will (1940)
Black Orchids (1942)
Not Quite Dead Enough (1944)
The Silent Speaker (1946)
Too Many Women (1947)
And Be a Villain (a.k.a. More Deaths Than One) (1948)
Trouble in Triplicate (1949)
The Second Confession (1949)
Even in the Best of Families (a.k.a. The Best of Families) (1950)
Three Doors to Death (a.k.a. Door to Death) (1950)
Curtains for Three (1950)
Murder By the Book (1951)
Prisoner’s Base (a.k.a. Out She Goes) (1952)
Triple Jeopardy (1952)
The Golden Spiders (1953)
The Black Mountain (1954)
Three Men Out (1954)
Before Midnight (1955)
Might as Well Be Dead (1956)
Three Witnesses (1956)
If Death Ever Slept (1957)
Three For the Chair (1957)
And Four To Go (a.k.a. Crime and Again) (1958)
Champagne for One (1958)
Plot it Yourself (a.k.a. Murder in Style) (1959)
Three at Wolfe’s Door (1960)
Too Many Clients (1960)
The Final Deduction (1961)
Homicide Trinity (1962)
Gambit (1962)
The Mother Hunt (1963)
Trio for Blunt Instruments (1964)
A Right to Die (1964)
The Doorbell Rang (1965)
Death of a Doxy (1966)
The Father Hunt (1968)
Death of a Dude (1969)
Please Pass the Guilt (1973)
A Family Affair (1975)
Death Times Three (1985)
Series Continued by Robert Goldsborough, following the death of Rex Stout (in 1975)
Murder in E Minor (1986)
Death on Deadline (1987)
Bloodied Ivy (1988)
Last Coincidence (1989)
Fade to Black (1990)
Silver Spire (1992)
The Missing Chapter (1993)
Archie Meets Nero Wolfe (2012)
Murder in the Ball Park (2014)
Archie in the Crosshairs (2015)
Stop the Presses! (2016)
Murder, Stage Left (2017)
The Battered Badge (2018)
Death of an Art Collector (2019)
Archie Goes Home (2020)
Trouble at the Brownstone (2021)

Denise Swanson

Chef-To-Go Mysteries
Tart of Darkness (2018)
Leave No Scone Unturned (2019)
Winner Cake All (2020)

Kathleen Taylor

Tori Bauer Mysteries
Sex and Salmonella (1996)
The Hotel South Dakota (1997)
Funeral Food (a.k.a. The Missionary Position) (1993)
Mourning Shift (1998)
Cold Front (2000)
Foreign Body (2001)

Lou Jane Temple

Heaven Lee Mysteries
Death by Rhubarb (1996)
Revenge of the Barbecue Queens (1997)
A Stiff Risotto (1997)
Bread on Arrival (1998)
The Cornbread Killer (1999)
Red Beans and Vice (2001)
Death is Semi-Sweet (2002)

The Spice Box Mysteries
The Spice Box (1994)
Death du Jour (1996)

Gayle Trent (a.k.a. Grace Abraham)

Daphne Martin
Murder Takes the Cake (2008)
Dead Pan (2009)
Killer Sweet Tooth (2011)
Battered to Death (2013)
Killer Wedding Cake (2015)

Laura Jensen Walker

Bookish Baker Mysteries
Murder Most Sweet (2020)
Deadly Delights (2021)

Livia J. Washburn (a.k.a. Elizabeth Hallam, Livia Hallam, Livia James, J L Reasoner, Livia Reasoner, L J Washburn)

Fresh-Baked Mysteries
A Peach of a Murder (2006)
Murder By the Slice (2007)
The Christmas Cookie Killer (2008)
Killer Crab Cakes (2009)
The Pumpkin Muffin Murder (2010)
The Gingerbread Bump Off (2011)
Wedding Cake Killer (2012)
The Fatal Funnel Cake (2013)
Trick or Deadly Treat (2014)
The Candy Cane Cupcake Killer (2015)
Black and Blueberry Die (2016)
The Great Chili Kill-Off (2017)
Baker’s Deadly Dozen (2017)
Death Bakes a Pecan Pie (2018)
The Coconut Bunny Butt Caper (2020) e-Novella
Never Trifle With Murder (2021)

Wendy Lyn Watson (a.k.a. Annie Knox)

Mystery a la Mode
I Scream, You Scream (2009)
Scoop to Kill (2010)
A Parfait Murder (2011)

Kirsten Weiss

Pietown Mysteries
The Quiche and the Dead (2017)
Bleeding Tarts (2018)
Pie Hard (2019)
Pies Before Guys (2020)
Gourd to Death (2020)

Tea & Tarot Cozy Mysteries
Steeped in Murder (2019)
Hostage to Fortune (2020)
Oolong, Farewell (2020)
Never Say Chai (2021)

Melinda Wells (a.k.a. Linda Palmer)

Della Cooks Mysteries
Killer Mousse (2008)
Death Takes the Cake (2009)
The Proof is in the Pudding (2009)
Pie a la Murder (2011)
Seven-Layer Death (2016)

Michael Lee West (a.k.a. Piper Maitland)

Teeny Templeton Mysteries
Gone With a Handsomer Man (2011)
A Teeny Bit of Trouble (2012)
A Teeny Taste of Scandal (2016)

Kate Young

Marygene Brown Mysteries
Southern Sass and Killer Cravings (2019)
Southern Sass and a Crispy Corpse (2020)
Southern Sass and a Battered Bride (2021)

Ovidia Yu

Singaporean Mysteries
Aunty Lee’s Delights (2013)
Aunty Lee’s Deadly Specials (2014)
Aunty Lee’s Chilled Revenge (2016)
Meddling and Murder: An Aunty Lee Mystery (2017)

Sarah Zettel

Vampire Chef Mysteries
A Taste of the Night Life (2011)
Let Them Eat Stake (2012)


The Cozy Cookbook: More Than 100 Recipes From Today’s Bestselling Mystery Authors — edited by Ellery Adams (641.5 Coz)
Culinary Criminality – anthology with Sandra Balzo, Jimmie Ruth Evans and Tamar Myers (Hoopla E-book)
Death Dines at 8:30 – anthology edited by Claudia Bishop (813.08 Bis)

See also: The Cozy Mystery List Blog’s Culinary Mysteries list

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