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Murder on the Menu

Murder on the Menu:
Selected Adult Mystery Fiction


K. K. Beck — The Body in the Cornflakes
Diane Mott Davidson — The Cereal MurdersKiller Pancake
Charlotte Macleod — Exit the Milkman
James McClure — The Artful Egg
Dorothy Rosen — Death and Blintzes


M. C. Beaton — Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death
K. K. Beck — Cold Smoked
Emma Lathen — Murder to Go
B. J. Morison — Beer and Skittles
Haughton Murphy — Murder for Lunch
Nancy Pickard — The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders
Corrine H. Sawyer — The Peanut Butter Murders
Julie Smith — The Sourdough Wars


Douglas Adams — The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
Leela Cutter — Murder After Tea-Time
Stefanie Matteson — Murder At Tea-Time


Michael Allegretto — Death on the Rocks
Alisa Craig — A Pint of Murder
Merton Glade — Days of Wine and Murder
Richard Grindal — The Whisky Murders
Carolyn G. Hart — Mint Julep Murder
B. J. Morison — Champagne and a Gardener
L. V. Slyke — Murder with a Twist


Agatha Christie — Thirteen at Dinner
Bill Crider — Murder Most Fowl
Diane Mott Davidson — The Last SuppersThe Main Corpse
Susan Dunlap — A Dinner to Die For
Richard Grayson — Death Au Gratin
Jane Haddam — A Feast of Murder
Amy Myers — Murder Makes an Entree
John Penn — Stag Dinner Death
Joanne Pense — Cooking Up Trouble
Hugh Pentecost — Murder Sweet and Sour
Virginia Rich — The Baked Bean Supper Murders
Dorothy L. Sayers — Five Red Herrings
William G. Tapply — Dead Meat


For the Diet-Conscious
M.C. Beaton — Death of a Glutton
Dorothy Cannell — The Thin Woman
Emma Lathen — Murder Without Icing Sweet and Low
Hugh Pentecost — The Cannibal Who Overate
Virginia Rich — The Nantucket Diet Murders
Corrine H. Sawyer — Murder Without Icing


Diane Mott Davidson — Dying for Chocolate
Frances Lockridge — Murder and Blueberry Pie
Patricia Moyes — The Coconut KillingsMurder a la Mode
John Noone — The Man With the Chocolate Egg


After-Dinner Drinks
Kate Charles — A Drink of Deadly Wine
J. C. S. Smith — Nightcap
Rex Stout — Champagne for One


Marion Babson — Death Warmed Up
Lee Martin — Death Warmed Over

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Original print booklist 1997 jdw/bwc | Updated for the web October 2003 sdc — Last updated October 2016 sdc