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Haunting Homicides


Haunting Homicides [updated annually]

This list is comprised of novels or short story collections in which the Halloween season (or an October/Harvest/Halloween setting) is an important element in the flavor of the book. Halloween Mysteries have been a popular annual tradition in the mystery publishing field, with several new additions being added to the ranks each year. This list is updated every Autumn, and anything with the Newicon indicates a book added to the collection within the past two years.

Over the years, several of the titles in this list have been withdrawn or never been added to the libraries’ collection in the first place. For any title not hot-linked to our catalog in this list, we encourage you to make use of our InterLibrary Loan Service — for a minimal fee, you can order any of these titles from other libraries around the country.

A Selection of Holiday Mystery Fiction for Adults

— A —

Aarons, Kathie – Behind Chocolate Bars
Adams, Ellery – The Root of All Evil (w/ Elizabeth Lockard)
Alabaster, Stacey – The Pumpkin Killer
Alam, Glynn Marsh – Green Water Ghost
Albert, Susan Wittig – Witches’ Bane
Alexander, Ellie – The Pint of No Return
Allan, Barbara – Antiques Maul
Alt, Madalyn – In Charm’s Way
Andrews, Donna – Lord of the Wings 
Andrews, Mary Kay – Strange Brew
Archer, Connie – A Roux of Revenge (Harvest Festival)
Aswell, May Louise – Far to Go

— B —

Bacus, Kathleen – Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun (also known as Calamity Jane and the Haunted Homecoming)
Bain, Donald & “Jessica Fletcher” (Murder She Wrote) – Trick or Treachery | The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher
Barker, Constance– Punked by the Pumpkin
Baxter, Cynthia – Last Licks New in 2020 (published 2019)
Beaton, M.C. – Agatha Raisin and The Witches’ Tree
Belgrave, Laura – In the Spirit of Murder
Berenson, Laurien – Howloween Murder New in 2021 | Watchdog
Bernhardt, Susan – The Ginseng Conspiracy
Blackwell, Juliet (a.k.a. Hailey Lind) – A Haunting is Brewing (Novella)
Blake, Bethany – Dial Meow For Murder
Blake, Heather (a.k.a. Heather Webber) – Ghost of a Potion
Boatwright, Alice K. – Under an English Heaven
Bolin, Janet – Night of the Living Thread
Bolton, Ginger – Boston Scream Murder New addition in 2021 (published 2020)
Borden, Kate – Death of a Trickster
Boyle, Thomas – Post-Mortem Effects
Bradbury, Ray – A Graveyard for Lunatics | The Halloween Tree
Brady, Jacklyn – Rebel Without a Cake
Braun, Lilian Jackson – Cat Who Talked to Ghosts
Brecher, Kristen – 15 Minutes of Flame New addition in 2021 (published 2020)
Brook, Allison – Death Overdue
Brown, Rita Mae – The Hunt Ball | The Litter of the Law
Bruce, Leo – Death on Allhallowe’en
Bruns, Catherine – Dessert is the Bomb New in 2021
Bryan, Mollie Cox – Scrapbook of the Dead (Day of the Dead)
Burgess, Leslie – Halloween
Burke, Anna Celeste – All Hallows’ Eve Heist New addition in 2021 (published 2016)
Burley, W.J. – Wycliffe and the Scapegoat
Burton, Jessica – Death Goes Shopping
Byron, Ellen – Murder in the Bayou Boneyard New addition in 2021 (published 2020)

— C —

Cahoon, Lynn – A Deadly Brew (novella)
Campbell, Ann – Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Campbell, R. Wright – The Wizard of La-La Land
Carl, Lillian Stewart – The Charm Stone
Carr, Lauren – The Murders at Astaire Castle
Chance, John Newton – The Halloween Murders
Chance, Maia – Bad Neighbors
Charles, Nora – Death with an Ocean View
Childs, Laura – Bedeviled Eggs | Fiber and Brimstone | Frill Kill | Gossamer Ghost | The Jasmine Moon Murder | Ming Tea Murder
Christie, Agatha – The Hallowe’en Party
Coco, Nancy – Fudge Bites New in 2019
Cohen, Nancy J. – Haunted Hair Nights
Collier, Christine E. – A Holiday Sampler
Collins, Michael – Lost Souls
Connolly, Sheila (a.k.a. Sarah Atwell) – A Gala Event (Fall Harvest) | Search for the Dead
Cooper, Susan Rogers – Not in My Backyard
Copperman, E.J. – Night of the Living Deed
Corrigan, Maya – Crypt Suzette New in 2019
Crabtree, Elisabeth – Deadly Magic
Crane, Caroline – Trick or Treat
Cranston, Kathy – Pumpkins Are Murder New addition in 2021 (published 2017)
Crawford, Isis (a.k.a. Barbara Block) – A Catered Costume Party | A Catered Halloween
Cudney, James J. – Haunted House Ghost New in 2021

— D —

Daheim, Mary – Silver Scream
Daley, Kathi – Costume Catastrophe | Count Catula | The Curse | Frankencat | Ghost in the Gallery New addition in 2021 (published 2020) | Ghostly Graveyard | Halloween Hijinks | The Halloween House New in 2019| Halloween in Paradise | Haunted Hamlet | The Haunting New in 2020 (published in 2017) | Haunting in the Hallway New addition in 2021 (published 2019) | Henderson House New in 2019| Legend of Tabby Hollow | Murder at Midnight | Murder at the Witching Hour | Portent in the Pages New in 2021 | Pumpkins in Paradise | Trick or Treason | A Whisker in Time New in 2019
Daniels, Philip – The Dracula Murders
Davis, Kim – Cake Popped Off New addition in 2021 (published 2020)
Davis, Krista – The Diva Haunts the House | The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer | Murder Outside the Lines New in 2021
de Castrique, Mark – Fatal Undertaking
Delaney, Kathleen – And Murder for Dessert
Deleon, Jana – Swamp Spook New addition in 2021 (published 2018)
Demaree, Steve – Murder on Halloween New addition in 021 (published 2017)
Deuel, Abby – Farmcall Fatality
Dietz, Denise – Throw Darts at a Cheesecake
Disney, Doris Miles – Trick or Treat
Dixon, John – A Map of the Dark
Doherty, P.C. – Ghostly Murders
Donally, Claire – The Big Kitty
Donnelly, Deborah – Died to Match
Douglas, Carole Nelson – Cat with an Emerald Eye
DuMond, Pamela – Cupcakes, Bats, and Scare-dy Cats
Dunlap, Susan – Not Exactly a Brahmin
Dunnett, Kaitlyn – Vampires, Bones, and Treacle Scones

— E —

Eagan-Cox, Elizabeth – A Ghost to Die For
Eastman, Dawn – Be Careful What You Witch For (Fall Festival) | Do No Harm
Edghill, Rosemary – The Bowl of Night
Ehrhart, Peggy – Knit of the Living Dead New in 2021
Emrick, K.J. – Ghost Story
Erickson, Alex – Death by Pumpkin Spice
Esteven, John – Door of Death
Estleman, Loren D. – The Witchfinder
Evanovich, Janet – Plum Spooky

— F —

Fallon, Anne C. – Dead Ends
Farmer, Jerrilyn – Sympathy for the Devil
Farrow, Sharon – Mulberry Mischief New addition in 2021 (published 2019)
Feddersen, Connie – Dead in the Pumpkin Patch
Fee, Vicki – It’s Your Party, Die if You Want To
Feeney, Alice – Daisy Darker New in 2022
Ferris, Monica – Hanging by a Thread | Blackwork
Fiffer, Sharon – Scary Stuff
Finch, Kay – The Black Cat Sees its Shadow
Finkelstein, Honora – The Lawyer Who Died Trying
Fluke, Joanne – The Fudge Cupcake Murder
Fox, Sarah – Wine and Punishment (Harvest)
Freydont, Shelley – Halloween Murder | Trick or Deceit | Foul Play at the Fair (Harvest)

— G —

Gates, Eva (a.k.a. Vicki Delaney) – The Spook in the Stacks
Gerber, Daryl Wood (a.k.a. Avery Aames) – Stirring the Plot
Glaister, Leslie – Trick or Treat
Gladstone, Nancy – Mommy and the Murder
Glidewell, Jeanne – Haunted
Goodhind, Jean G. (a.k.a. J.G. Goodhind) – Blood & Broomsticks
Gosling, Paula – A Few Dying Words
Grabenstein, Chris – The Black Heart Crypt (YA) | Hell for the Holidays
Grace, Margaret (a.k.a. Camille Minichino) – Monster in Miniature
Graham, Heather – Deadly Harvest
Graves, Sarah – Nail Biter
Greer, Ben – Halloween
Greenwood, Kerry – Trick or Treat

— H —

Haddam, Jane – Quoth the RavenSkeleton Key
Haddock, Nancy – A Crime of Poison
Haines, Carolyn – Hallowed Bones | Bone to Be Wild | Lady of Bones New in 2022
Hamilton, Victoria – Muffin but Murder
Harden, Marianne – Delicious Mischief
Hart, Carolyn – Southern Ghost | Ghost at Work
Hart, Frances Noyes – Hide in the Dark
Hart, Ellen – Sweet Poison
Hayter, Sparkle – Revenge of the Cootie Girls
Haywood, B.B. – Town in a Pumpkin Bash
Henry, Julia – Digging Up the Remains New addition in 2021 (published 2020)
Hill, Reginald – Asking for the Moon (includes “Pascoe’s Ghost” and “Dalziel’s Ghost”)
Hillerman, Tony – The Fallen Man | The Wailing Wind
Hollis, Lee – Death by Haunted House New in 2022 | Death of a Pumpkin Carver | Death of a Wicked Witch New addition in 2021 (published 2020) | Halloween Party Murder (anthology with two other authors) New in 2021
Holmes, Bobbie – The Ghost and the Halloween Haunt New in 2022 | The Ghost of Halloween Past
Hughes, Declan – The Color of Blood
Hunter, Carolyn Q. – Pumpkin Pie Waffle New addition in 2021 (published 2016)
Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth – Murder on the Ghost Walk
Hunter, Maddie – From Bad to Wurst

— I/J —

Ireland, Liz – Mrs. Claus and the Halloween Homicide New in 2021
Isaacs, Susan – Long Time No See
Ivie, Judith K. – Murder on Old Main Street (fall festival) | Dirty Tricks
Jackson, Melanie – The Pumpkin Thief | The Great Pumpkin Caper
Jackson, Shirley – The Haunting of Hill House
Jacobs, Jonnie – Murder Among Us
James, Pamela – A Murder Made in Stitches
Johnson, Sybil – Designed for Haunting New addition in 2021 (published 2018)
Johnstone, William W. – Cat’s Eye | Cat’s Cradle | The Devil’s Cat | The Devil’s Heart | The Devil’s Kiss | The Devil’s Touch
Judson, Daniel – The Violet Hour
Justesen, Heather – Muffins & Murder

— K —

Kales, Jenny – A Stew to a Kill New addition in 2021 (published 2018)
Kappes, Tonya – A Charming Voodoo
Kaufman, Karin – The Sacrifice
Kellerman, Faye – Day of Atonement
Kelner, Toni L.P. – Wed and Buried
Kemelman, Harry – Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry
Killian, Diana – Verse of the Vampyre
Kilpack, Josi S. – Pumpkin Roll
Klavan, Andrew – The Animal Hour
Knox, Annie (a.k.a. Wendy Lyn Watson) – Paws for Murder
Kummer, Frederic Arnold – The Scarecrow Murders

— L —

Lane, Janis – Murder in the Neighborhood
Langtry, Leslie – Mean Girl Murder
Lavene, Joyce & Jim – Ghastly Glass | Give ‘Em Pumpkin to Talk About
Lee, Amanda (a.k.a. Gayle Trent) – The Stitching Hour
LeFanu, J. Sheridan – Best Ghost Stories of J. S. Lefanu
Levine, Laura – Death of A Neighborhood Witch
Lilley, James – Death Knocks Twice
Logan, Kylie (a.k.a. Miranda Bliss & Casey Daniels) – The Legend of Sleepy Harlow
Loweecey, Alice – The Clock Strikes Nun New addition in 2021 (published 2017)

— M —

MacInerney, Karen – Deadly Brew | Pumpkin Pied (eBook short story)
Macko, Elaine – Poisoned
Macy, Meg – Bear Witness to Murder
Madison, Debbie – Halloween Flight 77
Malliet, G.M. – The Haunted Season 
Matthews, Alex – Satan’s Silence
McBain, Ed – Tricks: an 87th Precinct Mystery
McKevett, G.A. – Poisoned Tarts
McKinlay, Jenn – Dark Chocolate Demise (Zombie Walk) New addition in 2021 (published 2015) | Pumpkin Spice Peril New in 2021
Campbell McLean, Alan Campbell – Death on All Hallows
McLean, Donna – A Sparrow Falls Holiday (Includes 4 stories: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, & Fourth of July)
Medawar, Mardi Oakley – Witch of the Palo Duro
Meier, Leslie – Candy Corn Murder | Halloween Party Murder (anthology with two other authors) New in 2021 | Haunted House Murder New in 2019| Trick or Treat Murder | Wicked Witch Murder
Michaels, Barbara – Dancing Floor | Prince of Darkness
Morgan, Alexis – Death by Jack-O-Lantern New addition in 2021 (published 2019)
Morton, Mandy – Cat Among the Pumpkins New in 2021 (published 2014)
Mugavero, Liz – A Biscuit, a Casket
Mulhern, Julie – Send in the Clowns
Myers, Ann – Bread of the Dead 
Myers, Helen R. – Dead End
Myers, Tamar – Nightmare in Shining Armor

— N/O —

Neighbors, J.E. – Hatchet Job
Newton, J.L. – Oink: A Food for Thought Mystery
O’Brian, Patrick J. – Retribution
Okonowicz, Ed – Halloween House
Oust, Gail – Curried Away (Oktoberfest)

— P/Q —

Page, Katherine Hall – The Body in the Moonlight
Partridge, Norman – Dark Harvest
Penney, Elizabeth – Chapter and Curse New in 2021
Perry, Carol J. – Caught Dead Handed | Grave Errors
Perry, Leigh – The Skeleton Haunts a House
Peters, Ellis – Flight of a Witch
Pickard, Nancy – Twilight
Prescott, Summer – Pumpkin Spice Murder

— R —

Ravenwolf, Silver – Murder at Witches Bluff
Richardson, Kat – Poltergeist
Ritter, Todd – Death Notice
Robbins, David – Spook Night
Roberts, Gillian – A Hole in Juan
Roberts, Lora – Murder in a Nice Neighborhood
Rosett, Sara – Magnolias, Moonlight, and Murder
Ross, Barbara – Hallowed Out New in 2022 | Halloween Party Murder (anthology with two other authors) New in 2021
Ryan, Annelise – Scared Stiff

— S —

Sanders, Angela M. – Seven Year Witch New in 2021
Sauke, Kim – Death of Halloween
Saums, Mary – Mighty Old Bones
Sawyer, Corinne Holt – Murder Ole!
Schneider, Maria E. – Tracking Magic (ghost stories)
Schweizer, Mark – The Tenor Wore Tapshoes (All Saints Day)
Sefton, Maggie – Halloween Scare (eBook short story)
Shelton, Connie – Spooky Sweet
Shelton, Paige – A Killer Maize
Sipherd, Ray – Dance of the Scarecrows
Siverling, Michael – A Sterling Inheritance
Smily, Susan – The Lawyer Who Died Trying
Smith, Janet Elaine – Recipe for Murder
Spencer, Cathy – Town Haunts
Spring, Michelle – Standing in the Shadows
Stanley, J.B. (a.k.a. Jennifer Stanley) – Carbs and Cadavers
Stoddard, Anne Marie – Tiaras and Terror
Staub, Wendy Corsi – In the Blink of an Eye | Halloween Party
Suzette, Kathleen – The Pumpkin Hollow series (23 volumes as of 2022) New in 2022
Swanson, Denise – Murder of a Royal Pain

— T —

Taylor, Kathleen – Mourning Shift
Thayer, Lee – Halloween Homicide
Thayer, Terri – Inked Up
Thomas, Lisa B. – Sharpe Point: Needle in a Haystack
Thrasher, Linda – Charlie’s Web
Tipper, James – Gods of The Nowhere
Tope, Rebecca – Death in the Cotswolds
Tremel, Joyce – A Room With a Brew (Oktoberfest)
Trent, Teresa – A Dash of Murder
Trochek, Kathy Hogan (a.k.a. Mary Kay Andrews) – Strange Brew
Tyson, Wendy – Bitter Harvest

— U/V —

Diane Vallere – Masking for Trouble
Debbie Viguié – I Will Fear No Evil

— W —

Wallace, Auralee – Haunted Hayride With Murder
Washburn, Livia J. – Death Bakes a Pecan Pie New in 2019 | Murder by the Slice | Trick or Deadly Treat
Weber, Ken – Five-Minute Halloween Mysteries
Weiner, Jennifer – Goodnight, Nobody
Weiss, Kirsten – Gourd to Death New in 2021
Welk, Mary V. – The Scarecrow Murders
Wells, Melinda – Killer Mousse
West, Richard F. – Ghoul of My Dreams
Whiting, J.A. – Sweet Fire and Stone
Williams, Charles – All Hallow’s Eve
Wilson, J.L. – Mayhem, Marriage, and Murderous Mystery Manuscripts
Wilton, Traci – Mrs. Morris and the Vampire New in 2021
Winston, Lois – A Stitch to Die For
Wolfe, Jonathan – Killer See, Killer Die
Wolzien, Valerie – All Hallow’s Evil

Collections (in the Non-fiction section)

Andrews, Donna and Goffman, Barb and Talley, Marcia, eds. – Homicidal Holidays: Fourteen Tales of Murder and Merriment
Gores, Joe & Pronzini, Bill, eds. – Trick and Treats
Manson, Cynthia, ed. – Murder for Halloween | Mystery for Halloween
Manson, Cynthia & Scarborough, Constance, eds. – The Haunted Hour
813.08 Slu – Michele Slung & Roland Hartman, eds. – Murder for Halloween: Tales of Suspense
Westlake, Donald, ed. – Mystery for Halloween
various authors – Happy Homicides 4: Fall into Crime

 New – new addition to this list within the past two years (2019-2021)

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