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Nebraska Author Stephanie Grace Whitson

NebraskaAuthorwhitsonphotoA list of works by Nebraska author
Stephanie Grace Whitson

Stephanie Grace Irwin was born in 1952 in East St. Louis, Illinois. She graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts in French in 1973, the same year she married Robert Whitson.

The Whitsons moved to Nebraska in 1975, where they settled into a comfortable relationship with friends and family and their local church, home-schooled their four children (two sons and two daughters), grew organic produce for sale at local farmers markets, and created homemade crafts.

Stephanie’s first novel, Walks the Fire, was published in 1995. Following her growing success as an author, and husband Bob’s need for more frequent medical care (he was diagnosed with cancer in 1996), the family moved from their rural property to Lincoln.

Since Bob’s death in 2001, Stephanie has happily seen some of her children get married, and has remarried herself. She remains in Lincoln, NE and continues to publish, on average, at least one new book per year. She is perhaps best known for her historical inspirational romances, most often set on the Great Plains. In addition to her fiction, she has also published one non-fiction book, How to Help a Grieving Friend: A Candid Guide for Those Who Care [2005].

Additional information about Stephanie Grace Whitson can be found at the following Web sites:

Walks the FireWalks the Fire

Prairie Winds Series, book 1.

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Prairie Winds Series, book 2.

Red BirdRed Bird

Prairie Winds Series, book 3.

Sarah's PatchworkSarah’s Patchwork

Keepsake Legacies Series, book 1.

Nora's Ribbon of MemoriesNora’s Ribbon of Memories

Keepsake Legacies Series, book 2.

Karyn's Memory BoxKaryn’s Memory Box

Keepsake Legacies Series, book 3.

Valley of the ShadowValley of the Shadow

Dakota Moons Series, book 1.

Edge of the WildernessEdge of the Wilderness

Dakota Moons Series, book 2.

Heart of the SandhillsHeart of the Sandhills

Dakota Moons Series, book 3.

Secrets on the WindSecrets on the Wind

Pine Ridge Portraits, book 1.

Watchers on the HillWatchers on the Hill

Pine Ridge Portraits, book 2.

Footprints on the HorizonFootprints on the Horizon

Pine Ridge Portraits, book 3.

Garden in ParisA Garden in Paris

Hilltop in TuscanyA Hilltop in Tuscany

Jacob's ListJacob’s List

Unbridled DreamsUnbridled Dreams

A Claim of Her OwnA Claim of Her Own

Sixteen BridesSixteen Brides

Most Unsuitable MatchA Most Unsuitable Match

Shadow on the QuiltThe Shadow on the Quilt

The Quilt Chronicles, book 1.

Key on the QuiltThe Key on the Quilt

The Quilt Chronicles, book 2

Message on the QuiltThe Message on the Quilt

The Quilt Chronicles, book 3.

Captain for Laura RoseA Captain for Laura Rose

Basket Brigade ChristmasA Basket Brigade Christmas: Three Women, Three Love Stories, a Country Divided
[2015] Includes Whitson’s “A Stitch in Time”, along with stories by Judith Miller and Nancy Moser

Daughter of the RegimentDaughter of the Regiment

Messenger by MoonlightMessenger by Moonlight

Belle of the Wild West

How to Help a Grieving FriendHow to Help a Grieving Friend: A Candid Guide for Those Who Care

Non-fiction book — 248.866 Whi.

Home on the PlainsHome on the Plains: Quilts and the Sod House Experience
Co-authored with Kathleen L. Moore

Non-fiction book –746.46 qMoo.

Stephanie Grace Whitson has appeared in two John H. Ames reading series episodes at the libraries:

noimageStephanie Grace Whitson: Author

Heritage DVD 813 Whi.

noimageFive Nebraska authors : [the 208th Ames reading special] : Stephanie Grace Whitson, Karen Gettert Shoemaker, Helen Waring Johnson, Andrew Jewell and Twyla Hansen
Co-authored with Kathleen L. Moore

Heritage DVD 810.098 Fiv 2014.

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