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Mistletoe Mysteries

mistletoeminiMistletoe Mysteries [updated annually — last updated December 2023]

This list is comprised of novels or short story collections in which the Christmas season (or a Christmas setting) is an important element in the flavor of the book. Christmas Mysteries have been a popular annual tradition in the mystery publishing field, with numerous new additions being added to the ranks each holiday season. In recent years, anthologies of holiday-themed mystery short stories have also become quite successful — especially those with an even more specific focus, such as Christmas cat mysteries, Christmas culinary mysteries, etc. This list also includes mysteries with a Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or New Year’s Eve setting. This list is updated every winter, and anything with the New icon indicates a book published within the past two years (2021-2023 currently). In the case of authors with multiple thematically-appropriate titles, the titles are in alphabetical order, not in chronological order!

Over the years, several of the titles in this list have been withdrawn or never been added to the libraries’ collection in the first place. For any title not hot-linked to our catalog in this list, we encourage you to make use of our InterLibrary Loan Service — for a minimal fee, you can order any of these titles from other libraries around the country. Note: This list does not include titles available only in eBook formats, or as print-on-demand titles, or from limited-release vanity presses; it focuses only on titles from mainstream print publishers. For a slightly more complete list, including books from those sources not included here, check out the Christmas Mystery Book List at the Cozy Mystery site (not limited just to “Cozies”).

A Selection of Mystery Fiction for Adults

— A —

Abbott, Alyson K. — Shots in the Dark
Abbott, Anthony — About the Murder of a Startled Lady | About the Murder of Geraldine Foster
Adamson, Lydia — A Cat in the Manger | A Cat in the Wings | A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock | A Cat Under the Christmas Tree | A Cat Under the Mistletoe
Alan, Isabella — Murder Served Simply
Albert, Susan Wittig — The Darling Dahlias and the Poinsettia Puzzle | Holly Blues | Mistletoe Man | Rueful Death
Alexander, David — Shoot a Sitting Duck
Alexander, Ellie — A Cup of Holiday Fear
Alexander, Tasha — Star of the East (e-novella only)
Allan, Barbara — Antiques Flee Market | Antiques Ho-Ho-Homicides | Antiques Slay Ride
Allen, Michael D. — Spence and the Holiday Murders
Alt, Madelyn — A Charmed Death
Amo, Gary — Silent Night
Andrews, Donna — Dashing Through the Snowbirds New in 2022| Duck the Halls | The Gift of the Magpie | How the Finch Stole Christmas | Lark! The Herald Angels Sing | Let it Crow! Let it Crow! Let it Crow! New in 2023| The Nightingale Before Christmas | Owl Be Home For Christmas| Six Geese a Slaying | The Twelve Jays of Christmas New in 2021 | Two Deadly Doves
Andrews, Mary Kay (a.k.a. Kathy Hogan Trochek) | Blue Christmas | Bright Lights, Big Christmas New in 2023 | Christmas Bliss | Fatal Fruitcake (as by Kathy Trochek) | A Midnight Clear (as by Kathy Trochek)
Angela, Mary — A Very Merry Murder
Archer, Winnie – A Murder Yule Regret New in 2022
Armstrong, Vivien — Fly in Amber
Arts, David J. — Quiet Desperation
Ash, Maureen — Murder for Christ’s Mass
Atherton, Nancy — Aunt Dimity and the Heart of Gold | Aunt Dimity’s Christmas
Atkins, Ace — Leavin’ Trunk Blues
Aubert, Rosemary — The Feast of Stephen
Avocato, Lori (and four others) — Sugarplums and Scandal (anthology)
Axelrod, Steven — Nantucket Red Tickets

— B —

Baantjer, Albert C. — Murder in Amsterdam
Babson, Marian — Line Up for Murder | Murder, Murder, Little Star | Murder on a Mystery Tour | The Twelve Deaths of Christmas
Bain, Donald (& “Jessica Fletcher” — Murder She Wrote tie-ins; see also Land, Jon) — A Little Yuletide Murder | Manhattans and Murder | Murder Never Takes a Holiday
Baker, Bree — Tide and Punishment
Baker, North and Bolton, William — Dead to the World
Baldacci, David — The Christmas Train
Ball, Donna — Silent Night
Ballard, Mignon F. — Deadly Promise | Hark! The Herald Angel Screamed | How Still We See Thee Lie
Banks, Carolyn — A Horse to Die For
Barnard, Robert — Death in a Cold Climate | The Habit of Widowhood
Barnett, T.L. — Murder for the New Year
Barre, Richard— Bethany
Barrett, Kathleen Anne — Homicide For the Holidays (anthology with two other authors)
Barritt, Christy — High Stakes Holiday Reunion
Barron, Stephanie — Jane and the Wandering Eye | Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas
Bartlett, Lorraine & Leeson, Gayle — Yule Be Dead
Battison, Brian — The Christmas Bow Murder
Baxt, George — The Marlene Dietrich Murder Case
Bayard, Louis — Mr. Timothy
Beaton, M. C. (a.k.a. Marion Chesney) — Agatha Raisin and the Christmas Crumble | Busy Body (Agatha Raisin) | Death of a Prankster (Hamish MacBeth) | Death of a Snob (Hamish MacBeth) | A Highland Christmas (Hamish MacBeth) | Kissing Christmas Goodbye (Agatha Raisin)
Beaumont, Cyril William — The Mysterious Toyshop
Beechy, Alan — Murdering Ministers
Belle, Josie — Buried in Bargains
Bello, Abiola (and others) — The Very Merry Murder Club New in 2023
Benedict, Alexandra — The Christmas Murder GameNew in 2022 (published in 2021)| Murder on the Christmas Express New in 2022
Benedict, Laura — Haunted Holidays (anthology with two other authors)
Benison, C.C. — Death at Sandringham House | Eleven Pipers Piping | Ten Lords A-Leaping | Twelve Drummers Drumming
Bennett, Jenna — Contingent on Approval | A Done Deal
Bennett, S.J. — Murder Most Royal New in 2023
Benrey, Ron and Janet — Season of Glory
Bentley, Jennie — Home for the Homicide
Berenson, Laurien — The Bark Before Christmas | A Christmas Howl | Here Comes Santa Paws | Jingle Bell Bark | Wagging Through the Snow
Bernhardt, William — The Midnight Before Christmas
Berry, Carole — This Year Will Be Different | The Year of the Monkey
Berry, Linda (and others) — The Last Noel (anthology with three other authors)
Binchy, Maeve — This Year It Will Be Different and Other Stories
Bishop, Claudia — A Carol for a Corpse
Black, Gavin — A Dragon for Christmas
Black, Sarah and Lanyon, Josh — I’ll Be Dead For Christmas
Blackburn, Maggie — Once Upon a Seaside Murder New in 2021 
Blackmoore, Stephanie — Merry Christmas Murder
Blackstock, Charity — Foggy, Foggy Dew
Blake, Bethany — A Midwinter’s Tail | Pawprints and Predicaments
Blake, Nicholas — The Corpse in the Snowman (a.k.a. The Case of the Abominable Snowman) | The Smiler With the Knife | Thou Shell of Death
Blake, Riley — Bayou Christmas New in 2022 (published 2018)| Bayou Holiday New in 2022| Bayou New Year New in 2022| Bayou Thanksgiving New in 2022 (published in 2020)| Christmas in the Bayou New in 2022 (published in 2018)| Christmas Presents New in 2022
Blanc, Nero — A Crossworder’s Delight | A Crossworder’s Gift | A Crossworder’s Holiday | Wrapped Up in Crosswords
Boatwright, Alice K. — What Child is This?
Bolton, Ginger — Deck the Donuts New in 2021
Borthwick, J. S. — Dude on Arrival | The Student Body
Boucher, Anthony — The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Vol 25: The Night Before Christmas (audio recording only)
Bourbon, Melissa (a.k.a. Melissa Bourbon Ramirez) — Deadly Patterns
Bowen, Rhys — Away in a Manger | The Ghost of Christmas Past | God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen New in 2021 | The Twelve Clues of Christmas
Boylan, Eleanor — Pushing Murder
Bradford, Laura (a.k.a. Elizabeth Lynn Casey) — A Killer Carol
Bradley, Alan — I Am Half Sick of Shadows
Bramble, Forbes — Dead of Winter
Brann, Helen – based on the works of Parker, Robert B. — Silent Night
Braun, Lilian Jackson — The Cat Who Turned On and Off | The Cat Who Went Into the Closet
Bredes, Don — Cold Comfort
Breen, Jon L. — Probable Claus
Brett, Simon — The Christmas Crimes at Puzzel Manor | The Shooting in the Shop
Brewer, Steve (and others) — The Last Noel (anthology with three other authors)
Brightwell, Emily — Mrs. Jeffries and the Alms of the Angel | Mrs. Jeffries and the Feast of St. Stephen | Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen | Mrs. Jeffries and the Midwinter Murders New in 2023 (published in 2021)| Mrs. Jeffries and the Mistletoe Mix-Up | Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight | Mrs. Jeffries and the Three Wise Women | Mrs. Jeffries and the Yuletide Weddings
Brockmann, Suzanne — All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas
Brook, Alison — Read and Gone
Brown, Benedict — The Christmas Bell Mystery New in 2023 (published in 2021)| A Corpse for Christmas New in 2022 (published in 2020)| The Mystery of Mistletoe Hall New in 2023
Brown, Carter — A Corpse for Christmas
Brown, Frederic — Murder Can Be Fun
Brown, Rita Mae — Full Cry | Hiss and Tell New in 2022 (to be published March 2023)| Homeward Hound | Rest in Pieces | Santa Clawed
Bruce, Leo — Such is Death
Bruns, Catherine — The Enemy You Gnocchi New in 2021
Bryan, Molly Cox — Christmas Cow Bells | A Crafty Christmas
Buchanan, Edna — The Ice Maiden
Buckley, Julia — Cheddar Off Dead
Budewitz, Leslie — As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles
Burdette, Lucy — Death With All the Trimmings
Burke, James A Present for Santa
Burley, W. J. — Death in Willow Pattern | Wycliffe and the Quiet Virgin
Bush, Christopher — Dancing Death
Byerrum, Ellen — Grave Apparel
Byron, Ellen — A Cajun Christmas Killing

— C —

Cahoon, Lynn — If the Shoe Kills | Santa Puppy
Caine, Leslie (a.k.a. Barbara Block) — Holly and Homicide
Cairns, Alison — New Year Resolution
Cameron, Dana (and four others) — Sugarplums and Scandal (anthology)
Carl, Joanna — The Chocolate Bear Burglary | The Chocolate Snowman Murders
Carlisle, Kate — Deck the Hallways | The Twelve Books of Christmas New in 2023
Carmack, Amanda — Murder at Whitehall
Carrier, Warren — Justice at Christmas
Carrington, Tori — Queen’s Ransom
Carter, John Franklin — The Corpse on the White House Lawn
Carter, Nick — The Christmas Kill
Casey, Elizabeth Lynn — A Killer Carol (as Laura Bradford) | Let it Sew
Caunitz, William J. — Exceptional Clearance
Challinor, C.S. — Christmas is Murder
Chamberlin, Holly — A Winter Wonderland (anthology with three other authors)
Chaput, W. J. — The Man on the Train
Chase, Erika — Read and Buried
Chastain, Thomas — 911
Chaze, Elliott — Goodbye Goliath
Chesbro, George C. — Second Horseman Out of Eden
Childs, Laura — Eggs on Ice | Fiber and Brimstone | Twisted Tea Christmas New in 2021 
Childs, Laura with Moran, Terrie Farley — Crepe Factor
Christie, Agatha — Adventure of the Christmas Pudding | Hercule Poirot’s Christmas | Murder for Christmas | (see also: Hannah, Sophie)
Christmas, Joyce — Dying Well
Churchill, Jill — A Farewell to Yarns | From Here to Paternity | The Merchant of Menace
Clad, Noel — The Savage
Claire, Edie — Never Mess With Mistletoe
Clark, Carol Higgins — The Christmas Thief (with Mary Higgins Clark) | Dashing Through the Snow (with Mary Higgins Clark) | Deck the Halls (with Mary Higgins Clark) | He Sees You When You’re Sleeping (with Mary Higgins Clark) | Iced | Santa Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea (with Mary Higgins Clark)
Clark, Mary Higgins | All Through the Night | The Christmas Thief (with Carol Higgins Clark) | Dashing Through the Snow (with Carol Higgins Clark) | Deck the Halls (with Carol Higgins Clark) | He Sees You When You’re Sleeping (with Carol Higgins Clark) | My Gal Sunday | Santa Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea (with Carol Higgins Clark) | Silent Night | Stillwatch
Cleland, Jane — Ornaments of Death
Cleverly, Barbara. — Fall of Angels
Coburn, Jennifer — This Christmas (anthology with two other authors)
Coco, Nancy — Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas
Coggin, Joan — Dancing With Death | Who Killed the Curate?
Cohen, Charles — Silver Linings
Collette, Abby — A Deadly Inside Scoop New in 2022
Collier, Christine E. — Christmas at Cliffhanger Inn | A Holiday Sampler
Collings, Rex — Clerical Crimes for Christmas
Collins, Max Allen — Blue Christmas and Other Holiday Homicides | No Cure for Death | Spree
Colt, Jennifer — The Con Artist of Catalina Island
Conant, Susan — Gone to the Dogs
Connelly, Michael — The Dark Hours (New Years Eve) New in 2021
Connolly, Sheila — A Gala Event | A Late Frost
Constantine, K. C. — Upon Some Midnights Clear
Cook, Sharon Love — A Deadly Christmas Carol
Cornish, Constance — Dead of Winter
Cornwell, Patricia — Scarpetta’s Winter Table
Costello, Mark — Bag Men
Cousins, Caroline — Fiddle Dee Death
Coward, Mat (and others) — The Last Noel (anthology with three other authors)
Coyle, Cleo — Holiday Buzz | Holiday Grind | Latte Trouble
Craig, Alisa — Murder Goes Mumming
Craig, Philip R. — A Deadly Vineyard Holiday | Off Season
Crane, Hamilton — Starring Miss Seeton
Crawford, Isis — A Catered Christmas | A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange
Creasey, John — Death of a Postman
Crider, Bill — Murder, Mayhem & Mistletoe (anthology with three other authors)
Crockett, Jessie — Live Free or Die
Crombie, Deborah — Water Like a Stone
Cross, Amanda — No Word From Winifred
Cross, Claire — Silent Night (anthology with three other authors)

— D —

Daheim, Mary — The Alpine Christmas | The Alpine Winter | Nutty as a Fruitcake
Daheim, Mary (and four others) — Sugarplums and Scandal (anthology)
Dain, Catherine (and others) — The Last Noel (anthology with three other authors)
Daley, Kathi (writes in multiple series — many of which are self-published or publish-on-demand) — Candy Cane Caper | The Castle Caper | The Cat of Christmas Future | Cat of Christmas Past | The Cat of Christmas Present | The Catnap Before Christmas | Celtic Christmas | The Christmas Baby | Christmas By the Sea | The Christmas Clause | Christmas Cozy | Christmas Crazy | Christmas in Paradise | Christmas in the Candlelight | The Christmas Letter | A Christmas Memory | The Christmas Visitor | The Conspiracy | Cookies in the Cottage | Finding Christmas | The Gooseberry Christmas | Hide and Seek | Holiday Hangover | Holiday Hostage | Murder at Christmas | The Mystery Before Christmas | Note in the Nutcracker | Once Upon a Christmas | Prove or Perish | Reindeer Roundup | Santa Sleuth | Santa Who | Secret in the Santa | Sleighs, Sleuths & Siblings | Snowmen in Paradise
D’Amato, Barbara — Hard Christmas
Dams, Jeanne M. — The Body in the Transept | Indigo Christmas | Winter of Discontent
Dane, Joel Y. — The Christmas Tree Murders
Davenport, Chari — The Christmas Party
Davidson, Diane Mott — Sweet Revenge
Davidson, Mary Janice — Undead and Unreturnable
Davies, Martin — Mrs. Hudson and the Christmas Canary New in 2022
Davis, Krista — The Diva Cooks a Goose | The Diva Wraps it Up | Not a Creature Was Purring
Davis, Mildred B. — Tell Them What’s Her Name Called | Three Minutes to Midnight
Dawson, Janet — Nobody’s Child
Day, Maddie — The Candy Slain Murder | Christmas Cocoa Murder (anthology with two other authors) | Christmas Scarf Murder (anthology with two other authors) New in 2023 
Dean, Benjamin (and others) — The Very Merry Murder Club New in 2023
Dean, Spencer — Credit for a Murder
DeAndrea, William L. — Killed on the Ice
Delaney, Kathleen — Purebred Dead
Delany, Vicki — Dying in a Winter Wonderland | Hark the Herald Angels Slay | Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas New in 2023| Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen | Silent Night, Deadly Night | We Wish You a Murderous Christmas | Winter of Secrets
Dentinger, Jane — The Queen is Dead
Dexter, Colin — The Secret of Annexe 3
Dickson, Carter — The White Priory Murders
Dirico, Maria — It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder New in 2021 
Dobson, Joanne — Quieter Than Sleep
Donnelly, Deborah — Died to Match | May the Best Man Die
Dorsey, Tim — When Elves Attack
Douglas, Carole Nelson — Cat in a Golden Garland
Douglas, Charlotte — Holidays Are Murder
Doyle, Arthur Conan — “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” featuring Sherlock Holmes, in various collections
Drummond, John Keith — ‘Tis the Season to be Dying
Duffy, James — The Christmas Gang
Dunbar, Sophie — Shiveree
Duncan, Elizabeth J. — A Killer’s Christmas in Wales
Duncan, Francis — Murder for Christmas
Dunn, Carola — Death at Wentwater Court | Mistletoe and Murder
Dunnett, Kaitlyn (a.k.a. Kathy Lynn Emerson) | Ho-Ho-Homicide | A Wee Christmas Homicide
Durham, Laura — Marry and Bright
Durham, Mary — Keeps Death His Court

— E —

Early, Barbara (a.k.a. Beverley Allen) — Death of a Russian Doll | Death of a Toy Soldier | Gold, Frankincense and Murder | Murder on the Toy Town Express
Eason, Lynette — Classified Christmas Mission | Christmas Cover-Up | Holiday Hideout (and many more holiday romantic suspense novels)
Eberhart, Mignon G. — Postmark Murder
Eddenden, A. E. — A Good Year for Murder
Egan, Lesley — Crime for Christmas
Ehrhart, Peggy — The Christmas Card Murder (anthology with two other authors) | Christmas Scarf Murder (anthology with two other authors) New in 2023 | Silent Knit, Deadly Knit
Eickhoff, Randy Lee — Then Came Christmas
Elliott, Lauren — Murder in the First Edition
Erickson, Alex — Christmas Cocoa Murder (anthology with two other authors) | Death by Eggnog | Death by Peppermint Cappucino New in 2023
Erskine, Margaret — A Graveyard Plot
Estleman, Loren D. — The Glass Highway
Evanovich, Janet — Visions of Sugar Plums

— F —

Faherty, Terence — Murder, Mayhem & Mistletoe (anthology with three other authors)
Fairstein, Linda — The Deadhouse
Farjeon, J. Jefferson — Mystery in White: A Christmas Crime Story
Fawcett, Quinn — Siren Song
Ferrars, E. X. — The Crime and the Crystal | A Small World of Murder | Smoke Without Fire
Ferris, Monica — Crewel Yule | A Stitch in Time
Finch, Charles — The Fleet Street Murders
Finnis, Jane — Buried Too Deep
“Fletcher, Jessica” (see Bain, Donald and Land, Jon)
Flower, Amanda — Candy Cane Crime New in 2023 (published in 2020)| A Plain Disappearance | Premeditated Peppermint
Fluke, Joanne — The Candy Cane Murder (anthology with two other authors) | The Christmas Cake Murder | The Christmas Caramel Murder | The Christmas Cupcake Murder | Christmas Sweets (anthology with two other authors) | The Gingerbread Cookie Murder (with two other authors) | Plum Pudding Murder | Sugar Cookie Murder
Flynn, Brian — The Murders Near Mapleton
Ford, Leslie — The Simple Way of Poison
Fox, Sarah — An Ale of Two Cities | Baking Spirits Bright New in 2023 | Yeast of Eden
Frazer, Andrea — Christmas Mourning | Snowballs and Scotch Mist
Frazer, Anthea — The Nine Bright Shiners | White Christmas With a Wobbly Knee
Frazer, Margaret — The Servant’s Tale | The Widow’s Tale
Freeburn, Christina — Not a Creature Was Stirring
Fremlin, Celia — The Long Shadow
Freydont, Shelly — A Merry Little Murder | Silent Knife
Frommer, Sara Hoskinson — Witness in Bishop Hill
Frost, Agatha — Candy Cane Conspiracies New in 2022
Frost, Jacqueline — Twas the Knife Before Christmas | The Twelve Slays of Christmas
Fry, Patricia — A Picture-Purrfect Christmas

— G —

Gaarder, Jostein — The Christmas Mystery
Galenorn, Yasmine — Ghost of a Chance
Gano, John — Inspector Proby’s Christmas
Garnet, A.H. — The Santa Claus Killer
Genova, Rosie — The Seven-Course Christmas Killer New in 2022 (published 2016)
George, Anne — Murder on a Bad Hair Day
Gerber, Daryl Wood (a.k.a. Avery Aames) — Wreath Between the Lines
Giroux, E. X. — Death for a Dietician
Goldenbaum, Sally — A Dark and Snowy Night New in 2023 | A Holiday Yarn | Trimmed With Murder
Goodhind, J.G. — The Ghost of Christmas Past
Gorman, Ed — Crooks, Crimes and Christmas (anthology with three other authors) | Murder on the Aisle
Gouze, Roger — A Quiet Game of Bambu
Grabenstein, Chris — Hell for the Holidays | Slay Ride: He Knows Where You Live
Grace, C.L. — The Merchant of Death
Grace, Margaret — Manhattan in Miniature | Mayhem in Miniature
Grafton, Sue — “E” is for Evidence
Graham, Heather — The Last Noel | A Season of Miracles
Granger, Ann — Dead in the Water | A Season for Murder
Grant, Ellie — Treacherous Tart
Graves, Sarah — Wreck the Halls
Greeley, Andrew — The Bishop and the Three Kings | Star Bright! A Christmas Story
Green, Christine — Deadly Partners
Green, Jane — This Christmas (anthology with two other authors)
Greenwood, Kerry — Forbidden Fruit
Griffiths, Elly — Smoke and Mirrors New in 2021
Griffo, J.D. — Murder at the Mistletoe Ball New in 2021
Grimes, Martha — Jerusalem Inn | The Man with a Load of Mischief | The Old Fox Deceiv’d
Guest, Judith — Killing Time in St. Cloud
Gunn, Elizabeth — How Still We See Thee Lie (anthology with three other authors)
Gunning, Sally — Ice Water

— H —

Haddam, Jane — Festival of Deaths | Fountain of Death (New Years) | Not a Creature Was Stirring | A Stillness in Bethlehem
Hager, Jean — The Last Noel
Haines, Carolyn — Buried Bones | A Garland of Bones | A Gift of Bones | Haunted Holidays (anthology with two other authors) | Jingle Bones
Hall, Parnell — A Puzzle in a Pear Tree
Hall, Robert Lee — Benjamin Franklin and a Case of Christmas Murder
Hallett, Janice — The Christmas Appeal: A Novella New in 2023
Hamilton, Virginia — Breaking the Mould  | A White Colander Crime
Hammett, Dashiell — The Thin Man
Handler, David — The Snow White Christmas Cookie
Hannah, Darcie — Murder at the Christmas Cookie Bakeoff New in 2021
Hannah, Sophie — Hercule Poirot’s Silent Night New in 2023| (see also: Christie, Agatha)
Hardwick, Richard — The Season to be Deadly
Hare, Cyril — An English Murder
Harmon, Ken — The Fat Man: A Tale of North Pole Noir
Harper, Karen — The Queene’s Christmas
Harris, Charlaine — Shakespeare’s Christmas | Wolfsbane and Mistletoe (813.08 Har – editor)
Harris, Lee — The Christmas Night Murder | The New Year’s Eve Murder
Harrison, Janis — Murder Sets Seed
Hart, Carolyn G. — Merry, Merry Ghost | Sugarplum Dead
Hart, Ellen — Murder in the Air | Vital Lies
Hart, Roy — Seascape with Dead Figures
Harvey, John — Cold Light
Hathaway, L.B. — A Christmas Case | The Vanishing of Dr. Winter
Havill, Steven — Lies Come Easy
Hay, Mavis Doriel — The Santa Klaus Murder
Hechtman, Betty — You Better Knot Die
Hemlin, Tim — A Catered Christmas
Henry, Sara J. — A Cold and Lonely Place
Hess, Joan — A Holly, Jolly Murder | O Little Town of Magoddy
Hesse, Jennifer David — Bell, Book & Candlemas | Yuletide Homicide
Heyer, Georgette — Envious Casca (also released as A Christmas Party)
Hiassen, Carl — Tourist Season
Hill, Reginald — A Clubbable Woman | Death’s Jest Book
Hilton, John Buxton — Death in Midwinter
Hinkemeyer, Michael T. — A Time to Reap
Hockensmith, Steve — Naughty: Nine Tales of Christmas Crime
Hodgkin, Marion Rous — Dead Indeed
Holland, Isabelle — A Fatal Advent
Hollis, Lee — The Christmas Card Murder (anthology with two other authors) | Death of a Christmas Caterer | Egg Nog Murder | Yule Log Murder
Holmes, Dee — Silent Night (anthology with three other authors)
Holms, Joyce — Thin Ice
Honigford, Cheryl — Homicide for the Holidays New in 2021 (published in 2017)
Hopkins, Wanda — A Witchy Christmas New in 2022
Howell, Dorothy — Slay Bells and Satchels
Howie, Edith — Murder for Christmas
Howlett, John — The Christmas Spy
Hughes, Mary Ellen — Wreath of Deception
Hunter, Alan — Landed Gently
Hunter, Evan — Come Winter
Hunter, Fred — A Perfect Time for Murder (in Homicide For the Holidays — anthology with two other authors) | Ransom for a Holiday
Husom, Christine — The Iced Princess
Hyzy, Julie — Hail to the Chef

— I/J —

Iams, Jack — Do Not Murder Before Christmas
Indridason, Arnaldur — Voices
Innes, Louise R. — Death at Holly Lodge New in 2021
Innes, Michael — Christmas at Candleshoe | A Comedy of Terrors (a.k.a. There Came Both Mist and Snow) | Lament For a Maker
Ireland, Liz — Mrs. Claus and the Trouble With Turkeys New in 2023 | This Christmas (anthology with two other authors)
Irving, Karen — Jupiter’s Daughter
Ivie, Judith — Drowning in Christmas
Jahn, Michael — Crooks, Crimes and Christmas (anthology with three other authors) | Murder on Fifth Avenue
James, Miranda — Six Cats a Slayin’
James. P.D. — The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories
Jance, J.A. — A Last Goodbye (novella)
Jeffers, H. Paul — Murder on Mike
Johnson, Craig — Christmas in Absaroka County: Walt Longmire Christmas Stories (ebook only) | Death Without Company | The Spirit of Steamboat: A Longmire Story | Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories
Jordan, Cathleen — A Carol in the Dark
Jordan, Jennifer — Murder Under the Mistletoe

— K —

Kane, Henry — Homicide at Yuletide (a.k.a. A Corpse for Christmas)
Kaplan, Arthur — A Killing for Charity
Kashian, Tina — Mistletoe, Mousakka and Murder
Kava, Alex — Black Friday
Kaye, M. M. — Death in the Andamans
Kellerman, Faye — Double Homicide | Sacred and Profane
Kellerman, Jonathan — Double Homicide
Kelley, Lee Charles — ‘Twas the Bite Before Christmas
Kelly, Mary — The Christmas Egg
Kelly, Sofie — A Midwinter’s Tail: A Magical Cat’s Mystery
Kelner, Toni L.P. — Mad as the Dickens
Kendrick, Stephen — Night Watch: A Long-Lost Adventure in Which Sherlock Holmes Meets Father Brown
Kilpack, Josie S. — The Candy Cane Caper
King, Laurie R. — A Monstrous Regiment of Women
Kingsbury, Kate — The Clue is in the Pudding | Decked With Folly | Herald of Death | A Merry Murder | Mistletoe and Mayhem | Mulled Murder | No Clue at the Inn | Ringing in Murder | Shrouds of Holly | Slay Bells
Kinsey, T.E. — Christmas at the Grange
Kitchin, Clifford Henry Benn “C.H.B.” — Crime at Christmas
Klavan, Andrew — When Christmas Comes: A Yuletide Mystery New in 2021
Kleinholz, Lisa — Exiles on Main Street
Knight, Alanna — The Dagger in the Crown
Knight, Kathleen Moore — They’re Going to Kill Me
Koch, Edward I. — Murder on 34th Street
Koontz, Dean R. — Mister Murder
Krueger, William Kent — Tamarack County

— L —

Lake, M.D. — A Gift for Murder | Grave Choices
Land, Jon (& “Jessica Fletcher” — Murder She Wrote tie-ins; see also: Bain, Donald) — Murder in Season
Landreth, Marsha — The Holiday Murders
Langley, Bob — Death Stalk
Langton, Jane — The Memorial Hall Murder | The Shortest Day: Murder at the Revels
Lanyon, Josh & Black, Sarah — I’ll Be Dead for Christmas
Lathen, Emma — Banking on Death
Lavene, Joyce — Treacherous Toys
Lawley, Cate — The Candy Cane Conspiracy New in 2022 (published in 2021)
Lawrence, David — Cold Kill
Lawrence, Hilda — Blood Upon the Snow | Death of a Doll
Layne, Kennedy — Frosty Blend New in 2022, published in 2021| Mistletoe Blend New in 2022| Yuletide Blend New in 2022, published in 2019
Leach, Christopher — A Killing Frost
Lee, Amanda — Better Off Thread
Lee, Ashton — A Cherry Cola Christmas
Lee, Wendi — Murder, Mayhem & Mistletoe (anthology with three other authors)
Lehane, Dennis — The Drop
Leith, Rena – A Corpse for Christmas New in 2022 (published in 2021)
Levine, Laura — The Candy Cane Murder (anthology with two other authors) | Christmas Sweets (anthology with two other authors) | Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge | The Gingerbread Cookie Murder (with two other authors)
Lewin, Michael Z. — The Enemies Within
Lindsey, Julie Ann — Apple Cider Slaying
Little, Constance and Gwenyth Little — Black Express | The Black Headed Pins
Livingston, Nancy — Quiet Murder
Loan-Wilsey, Anna — Anything But Civil
Locke, William John — A Christmas Mystery: The Story of Three Wise Men
Lockridge, Richard — Dead Run
London, Cait (and others) — Sugarplums and Scandal (anthology)
London, Colette — The Peppermint Mocha Murder
Long, Manning — Vicious Circle
Longworth, M.L. — A Noel Killing
Lord, Christopher — The Christmas Carol Murders
Lourey, Jess — December Dread
Lovegrove, James – Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Demon New in 2022 (published 2019)
Luber, Philip — Deadly Convictions
Lucci, Judith — The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year: The Golden Rings of Christmas
Ludwig, Ken — The Game’s Afoot…or Holmes for the Holidays (stage play)
Lynn, Sherry — Murder Under the Mistletoe New in 2023

— M —

MacBride, Stuart — Twelve Days of Winter: Crime at Christmas
MacDonald, John D. — Pale Gray for Guilt
MacInerney, Karen — Brush With Death | Fatal Frost | Mistletoe Murder
MacLeod, Charlotte — The Convivial Codfish | Murder Goes Mumming | Rest You Merry
MacPherson, Rett — Blood Ballad | A Comedy of Heirs
MacPherson, Suzanne (and four others) — Sugarplums and Scandal (anthology)
Macy, Meg — Have Yourself a Beary Little Murder
Malliet, G.M. — Death of a Cozy Writer
Malmont, Valerie S. — Death, Snow and Mistletoe
Manansala, Mia P. — Blackmail and Bibingka New in 2022
Marantz, William — Christmas Eve Can Kill You
Marcuse, Irene — Crooks, Crimes and Christmas (anthology with three other authors)
Marks, Jeffrey — Canine Christmas
Maron, Margaret — Corpus Christmas | Christmas Mourning | Rituals of the Season
Marsh, Ngaio — Tied Up in Tinsel
Marston, Edward — A Christmas Railway Mystery
Martin, Allana — How Still We See Thee Lie (anthology with three other authors)
Martin, Lisa — Haunted Holidays (anthology with two other authors)
Martin, Nancy — Slay Belles (novella)
Matetsky, Amanda — Murder is a Girl’s Best Friend
Matthews, Olivia — Peril & Prayer
McBain, Ed — And All Through the House | Another Part of the City | Downtown | Eight Black Horses | Ghosts | The Pusher | Puss in Boots | Sadie When She Died
McClintick, Malcolm — Death of an Old Flame
McCloy, Helen — Mr. Splitfoot
McClure, James — The Gooseberry Fool
McConnon, Maggie — Bel, Book and Scandal
McCoy, Judi — Mistletoe & Mayhem (anthology with three other authors)
McCrumb, Sharyn — Nora Bonesteel’s Christmas Past
McDermid, Val — Christmas is Murder (story collection) New in 2022 (published in 2020)
McGinley, Patrick — Goosefoot
McGown, Jill — Murder at the Old Vicarage
McHugh, Mary — High Kicks, Hot Chocolate, and Homicides
McKevett, G.A. — Cooked Goose | Murder in Her Stocking | Poisoned Tarts
McKinlay, Jenn — On Borrowed Time | Sugar Plum Poisoned New in 2023
McMahon, Jennifer — My Darling Girl New in 2023
McMorris, Kristina — A Winter Wonderland (anthology with three other authors)
McMullen, Mary — Death by Bequest
Mehl, Nancy — There Goes Santa Claus
Meier, Leslie — The Candy Cane Murder (anthology with two other authors) | Chocolate Covered Murder | The Christmas Card Murder (anthology with two other authors) | A Christmas Carol Murder | Christmas Cookie Murder | Christmas Sweets (anthology with two other authors) | Eggnog Murder (anthology with two other authors) | The Gingerbread Cookie Murder (with two other authors) | Mail-Order Murder | Mistletoe Murder | New Year’s Eve Murder | A Winter Wonderland (anthology with three other authors) | Yule Log Murder
Menuhin, Karen Baugh — Murder at Melrose Court
Meredith, Anne — Portrait of a Murderer
Meredith, David W. — The Christmas Card Murders
Meredith, D(oris). R. — Murder by Sacrilege
Michaels, Fern — A Winter Wonderland (anthology with three other authors)
Michaels, Kasey — Bowled Over | High Heels and Homicide
Milne, A.A. — “Christmas Party” in collection A Table Near the Band
Miner, Valerie — Murder in the English Department
Minichino, Camille — The Helium Murder | The Oxygen Murder
Minix, Sue — A Chapter on Murder New
Mitchell, Gladys — Death Comes at Christmas (a.k.a. Dead Men’s Morris) | Murder in the Snow (a.k.a. Groaning Spinney)
Mitcheltree, Tom — How Still We See Thee Lie (anthology with three other authors)
Moncrieff, Ada — Murder at the Theatre Royale New in 2022| Murder Most Festive New in 2022 (published in 2021)
Morgan, Lorna Nicholl — Another Little Christmas Murder
Morrell, David — The Spy Who Came For Christmas
Morse, T.W. — A Killer Christmas Break
Mortimer, John — A Rumpole Christmas
Morton, Lisa — Haunted Holidays (anthology with two other authors)
Moyes, Patricia — Season of Snows and Sins | Who Killed Father Christmas?
Mugaverro, Liz — Purring Around the Christmas Tree
Muller, Marcia — The Color of Fear | There’s Nothing to be Afraid Of
The Murdoch Mysteries (Canadian TV series) — A Merry Murdoch Christmas (DVD and Hoopla)
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau — Cat Bearing Gifts | Cat Coming Home | Cat Deck the Halls | Cat Telling Tales
Myers, Ann — Feliz Navidead

— N/O —

Nabb, Magdalen — Death of an Englishman
Nash, Anne — Said With Flowers
Neel, Janet — Death’s Bright Angel
Nelson, Hugh — The Season for Murder
Nesbo, Jo — The Redeemer
Neubauer, Erica Ruth — Murder Under the Mistletoe New in 2023
Nordan, Robert — Death Beneath the Christmas Tree
O’Connell, Carol — Judas Child
O’Connor, Carlene — Christmas Cocoa Murder (anthology with two other authors) | Christmas Scarf Murder (anthology with two other authors) New in 2023 | Murder at an Irish Christmas
O’Marie, Carol Anne — Advent of Dying | Murder in Ordinary Time | A Novena for Murder
O’ Nan, Stuart — Last Night at The Lobster
Ockley, Martha — The Advent of Murder

— P —

Page, Katherine Hall — The Body in the Big Apple | The Body in the Bouillon | The Body in the Sleigh | Mistletoe & Mayhem (anthology with three other authors)
Pajer, Bernadette — The Edison Effect
Palmer, William — The Dons and Mr. Dickens
Papazoglou, Orania — Charisma | Rich, Radiant Slaughter
Parker, Gary E. — Death Stalks a Holiday
Parker, Robert B. — The Widening Gyre
Parker, Robert B. with Brann, Helen — Silent Night
Parra, Nancy J. — Flourless to Stop Him
Patterson, James — Merry Christmas, Alex Cross
Patterson, James & Paetro, Maxine — The 19th Christmas
Paul, Barbara — A Chorus of Detectives
Pearl, Jack — Victims
Pearson, Carol Lynn — A Stranger for Christmas
Pence, Joanne — The Cook’s Curious Christmas | Mistletoe & Mayhem (anthology with three other authors) | The Thirteenth Santa | Two Cooks A-Killing
Penny, Louise — A Fatal Grace | How the Light Gets In
Perry, Anne — A Christmas Beginning | A Christmas Deliverance New in 2022| A Christmas Escape | A Christmas Garland | A Christmas Gathering | A Christmas Grace | A Christmas Guest | A Christmas Homecoming | A Christmas Hope | A Christmas Journey | A Christmas Message | A Christmas Odyssey | A Christmas Promise | A Christmas Resolution | A Christmas Revelation | A Christmas Return | A Christmas Secret | A Christmas Vanishing New in 2023 | A Christmas Visitor | A New York Christmas | Silence in Hanover Close
Perry, Carol J. — Bells, Spells and Murders
Peters, Elizabeth — He Shall Thunder in the Sky | Trojan Gold
Peters, Ellis — A Rare Benedictine | The Raven in the Foregate
Phillips, Scott — Ice Harvest
Pleiter, Allie — It Came Upon a Midnight Shear New in 2022
Plunkett, Susan — Silent Night (anthology with three other authors)
Pomidor, Bill — Mind Over Murder
Pronzini, Bill — Snowbound
Pryce, Malcolm — Don’t Cry For Me Aberystwyth
Pulver, Monica — Original Sin
Purser, Ann — Murder on Monday

— Q/R —

Queen, Ellery — Calamity Town | Cat of Many Tails | The Egyptian Cross Mystery | The Finishing Stroke
Quentin, Patrick — Follower
Quinn, Spencer — It’s a Wonderful Woof New in 2021 | Santa 365 (novella) | Up on the Woof Top New in 2023
Radford, Edwin — Who Killed Dick Whittington
Raphael, Lev — Burning Down the House
Ray, Robert J. — Merry Christmas, Murdock
Raybourn, Deanna — Silent Night New in 2023 (published in 2014)
Redmond, Heather — A Christmas Carol Murder New in 2022 (published 2020)
Reilly, Linda — Claws for Celebration
Reinsmith, Richard — A Body for Christmas
Rice, Craig — The Wrong Murder
Richards, Emilie — Let There Be Suspects
Rickman, Phil — Midwinter of the Spirit
Ridgway, Christie — Mistletoe & Mayhem (anthology with three other authors)
Riggs, John R. — Haunt of the Nightingale
Ripley, Ann — The Christmas Garden Affair
Rizzolo, S.K. — The Rose in the Wheel
Robb, J.D. [a.k.a. Nora Roberts] — Festive in Death | Holiday in Death | Silent Night (anthology with three other authors)
Roberts, Gillian — The Mummer’s Curse | Philly Stakes
Robinson, Peter — Past Reason Hated
Roosevelt, Elliott — The White House Pantry Murder
Rosenfelt, David — Best in Snow New in 2021 | Dachshund Through the Snow | Deck the Hounds | Santa’s Little Yelpers New in 2023 (published in 2022) | Silent Bite | Twas the Bite Before Christmas New in 2023 | The Twelve Dogs of Christmas
Rosett, Sarah — Menace at the Christmas Market | Mistletoe, Merriment and Murder
Ross, Barbara — Nogged Off (with two other authors) | Eggnog Murder (with two other authors) | Yule Log Murder (with two other authors)
Ross, L.J. — Ryan’s Christmas
Rowe, Jennifer — Death in Store | Love Lies Bleeding
Rubino, Jane — Homicide For the Holidays (anthology with two other authors)
Ruell, Patrick — Red Christmas
Runcie, James — Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil
Russell, Alan — St. Nick
Ryan, Angela K. — Candy Canes and Cadavers New in 2022, published in 2019| Peppermint Stick-Up New in 2022
Ryan, Annelise — Lucky Stiff
Ryan, Jenna — Mistletoe and Murder

— S —

Sami, Annabelle (and others) — The Very Merry Murder Club New in 2023
Sanders, Lawrence — The Fourth Deadly Sin
Sarsfield, Maureen — Murder at Beechlands
Sawyer, Corinne Holt — Ho-Ho Homicide
Sayers, Dorothy — The Nine Tailors (New Years Eve)
Scherf, Margaret — The Gun in Daniel Webster’s Bust
Schneider, Ilene — Chanukah Guilt
Schneider, Maria — Executive Sick Days
Schumacher, Aileen — Murder, Mayhem & Mistletoe (anthology with three other authors)
Schweizer, Mark — The Alto Wore Tweed | The Christmas Cantata
Scott, Laura — Her Mistletoe Protector
Sedley, Kate — The Christmas Wassail
Sefton, Maggie — Fleece Navidad
Sellars, M.R. — Perfect Trust
Serafin, David — Christmas Rising
Shannon, Dell — No Holiday for Crime
Shaw, M.B. — Murder at the Mill
Shelton, Connie — Buried Secrets Can Be Murder | How Still We See Thee Lie (anthology with three other authors)
Shelton, Paige — A Christmas Tartan | Merry Market Murder
Sibley, Celestine — Spider in the Sink
Simenon, Georges — Maigret’s Christmas (a.k.a. A Maigret Christmas and Other Stories)
Slater, Susan — Crooks, Crimes and Christmas (anthology with three other authors)
Sleeman, Susan — Christmas Conspiracy | Christmas Witness | High-Caliber Holiday | Holiday Defenders | Holiday Secrets | Silent Night Standoff
Smith, Barbara Burnett — Mistletoe From Purple Sage | ‘Tis the Season for Murder (with Fred Hunter)
Smith, Frank — Fatal Flaw
Smith, Joan — Don’t Leave Me This Way
Smith, Karen Rose — Slay Bells Ring
Smith, Terrence Lore — The Devil and Webster Daniels
Smoak, Margie & Amanda — Generals’ Row
Sparks, Kerrilyn (and four others) — Sugarplums and Scandal (anthology)
Sprinkle, Patricia H. — A Mystery Bred in Buckhead
Stagge, Jonathan — The Yellow Taxi
Stanley, J.B. — Battered Body
Stout, Rex — And Four to Go
Strohmeyer, Sarah — Bubbles All the Way
Swanson, Denise — Murder of a Barbie and Ken | Murder of a Stacked Librarian
Swanson, Peter — The Christmas Guest New in Nov
Symons, Julian — The Detling Secret

— T —

Talley, Marcia — Occasion of Revenge
Taylor, Elizabeth Atwood — The Cable Car Murder
Taylor, Sarah Stewart — O’ Artful Death
Temple, Lou Jane — Death is Semisweet
Tesh, Jane — Mixed Signals
Tesler, Nancy — Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things
Theorin, Johan — The Darkest Room
Thompson, Carlene — The Way You Look Tonight
Thompson, James — Snow Angels
Thompson, Victoria — Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue
Thynne, Molly — The Crime at Noah’s Ark
Todd, Charles — The Walnut Tree: A Holiday Tale
Tope, Rebecca — A Cotswold Christmas Mystery | Trouble in the Cotswolds
Tourney, Leonard D. — Knaves Templer
Treat, Lawrence — Q as in Quicksand
Tremayne, Peter — The Haunted Abbot
Trocheck, Kathy (see Mary Kay Andrews)
Tyson, Wendy — Seeds of Revenge

— U/V —

Underwood, Michael — A Party to Murder
Unger, Lisa — Christmas Presents New in 2023
Unsworth, Barry — Morality Play
Victor, Cynthia — What Matters Most
Viets, Elaine — Murder With All the Trimmings

— W —

Wainwright, John — The Life and Times of Christmas Calvert…Assassin
Wait, Lea — Shadows on a Maine Christmas | Thread the Halls
Walker, Martin — Bruno and the Carol Singers
Walker, Persia — Darkness and the Devil Behind Me
Wallace, Auralee — Ring in the Year With Murder New in 2021 (published in 2017)
Waller, Gail and Gilber, Jim — A Kudzu Christmas
Walsh, Thomas — The Resurrection Man
Ward, Donald — Our Little Secret
Washburn, Livia J. — The Candy Cane Cupcake Killer | Christmas Cookie Killer | The Gingerbread Bump-Off | Wedding Cake Killer
Webb, Peggy — Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse
Weir, Charlene — A Cold Christmas
Welk, Mary V. — Deadly Little Christmas | A Merry Little Murder
Wenger, Christine — It’s a Wonderful Knife
Wentworth, Patricia — The Clock Strikes Twelve
Wescott, T.C. — Slay Bells
White, Anne — Cold Winter Nights
Wildwind, Sharon — First Murder in Advent
Willan, Jane — The Hour of Death
Williams, David — Murder in Advent
Willig, Lauren — The Mischief of the Mistletoe
Wingfield, R.D. — Frost at Christmas
Winston, Lois — Handmade Ho-Ho Homicide
Wishart, David — Last Rites
Witting, Clifford — Catt Out of the Bag
Wolzien, Valerie — Deck the Halls With Murder | ‘Tis the Season to be Murdered | We Wish You a Merry Murder
Woods, Rachel — Merry Christmas Murder New in 2022, published in 2020
Wright, Eric — The Man Who Changed His Name

— X/Y/Z —

Yaffe, James — Mom Meets Her Maker
York, Elizabeth — House of the Enchantress

Collections (in the Non-fiction section)

eBook only — Edwards, Martin (ed.) — A Surprise for Christmas and Other Seasonal Mysteries New in 2021 
813.08 And Andrews, Donna (ed.) — Homicidal Holidays: Fourteen Tales of Murder and Merriment
813.08 Asi Asimov, Isaac (ed.) — The Twelve Crimes of Christmas
813.08 Bro Browning, Abigail (ed.) — Murder Most Merry
813.08 Bur Burton, Tony (ed.) — By the Chimney With Care | Carols and Crimes, Gifts and Grifters | Dying in a Winter Wonderland
813.08 Cro Crowley, Anne (and others) — Murder Under the Tree
813.08 Dav Davies, David Stuart — Classic Christmas Crime Stories New in 2023
813.08 Fah Faherty, Terence (and others) — Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe
813.08 Gil Gilbert, Jim and Waller, Gail (eds.) — A Kudzu Christmas: Twelve Mysterious Tales
813.08 God Godfrey (ed.) — Murder for Christmas | Murder for Christmas 2
813.08 Gof Goffman, Barb & Andrews, Donna & Talley, Marcia (eds.) — Homicidal Holidays: Fourteen Tales of Murder and Merriment
813.08 Gre Greenberg, Martin H. (ed.) — Cat Crimes for the Holidays | Holmes for the Holidays | More Holmes for the Holidays | Santa Clues | Sherlock Holmes in America | Twelves Crimes of Christmas
813.08 Lov Lovesey, Peter (ed.) — The Usual Santas: A Collection of Soho Crime Christmas Capers
813.08 Hea Heald, Tim (ed.) — A Classic Christmas Crime
813.08 Mac MacLeod, Charlotte (ed.) — Christmas Stalkings | Mistletoe Mysteries
813.08 Man Manson, Cynthia (ed.) — Christmas Crimes | Merry Murder | Murder at Christmas | Murder Under the Mistletoe | Mystery for Christmas: Twelve Tales of Seasonal Suspense
813.08 Mar Martin, Allana (and three other authors) — How Still We See Thee Lie
813.08 Pen Penzler, Otto (ed.) — The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries | Christmas at the Mysterious Bookshop
813.08 Soh Soho Crime (ed.) — The Usual Santas: A Collection of Soho Crime Christmas Capers
813.08 Sol  Soles, Carol (ed.) — Blood on the Holly
813.08 Wil Wilson, Gahan (ed.) — Murder for Christmas: 26 Tales of Seasonal Malice
813.08 Win — Happy Homicides: Thirteen Cozy Holiday Mysteries
823.08 Dal Dalby, Richard (ed.) — Chillers for Christmas | Crime for Christmas | Ghosts for Christmas | Horror for Christmas | Mistletoe & Mystery | Mystery for Christmas
823.08 Edw Edwards, Martin (ed.) — The Christmas Card Crime and Other Stories | Crimson Snow: Winter Mysteries | Silent Nights: Christmas Mysteries
823.08 Kni Knight, Stephen (ed.) — A Corpse at the Opera House | Crimes for a Summer Christmas | More Crimes for a Summer Christmas | Murder at Home
823.08 Man Manley (ed.) — Christmas Ghosts

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