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Nebraska Author Lori Van Pelt

vanpeltphotoNebraskaAuthorA list of works by Nebraska author
Lori Van Pelt

Lori Van Pelt was born and raised in Banner County, Nebraska, growing up on her parents’ wheat farm and cattle ranch. Lori began writing while attending Banner County High School in Harrisburg, Nebraska, and had her first poem published during this time. Following high school, Lori attended Nebraska Western College in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, graduating in 1981 with an Associate of Applied Science in Business Degree. She began a career in banking, but still took time to pursue her interest in journalism, occasionally submitting articles for the Western Nebraska Observer in Kimball, Nebraska.

In 1990, Lori moved to Laramie, Wyoming to complete work on her undergraduate degree. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance with honors from the University of Wyoming in 1993. After graduation, Lori accepted a position as a staff writer for the Saratoga Sun newspaper. Shortly afterwards, Lori married Eugene Walck, Jr., and continued to pursue her writing while living on the Walck ranch in Saratoga. Lori currently writes for the WREN (Wyoming Rural Electric News) Magazine, serves as a correspondent for the Casper Star Tribune, and is a frequent essayist for Wyoming Public Radio’s “Open Spaces.” She is an active member of The Author’s Guild, Women Writing the West, and Western Writers of America. Articles that Lori has written have been featured in Western Writers of America’s Roundup Magazine and in True West Magazine, Wild West, Pilot Getaways, Western Horseman, The Fence Post and Old West. She is the author of several books and short stories.

Not long ago, Lori had the opportunity to portray the wife of wagon train leader Albert Fancher for a History Channel documentary on the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre. Besides writing, Lori is also a talented musician and vocalist, performing at various events in Wyoming. Lori still resides in Saratoga, Wyoming with her husband, Eugene.

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Books written or edited by Lori Van Pelt

Carbon CountyProfiles From Carbon County, Wyoming’s Past [978.786 Van] [1999]

Dreamers & Schemers, Vol. I.

Pecker's RevengePecker’s Revenge: and Other Stories From the Frontier’s Edge

Short story collection.

Amelia EarhartAmelia Earhart: The Sky’s No Limit [B Ea67v] [2005]

American Heroes series.

Capital CharactersCapital Characters of Old Cheyenne [978.719 Van] [2006]

Dreamers & Schemers Series, Volume II.

Books containing stories or essays by Lori Van Pelt

The American WestAmerican West: 20 New Stories

Edited by Loren Estleman [813.08 Est] Contains the Lori Van Pelt story “River Watch.”

noimageHot Biscuits: Eighteen Stories by Women and Men of the Ranching West

Edited by Max Evans and Candy Moulton
Contains the Lori Van Pelt short story “Natural Causes.”
Available locally from the libraries of UN-L.

noimageWhite Hats

Edited by Robert J. Randisi
Contains the Lori Van Pelt short story “The Diamond Ring Fling.”

noimageBlack Hats

Edited by Robert J. Randisi [813.08 Ran] Contains the Lori Van Pelt short story “Grave Dancer.”

noimageWild Women of the Old West

Edited by Richard Etulain and Glenda Riley
Contains the Lori Van Pelt essay “Cattle Kate: Homesteader or Cattle Thief?”

The Way WestThe Way West: True Stories of the American Frontier

Edited by James A. Crutchfield [978 Cru] Contains the Lori Van Pelt essay “More Than a Locomotive to Separate Us.”

noimageLost Trails

Edited by Martin Greenberg [PB] Contains the Lori Van Pelt story “The Wild-Eyed Witness.”

noimageOpen Range: Poetry of the Reimagined West

Edited by Laurie Wagner Buyer and W.C. Jameson
Contains at least one poem by Lori Van Pelt

Ghost TownsGhost Towns

Edited by Russell Davis and Martin Greenberg [PB] Contains the Lori Van Pelt story “End of the Line.”

noimageHow the West Was Wicked

Edited by Jesse Marie Roberts [PB] Contains the Lori Van Pelt story “The Brandt Street Bandit.”

noimageAnother Wild West

Contains the Lori Van Pelt story “Sign of the Times.”

noimageOutlaws and Lawmen

Contains the Lori Van Pelt story “The Day Delgado Rode In.”
Van Pelt’s story was a 2013 finalist for Best Western Short Story in the Spur Awards.

noimageLivin’ on Jacks and Queens

E-book format only.
Contains the Lori Van Pelt story “The Legend of ‘Blind Ned’ Baldwin.”

noimageAnkle High and Knee Deep: Women Reflect on Western Rural Life

Contains an essay by Lori Van Pelt.

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