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Nebraska Author Wright Morris

NebraskaAuthormorrisphotoA List of Works by Nebraska Author
Wright Morris 

Wright Morris was born in 1910 in Central City, Nebraska, a town he often fictionalized as Lone Tree. Only days after his birth, Morris’ mother died, leaving him in the care of his father and their neighbors. Morris lived in Omaha from 1919 to 1924, spending two summers at his Uncle Harry’s ranch, the setting for his 1948 work The Home Place, which blended fiction and photography. Leaving his studies at Pomona College in California, Morris traveled to Europe in 1933 to accumulate experiences he would relate in Solo (1983). 

In 1940, Morris published his first work — a photo text called The Inhabitants, which probes the relationship between people and their place. Morris’ first novel, My Uncle Dudley, was published in 1942 and in 1946 the New School for Social Research in New York curated the first major show of Morris’ photographs. While living in Pennsylvania during the 1940s, Morris forged a relationship with fellow Nebraskans Loren and Mabel Eiseley. Loren, soon to become an important essayist on natural science, influenced Morris to pursue scientific metaphor in his fiction, as in Love Among the Cannibals (1957) and What a Way to Go 1962. 

An award winning writer, Morris won the National Book Award two times: in 1956 for Field of Vision, and in 1981 for Plains Song for Female Voices. Morris constantly questions whether the people or the environment contributes more to what influences life in a place. As he wrote in Ceremony in Lone Tree (1960), “The people change — according to a survey conducted by the supermarket — but the life in Polk remains much the same.” However, in A Life 1973), Morris seems to suggest that place is contained within the people: “The old man was born in this country and it might be misleading to say that he had ever left it.” 

From 1962 to 1975, Morris was a Professor of Creative Writing at California State in San Francisco. Because he spent most of his writing and photographic career documenting plains life, Morris created much of the imagery through which others view the Midwest. The “half-orphan” from Central City authored over 40 books, wrote countless essays, articles and book reviews and was one of the world’s most respected photographers. Wright Morris died on April 25, 1998 at age 88.


1942 – My Uncle Dudley
1945 – The Man Who Was There
1948 – The Home Place
1949 – The World in the Attic
1951 – Man and Boy
1951 – The Works of Love
1953 – The Deep Sleep
1954 – The Huge Season
1956 – The Field of Vision
1957 – Love Among the Cannibals
1960 – Ceremony in Lone Tree
1962 – What a Way to Go
1963 – Cause for Wonder
1965 – One Day
1967 – In Orbit
1970 – Wright Morris: A Reader
1970 – Green Grass, Blue Sky, White House
1971 – Fire Sermon
1972 – War Games
1973 – A Life
1973 – Here is Einbaum
1975 – The Cat’s Meow [818 Mor] 1976 – Real Losses, Imaginary Gains
1977 – The Fork River Space Project
1980 – Plains Song for Female Voices
1984 – Origin of Sadness
1986 – Collected Stories: 1948-1986
1993 – Three Easy Pieces
1994 – Two for the Road

Photography and Photo-texts

1940 – The Inhabitants [917.3 qMor] 1948 – The Home Place [Morris] 1968 – God’s Country and My People [917.3 fMor] 1972 – Love Affair — A Venetian Journal [914.531 qMor] 1975 – Structures and Artifacts [779 MorZn] 1982 – Photographs and Words [917.3 fMor] 1989 – Time Pieces: The Photographs and Words of Wright Morris [917.3 Mor]


1981 – Will’s Boy: A Memoir [B M8323] 1983 – Solo: An American Dreamer in Europe: 1933-1934 [B M8323] 1985 – Cloak of Light: Writing My Life [B M8323] 1989 – Time Pieces: Photographs, Writing and Memory [B M8323] 1993 – Writing My Life: An Autobiography [B M8323]

Collections of Essays: Social and Literary Criticism

1956 – The Territory Ahead [810.9 M83t] 1968 – A Bill of Rites, a Bill of Wrongs, a Bill of Goods [814 M83b] 1975 – About Fiction: Reverent Reflections on the Nature of Fiction With Irreverent Observations on Writers, Readers & Other Abuses [809.3 Mor] 1978 – Earthly Delights, Unearthly Adornments: American Writers as Image Makers [810.9 Mor]

Works Related to Wright Morris

1977 – Conversations With Wright Morris [813 MorZc] 2002 – Distinctly American [770.924 qMor] 1982 – Fifty Western Writers [810.9 Eri] 2004 – The Gale E. Christianson Collection of Eiseley Research Materials [Heritage Manuscripts] 1990 – Growing Up Western [920.02 Bac] 1970 – Literary Horizons [813.9 Hic] 2001 – More Notable Nebraskans [920.078 Pap] 1995 – Nebraska Writers, Nebraska Readers [028.9 qNeb] 1978 – The Novels of Wright Morris [B M8323Cr] 1991 – Resource Guide to Six Nebraska Authors [810.978 Res] 1968 – Wright Morris [813 MorYh] 1964 – Wright Morris [B M8323m] 1985 – Wright Morris: His Novels and Photographs [Video Cassette 813 MorYw] 1985 – Wright Morris: Memory and Imagination [B M8323b] 1992 – Wright Morris: Origin of a Species [770.924 qMorYp] 1975 – Wright Morris: Structures and Artifacts [779 MorZn] 1998 – Wright Morris Revisited [813 MorYw]

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