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Nebraska Author Terry Goodkind

NebraskaAuthorgoodkindphotoThe novels of Nebraska fantasy author
Terry Goodkind

Terry Goodkind was born in 1948 and raised in Omaha, NE. Following a childhood plagued by the social stigma and educational difficulties of the learning disorder dyslexia, Goodkind chose to drop out of college fairly early on. His career path took him to numerous jobs, including carpenter, violin-maker, hypnotherapist, wildlife artist, and restorer of rare and exotic artifacts and/or antiques. Though born and raised in Nebraska, Goodkind and his wife, Jeri, have settled into homes on an island off the coast of Maine, and at an undisclosed western U.S. location.

Goodkind’s writing career began in his 40s, as he started his long-running Sword of Truth saga. The first volume in that series, Wizard’s First Rule, was sold at auction in 1994 for more than six times the record price ever paid for a first fantasy novel at that time. All volumes in the series have gone on to become both U.S. and international bestsellers.

Additional information about Terry Goodkind can be found at the following Web sites:

Wizard's First RuleWizard’s First Rule

Book One of The Sword of Truth saga

Stone of TearsStone of Tears

Book Two of The Sword of Truth saga

Blood of the FoldBlood of the Fold

Book Three of The Sword of Truth saga

Temple of the WindsTemple of the Winds

Book Four of The Sword of Truth saga

LegendsLegends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy [anthology] [1998]

Contains the Terry Goodkind novella, “Debt of Bones”, a part of the Sword of Truth saga, later expanded into a full-length novel in 2001

Soul of the FireSoul of the Fire

Book Five of The Sword of Truth saga

Faith of the FallenFaith of the Fallen

Book Six of The Sword of Truth saga

Pillars of CreationThe Pillars of Creation

Book Seven of The Sword of Truth saga

Debt of BonesDebt of Bones

Prequel to The Sword of Truth saga
An expanded version of the novella that originally appeared in 1998

Naked EmpireNaked Empire

Book Eight of The Sword of Truth saga


Book Nine of The Sword of Truth saga
Volume 1 of the Chainfire trilogy


Book Ten of The Sword of Truth saga
Volume 2 of the Chainfire trilogy


Book Eleven of The Sword of Truth saga
Volume 3 of the Chainfire trilogy

Law of NinesThe Law of Nines

Stand-alone title

Omen MachineThe Omen Machine

Book Twelve of The Sword of Truth saga / Also Book One of Richard and Kahlen

First ConfessorThe First Confessor
[2012] Prequel to The Sword of Truth Saga

Third KingdomThe Third Kingdom

Book Thirteen of The Sword of Truth saga / Also Book Two of Richard and Kahlen

Severed SoulsSevered Souls
[2014] Book Fourteen of The Sword of Truth saga / Also Book Three of Richard and Kahlen

[2015] Book Fifteen of The Sword of Truth saga / Also Book Four of Richard and Kahlen

[2016] Stand-alone title

deathsmistressDeath’s Mistress
[2017] Book One of the Nicci Chronicles

shroudofeternityShroud of Eternity
[2017] Book Two of the Nicci Chronicles

girlinthemoonThe Girl in the Moon
[2018] Book One in the Angela Constantine series

Crazy Wanda
[2018] Novella associated with the Angela Constantine series

siegeofstoneSiege of Stone
[2017] Book Three of the Nicci Chronicles

The Scribbly Man
[2015] A novella in the Richard and Kahlen series / Also Book One in the Children of D’Hara series

Legend of the Seeker - Season OneLegend of the Seeker
[2018] Season One: 2008-2009

legendoftheseeker-dvd2Legend of the Seeker
[2018] Season Two: 2009-2010

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