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Somewhere in Time



Alexander, Victoria †Yesterday and Forever
Appel, AllenTime After TimeTwice Upon a Time
Avery, Anne – Distant Star
Baker, Madeleine – The Angel and the Outlaw – Feather in the Wind – The Spirit Path
Barbour, AnneStep in Time
Bicos, Olga – Wrapped in Wishes
Bonds, Parris Afton – For All Time
Bretton, BarbaraDestiny’s Child
Burke, Cinnamon – Rapture’s Mist
Byrne, BeverlyA Matter of Time
Campbell, Marilyn – Just in Time – Out of Time – Pyramid of Dreams – Stardust Dreams – Topaz Dreams
Castle, JoyceAmaryllis
Casto, JackieDreams of Destiny
Danvers, DennisTime and Time Again
Dawson, Saranne – Heart of the Wolf
Deveraux, JudeA Knight in Shining ArmorLegendRemembrance
Elizabeth, Suzanne – When Destiny Calls
Finney, JackFrom Time to Time § – Time and Again
Gabaldon, DianaOutlanderDragonfly in AmberVoyagerDrums of AutumnThe Fiery CrossA Breath of Snow and AshesAn Echo in the BoneWritten in My Own Heart’s Blood
Goodger, Jane – When There is Hope
Graham, HeatherA Magical Christmas
Hannah, KristinOnce in Every LifeWhen Lightning Strikes
Henley, VirginiaEnslaved
Hooper, Kay – The Wizard of Seattle
Howard, LindaSon of the Morning
Joyce, BrendaCaptive
Knight, AngelaJane’s Warlord
Krinard, Susan – Twice a Hero
Lindsey, JohannaKeeper of the HeartUntil Forever
Macias, Susan – Courtney’s Cowboy
MacGregor, KinleySword of Darkness
Madden, Mickee – Everlastin’
Matheson, RichardBid Time Return [basis for movie Somewhere in Time] McCall, DinahDreamcatcher
Medeiros, TeresaBreath of MagicTouch of Enchantment
Miller, Linda LaelHere and ThenKnightsMy OutlawPirates
Moning, Karen MarieSpell of the Highlander
Moon, Modean – Evermore
Morgan, Kathleen – Firestar – The Knowing Crystal
O’Brien, JudithAshton’s Bride – Maiden Voyage – Once Upon a Rose
O’Day-Flannery, Constance – Bewitched – The GiftOnce in a LifetimeSecond Chances – A Time for Love – Timeless Passion – Timeswept Lovers
Overfield, Joan – The Door Ajar
Pozzessere, Heather Graham – The Last Cavalier
Riley, Eugenia – Tempest in Time – Waltz in Time
Roenbeck, Patricia – Golden Conquest
Rosemoor, Patricia – The Desperado
Seton, AnyaGreen Darkness
Shiplett, June Lund – Journey to Yesterday – Return to Yesterday
Simpson, Patricia – The Night Orchid
Sizemore, Susan – One of These Nights
Skye, ChristinaBride of the Mist
Stockenberg, AntoinetteDream a Little Dream
Stover, Deb – A Willing Spirit
Taylor, Laura – Cloud Dancer
Tuten, Frederic – Van Gogh’s Bad Cafe
Valentino, Donna – Always on My Mind
Ware, Ciji – A Cottage By the Sea
Winters, Rebecca – A Man For All Time


Clemens, Samuel [Mark Twain]A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
DuMaurier, DaphneThe House on the Strand
Helprin, MarkWinter’s Tale
Norman, Diana – Fitzempress’ Law
Piercy, MargeWoman on the Edge of Time
Wells, H.G.The Time Machine
Willis, ConnieThe Doomsday Book

† Nebraska Author
§ also involves the Titanic
‡ basis for the motion picture Somewhere in Time
June 1998/bwc
Posted to BookGuide 2005 | Last Updated August 2016 sdc

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