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Murder by Gaslight


The Victorian Era marked the height of the British Empire. The Industrial Revolution was in full swing, social institutions began to change, art flourished, new inventions appeared and society was rigidly divided by class. The spectrum of wealth and privilege was considerable, ranging from grinding poverty to large wealthy households with servants. A code of strict morals and behaviors developed that would forever be associated with “Victorians.”

Mystery novels found their origin and gained popularity during this time. Modern day authors have been drawn to this time period as a setting for their novels also. Though generally speaking, the Victorian Era describes the time covering the reign of Queen Victoria in Britain (from 1837 to 1901), we’ve expanded our scope to include mysteries set in other countries during this same time period, and for a short time after.

Some of the following novels are “stand alones”, while many are entries in popular on-going series. In the cases of stand-alone novels, individual titles are in alphabetical order following the author’s name. In the case of series, the novels are arranged in “series order” following the name of the series. There may be titles in this list which are not currently owned by the Lincoln City Libraries. These appear here for the sake of providing complete series listings, or to identify classic Victorian Mysteries which are now out-of-print. All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department.

This is, by no means, an all-encompassing list of Victorian Mysteries — it is primarily a list of recommended titles available through our library system. You can find additional titles by doing a catalog “subject” search under Mysteries, Historical — Victorian. You may also wish to visit our booklist Elementary…, an exhaustive list of Sherlock Holmes follow-ups, parodies and pastiches, most of which are set in the Victorian period.

Murder by Gaslight!
Victorian Mystery Fiction


Ackroyd, Peter Trial of Elizabeth Cree (1995) 1800s England
Aiken, Joan Castle Barebane (1976) 1800s Scotland
Akunin, Boris The Ernst Fandorin Series
Winter Queen (2003)
Turkish Gambit (2005)
Murder on the Leviathan (2004)
Death of Achilles (2005)
Special Assignments (2007)
The State Counsellor (2008)
The Coronation (2009)
She Lover of Death (2009)
He Lover of Death (2010)
The Diamond Chariot (2011)
1876-1878 Various – Moscow, Russia, Turkey
Atwood, Margaret Alias Grace (1996) 1800s Canada
Barnes, Julian Arthur and George (2006) 1800s England
Barron, Stephanie A Flaw in the Blood (2008) 1860s England
Barton, Wayne Lockhart’s Nightmare (1998) 1880s USA
Bayard, Louis Mr. Timothy (2003) 1860 Scotland
  The Pale Blue Eye (2006) 1862 Scotland
Black, Michelle Solomon Spring (2002) 1878 USA – Kansas
Black, Laura Glendraco (1977)  
  Wild Cat (1979)  
Blaine, Michael Midnight Band of Mercy (2004) 1893 USA – New York
Blake, Jennifer Midnight Waltz (1984) 1846 USA – New York
Bloch, Robert American Gothic (1974) 1893 USA – Chicago
  Night of the Ripper (1984) 1888 England – London
Bowen, Rhys The Molly Murphy Series
Murphy’s Law (2001)
Death of Riley (2002)
For the Love of Mike (2003)
In Like Flynn (2004)
Oh Danny Boy (2006)
In Dublin’s Fair City (2007)
Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (2008)
In a Gilded Cage (2009)
The Last Illusion (2010)
Bless the Bride (2011)
Hush Now, Don’t You Cry (2012)
The Family Way (2013)
City of Darkness and Light (2014)
The Edge of Dreams (2015)
Away in a Manger (2015)
Time of Fog and Fire (2016)
1860s Starts in Ireland/England, moves to New York
Boylan, Clare Emma Brown (2003)  
Brightwell, Emily

The Mrs. Jeffries Series
The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries (1993)
Mrs. Jeffries Dusts for Clues (1993)
The Ghost and Mrs. Jeffries (1993)
Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock (1994)
Mrs. Jeffries On the Ball (1994)
Mrs. Jeffries On the Trail (1995)
Mrs. Jeffries Plays the Cook (1995)
Mrs. Jeffries and the Missing Alibi (1996)
Mrs. Jeffries Stands Corrected (1996)
Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage (1997)
Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer (1997)
Mrs. Jeffries Reveals her Art (1998)
Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Cake (1998)
Mrs. Jeffries Rocks the Boat (1999)
Mrs. Jeffries Weeds the Plot (2000)
Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post (2001)
Mrs. Jeffries Pleads Her Case (2003)
Mrs. Jeffries Sweeps the Chimney (2004)
Mrs. Jeffries Stalks the Hunter (2004)
Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight (2005)
Mrs. Jeffries Appeals the Verdict (2006)
Mrs. Jeffries and the Best Laid Plans (2007)
Mrs. Jeffries and the Feast of St. Stephan (2007)
Mrs. Jeffries Holds the Trump (2008)
Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time (2009)
Mrs. Jeffries and the Yuletide Weddings (2009)
Mrs. Jeffries Speaks Her Mind (2010)
Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead (2011)
Mrs. Jeffries and the Mistletoe Mix-Up (2011)
Mrs. Jeffries Defends Her Own (2012)
Mrs. Jeffries Turns the Tide (2013)
Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen (2013)
Mrs. Jeffries and the One Who Got Away (2015)
Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize (2016)
Mrs. Jeffries Rights a Wrong (2017)

1800s England – London
Busch, Fred Night Inspector (1999) 1867 USA – New York


Butler, Gwendoline The John Coffin Series
Death Lives Next Door (1960)
Coffin Waiting (1964)
Coffin Underground (1988)
Coffin in Fashion (1990)
Coffin in the Museum of Crime (1989)
Coffin and the Paper Man (1991)
Coffin on Murder Street (1991)
Cracking Open a Coffin (1992)
A Coffin for Charley (1993)
The Coffin Tree (1994)
A Dark Coffin (1995)
Coffin’s Game (1997)
A Grave Coffin (1998)
Coffin’s Ghost (1999)
Coffin Knows the Answer (2003)
1800s England
Carey, Peter Jack Maggs (1998) 1837 England/Australia
Carr, Caleb The Alienist (1994) late 1800s USA – New York
  Angel of Darkness (1997) 1895 USA – New York
  The Italian Secretary (2005) 1800s USA – New York
Carr, John D. Scandal at High Chimneys (1959) 1863 England
  Hungry Goblin (1972) 1865 England
Chance, Megan An Inconvenient Wife (2004) late 1800s USA – New York
Clark, Clare The Great Stink (2005) 1850s England – London
Clarke, Anne Lady in Black (1977) 1882 England
Cohen, Paula Grammercy Park (2002) 1894 USA – New York
Collins, Wilkie Armadale (1866)
Basil (1852)
Dead Street (1857)
Haunted Hotel (1878)
Hide and Seek (1854)
The Law and the Lady (1875)
The Moonstone (1868)
No Name (1862?)
Poor Miss Finch (1872)
The Queen of Hearts (1859)
A Rogue’s Life (1879)
The Woman in White (1860)
Compton, Ralph Death Rides a Chestnut Mare (1999) 1800s USA -west
Cooper, Lynna Hour of the Harp (1975)  
Cox, Michael Meaning of Night (2006)  
Crabbe, Richard Empire of Shadows (2003) 1889 USA – Adirondacks
Crichton, Michael Great Train Robbery (1994) 1855 England
Crider, Bill Galveston Gunman (1988) 1800s USA – Texas
Day, Dianne Cut to the Heart (2002) 1860s USA – Hilton Head
Defoe, Gideon Pirates! An Adventure With Scientists (2004) 1880s England – London
Desjardins, Maurice Devil’s Alibi (2004) 1800s USA – South Carolina
Dexter, Colin The Wench is Dead (1991) 1800s England (also modern)
Dibdin, Michael Rich, Full Death (1988) 1855 Florence
Dickinson, David The Lord Francis Powerscourt Series
Death of an Old Master (2004)
Death on the Nevskii Prospekt (2007)
(and many more…)
1899 England – London
Disney, Doris M. At Some Forgotten Door (1966) 1886 USA – Connecticut
Donnelly, Jennifer Tea Rose (2003) 1888 England – London
Douglas, Carole Spider Dance (2004) 1889 USA – New York


Doyle, Arthur Conan

The Sherlock Holmes Series
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1892)
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (1927)
His Last Bow (1917)
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1902)
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1894)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1905)
The Sign of the Four (1890)
A Study in Scarlet (1887)
The Valley of Fear (1915)
Other non-Sherlock Holmes Stories
The Captain of the Polestar and Other Tales (1890)
The Doings of Raffles Haw (1892)
The Lost World (1912)
Masterworks of Crime and Mystery
Micah Clarke (1889)
The Mystery of Cloomber (1889)
The White Company (1891)

late 1800s England
Finch, Charles A Beautiful Blue Death (2007) 1865 England
Fowler, Karen Sister Noon (2001) 1890 USA – San Francisco
Frost, Mark List of Seven (1993) 1880s England
  6 Messiahs (1996) 1880s USA – New York
Gardner, Ashley Glass House (2004) 1800s England – London
  Sudbury School Murders (2005)  
Goodwin, Jason The Janissary Tree (2006) 1836 Turkey
Granger, Ann The Companion (2007) 1860s England – London
Gray, John M. Fiend in Human (2002) 1850s England – London
  White Stone Day (2004) 1850s England – London
Hall, Oakley The Ambrose Bierce Series
Ambrose Bierce and the Death of Kings (2001)
Ambrose Bierce and the One Eyed Jacks (2003)
Ambrose Bierce and the Trey of Pearls (2004)
1890s USA – San Francisco
Hambly, Barbara The Benjamin January Series
Free Man of Color (1997)
Fever Season (1998)
Graveyard Dust (1999)
Sold Down the River (2000)
Die Upon a Kiss (2001)
Wet Grave (2002)
Days of the Dead (2003)
Dead Water (2004)
Dead and Buried (2010)
The Shirt on His Back (2011)
Ran Away (2011)
Good Man Friday (2013)
Crimson Angel (2014)
Drinking Gourd (2016)
The Emancipator’s Wife (2005) (not Benjamin January)
1830s USA – New Orleans
Harris, Jane The Observations (2006) 1863 Scotland
Harrison, Ray The Sgt. Bragg/Constable Morton Series
Death of an Honorable Member (1984)
Death of a Dancing Lady (1985)
Death Watch (1985)
Counterfeit of Murder (1986)
Season for Death (1987)
Harvest of Death (1988)
Tincture of Death (1989)
Patently Murder (1991)
1890s England
Hatvary, George Murder of Edgar Allen Poe (1997) mid-1800s USA
Haviland, Diana Death on the Ladies Mile (2006) 1880s
Heck, Peter The Mark Twain mysteries Series
Death on the Mississippi (1995)
A Connecticut Yankee in Criminal Court (1996)
The Prince and the Prosecutor (1997)
Tom’s Lawyer (2001)
1890s USA
Hervey, Evelyn Governess (1983) 1870s England
  Man of Gold (1985) 1870s England
  Into the Valley of Death (1986) 1870s England
Hickam, Homer Keeper’s Son (2003) 1841 USA – South Carolina
Hilton, John B. Gamekeeper’s Gallows (1976) 1877 England
Hitchcock, Jane Social Crimes (2002) USA – New York
Hjorstberg, William Nevermore (1994) 1800s USA
Hockensmith, David Devil’s Acre (2003) 1890s USA – Dakotas
Holman, Sheri Dress Lodger (1999) 1831 England
Hunter, Evan Lizzie (1984) 1890 USA – Massachusetts
Jennings, Maureen Except the Dying (1997) 1895 Canada – Toronto
  Under the Dragons Tail (1998)  
  Poor Tom is Cold (2001)  
Jones, Robert F. Deadville (1998) 1833 USA
Knight, Alanna Enter Second Murderer (1988) 1890s USA – New York
  Blood Line (1989)  
Kruger, Mary Masterpiece of Murder (1997)  
Kurland, Michael Empress of India (2006) 1890s England


Lee, Wendi W. Cannon’s Revenge (1995) late 1800s USA
Leonard, Elmore Cuba Libre (1998) 1898 USA/Cuba
Linscott, Gillian Murder I Presume (1992) 1874 Biarritz
Lovesey, Peter The Sergeant Cribb Series
Wobble to Death (1970)
The Detective Wore Silk Drawers (1971)
Abracadaver (1972)
Mad Hatter’s Holiday (1973)
Swing, Swing, Together (1976)
1880s England
  The Prince Albert, ‘Bertie’ Series
Bertie and the Tinman (1987)
Bertie and the Seven Bodies (1990)
Bertie and the Crime of Passion (1994)
1886-1891 England (London) and France (Paris)
Marshall, William Faces in the Crowd (1991) 1800s USA
Mason, Daniel Piano Tuner (2002) 1886 Burma
Matsuoka, Takasi Cloud of Sparrows (2003) 1861 Japan
  Autumn Bridge (2005) 1860s Japan
McCrumb, Sharyn Ballad of Frankie Silver (1998) 1830 USA – North Carolina
McKinney, Meagan Fortune Hunter (1998) 1880s USA – New York
  Moonlight Becomes Her (2002)  
Michaels, Barbara Wings of the Falcon (1977) 1880 Italy
  Other Worlds (1999) Victorian England
Moore, Brian Magician’s Wife (1998) 1850s France/Africa
Moquist, Richard Eye of the Agency (1997) 1800s USA
Myers, Amy Murder in Pug’s Parlor (1987) 1800s England – London
  Murder Makes an Entree (1992)  
O’Connor, Joseph Star of the Sea (2003) 1847 (At Sea)
Onan, Stewart Prayer for the Dying (1999) 1870s USA – Wisconsin

Paige, Robin

(combined pseudonym of

Bill Albert and

Susan Wittig Alberg)

The Kathryn Ardleigh and Charles Sheridan Series
Death at Bishop’s Keep (1994)
Death at Gallows Green (1995)
Death at Daisy’s Folly (1997)
Death at Devil’s Bridge (1998)
Death at Rottingdean (1999)
Death at Dartmoor (2002)
Death at Glamis (2003)
Death at Hyde Park (2004)
Death at Blenheim Palace (2005)
Death on the Lizard (2006)
1890s England
Palliser, Charles Unburied (1998) 1870s England
Palmer, William The Mr. Dickens Series
The Detective and Mr. Dickens (1990)
The Highwayman and Mr. Dickens (1992)
The Hoydens and Mr. Dickens (1997)
The Dons and Mr. Dickens (2000)
1849-1853 England (some at Oxford)
Parker, Ann Silver Lies (2003)
Iron Ties (2006)
1879 USA – Colorado
Peale, Cynthia The Beacon Hill Series
The Death of Colonel Mann (2000)
Murder at Bertram’s Bower (2001)
The White Crow (2002)
Victorian Boston
Pearl, Matthew The Dante Club (2003) 1865 USA – Boston
  The Poe Shadow (2006) 1865 USA – New York
  The Last Dickens (2009) 1870 Boston
Perez-Reverte, Arturo Fencing Master (1999) 1868 Spain
Perry, Anne The Thomas and Charlotte Pitt Series
Cater Street Hangman (1979)
Callander Square (1980)
Paragon Walk (1981)
Resurrection Row (1981)
Rutland Place (1983)
Bluegate Fields (1984)
Death in the Devil’s Acre (1985)
Cardington Crescent (1987)
Silence in Hanover Close (1988)
Bethlehem Road (1990)
Face of a Stranger (1990)
Highgate Rise (1991)
Belgrave Square (1992)
Farrier’s Lane (1993)
Hyde Park Headsman (1994)
Traitor’s Gate (1995)
Pentecost Alley (1996)
Ashforth Hall (1997)
Brunswick Gardens (1998)
Bedford Square (1999)
Half Moon Street (2000)
The Whitechapel Conspiracy (2001)
Southampton Row (2002)
Seven Dials (2003)
Long Spoon Lane (2004)
Buckingham Palace Gardens (2008)
Betrayal/Treason at Lisson Grove (2010)
Dorchester Terrace (2011)
Midnight at Marble Arch (2012)
Death on Blackheath (2013)
The Angel Court Affair (2014)
Treachery at Lancaster Gate (2015)
Murder on the Serpentine (2016)
late 1800s England
  The William Monk and Hester Latterly Series
A Dangerous Mourning (1991)
Defend and Betray (1992)
A Sudden Fearful Death (1993)
Sins of the Wolf (1994)
Cain His Brother (1995)
Weighed in the Balance (1996)
Silent Cry (1997)
Breach of Promise (1998)
The Twisted Root (1999)
Slaves of Obsession (2000)
Funeral in Blue (2001)
Death of a Stranger (2002)
The Shifting Tide (2004)
Dark Assassin (2005)
Execution Dock (2009)
Acceptable Loss (2011)
A Sunless Sea (2012)
Blind Justice (2013)
Blood on the Water (2014)
Corridors of the Night (2015)
Revenge in a Cold River (2016)
mid-1800s England (Slaves of Obsessions is 1862 US)


Peters, Elizabeth The Amelia Peabody Series
Crocodile on the Sandbank (1975)
Curse of the Pharaohs (1981)
Mummy Case (1985)
Lion in the Valley (1986)
Deeds of the Disturber (1988)
The Last Camel Died at Noon (1991)
The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog (1991)
The Hippopatamus Pool (1996)
(the rest of the Amelia Peabody series takes place after the Victorian Era)
1884-1901 Egypt/Sudan/London
Peterson, Audrey An Unmourned Death (2003) 1885 England – London
Phillips, Scott Cottonwood (2004) 1872 USA – Kansas
Raybourn, Deanna The Lady Julia Grey Series
Silent in the Grave (2007)
Silent in the Sanctuary (2008)
Silent on the Moor (2009)
Dark Road to Darjeeling (2010)
The Dark Enquiry (2011)
Mid-1800s England, India and Mediterranean
Robinson, Suzanne The Rescue (1998) Victorian England
Rogow, Roberta Problem of the Missing Miss (1998) 1885 England – Brighton
  Problem of the Spiteful Spiritualist (1999) 1885 England – Brighton
  Problem of the Evil Editor (2000) 1885 England – Portsmouth
Rowland, Laura Joh The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte (2008) early-to-mid 1800s England
Ruddick, James Death at the Priory (2001)
(True Crime – 364.152 Rud)
Victorian England
Ryman, Rebecca Shalimar (1999) Victorian India
Scarborough, Elizabeth Lady in the Loch (1998) 1800s Scotland – Edinburgh
Schechter, Harold Nevermore (1999) 1830s USA – Baltimore
  Hum Bug (2001) 1844 USA – New York
  Mask of Red Death (2004) 1845 USA – New York
Selwyn, Francis Cracksman on Velvet (1974) 1800s England
  Sgt. Verity and the Imperial Diamond (1975) 1800s India
  Sgt. Verity Presents His Compliments (1977) 1800s England
Sherburne, James Death’s Gray Angel (1981) 1890s USA – Kansas
  Death’s Clenched Fist (1982) 1890 USA – New York
Sickels, Noette Shopkeeper’s Wife (1998) 1886 USA – Philadelphia
Silvas, Randall On Night’s Shore (2000) 1840 USA – New York
  Disquiet Heart (2002) 1847 USA – Pittsburgh
Soos, Troy Island of Tears (2001) 1892 USA – Ellis Island
  Gilded Cage (2002) 1893 USA – New York
Stubbs, Jean Dear Laura (1973) 1890s England – London
Symons, Julian Blackheath Poisonings (1978) 1890s England – London
  Sweet Adelaide (1980) 1890s England – London
  Detling Secret (1982) 1890s England – London
Tallman, Shirley Murder on Nob Hill (2004) 1880s USA – San Francisco
  Russian Hill Murders (2005)  
Thomas, Will

The Cyrus Barker Series
Some Danger Involved (2004)
To Kingdom Come (2005)
The Limehouse Text (2006)
The Hellfire Conspiracy (2007)
The Black Hand (2008)
Fatal Enquiry (2014)
Anatomy of Evil (2015)
Hell Bay (2016)

1880s England – London
Thompson, Victoria The Gaslight Mysteries series
Murder on Astor Place (1999)
Murder on St. Mark’s Place (2000)
Murder on Gramercy Park (2001)
Murder on Washington Square (2002)
Murder on Mulberry Bend (2003)
Murder on Marble Row (2004)
Murder on Lenox Hill (2005)
Murder in Little Italy (2006)
Murder In Chinatown (2007)
Murder on Bank Street (2008)
Murder on Waverly Place (2009)
Murder on Lexington Avenue (2010)
Murder on Sisters’ Row (2011)
Murder on Fifth Avenue (2012)
Murder in Chelsea (2013)
Murder in Murray Hill (2014)
Murder on Amsterdam Avenue (2015)
Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue (2015)
Murder in Morningside Heights (2016)
Turn of the century New York
Trow, M.J. The Inspector Lestrade Series
The Supreme Adventure of Inspector Lestrade (1985)
Brigade: The Further Adventures of Inspector Lestrade (1986)
Lestrade and the Hallowed House (1987)
Lestrade and the Brother of Death (1988)
Lestrade and the Ripper (1988)
Lestrade and the Guardian Angel (1990)
Lestrade and the Deadly Game (1990)
Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince (1991)
Lestrade and the Magpie (1991)
Lestrade and the Dead Man’s Hand (1992)
Lestrade and the Sign of Nine (1992)
Lestrade and the Sawdust Ring (1993)
Lestrade and the Devil’s Acre (1996)
1891-1910 England
Waters, Sarah Affinity (1999) 1870s England – London
  Fingersmith (2002) 1862 England – London
West, Paul Women of Whitechapel and Jack (1998) 1800s England – London
White, Jenny The Sultan’s Seal (2006) 1886 Istanbul
Wiggs, Susan The Firebrand (2001) 1800s USA – Chicago
Wikarski, Nancy Fall of White City (2003) 1890s USA – Chicago
Williams, Gerard Dr. Mortimer and the Aldgate Mystery (2003) 1890s USA – Chicago
Wilson, James Dark Clue (2001) late 1800s England – London
Zimler, Richard Hunting Midnight (2003) 1800s Portugal

Numerous anthologies of Victorian Era mysteries have been published, many with a focus on Sherlock Holmes. Here are a few titles available at the libraries:

813.08 Doz — Ripper
813.08 Gre — Red Jack
813.08 Gre — Murder, My Dear Watson

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