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Customer Reviews – 2009


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2009 Customer Reviews

carriondeathA Carrion Death
by Michael Stanley (Stanley)

First in the series with Detective Kubu, we search for both the identity and the killer of a body found bleaching near a Botswanian waterhole. Kubu follows a tangled — there are more than 70 chapters — plot to root out the mystery involving diamonds, sibling rivalry, business takeovers, shady characters, Botswanian politics and geology. Well-written, very interesting characters, good story. I expect as the writer continues the series, some small hiccups in plotting will fade away and I look forward to reading more in the series.


reviewed by Barbara R.
patron of the Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries
November 2, 2009

spiritualistThe Spiritualist
by Megan Chance (Chance)

A young woman in turn-of-the-century New York finds nothing but trouble three months after she “marries up” into society. As Fitzgerald says, “The rich are different than you and me.” Her husband of three months is found floating in a river, she’s been thrown out of his house by his relatives and, worse yet, she’s under suspicion for his murder. The plot twists throughout this gothic novel — although some of the twists you might see coming — and our heroine comes out ahead in the end. But what must she do to get there?


reviewed by Barbara R.
patron of the Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries
September 30, 2009

beyondthemissouriskycdformatCDbook2Beyond the Missouri Sky: Short Stories
by Charles Haden and Pat Metheny (Hoopla digital music (formerly Compact Disc 781.65 Had))

This album is now on my must-have list. Bassist Charlie Haden and acoustic guitarist Pat Metheny make great jazz together, from the gorgeous “Cinema Paradiso” (Love Theme) to “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” and a new favorite, “The Moon Song.” It’s almost New Age-y in places, but a great album to veg out and relax to. These guys really know their stuff.


reviewed by Barbara R.
patron of the Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries
August 1, 2009

goodinbedGood in Bed
by Jennifer Weiner (Weiner)

This is a good book about a women finding what’s really important in life. However I did feel like it was a little slow and somewhat hard to get into. Once the story started really picking up, it moved fast and was very interesting to read. This is a good book for any women to read that may be a little larger than the standards of today’s society.


reviewed by Jamie H.
patron of the Bennett Martin Public Library
June 12, 2009

littlebookThe Little Book
by Selden Edwards (Edwards)

Imaginative and skilled writer Edwards combines time travel, romance, military strategy, WWII, baseball, Frisbees, feminism and Vienna, at the turn of the 20th century, in a very readable and suspenseful page-turner. Our narrator, of sorts, is Wheeler Burden, a rock icon of the 1970s who wakes to find himself in a Vienna of Gustave Mahler and Sigmund Freud. He’s familiar with the city because of his studies but why is he there? And how can he manage? What he finds — and does to solve his mystery — is a great tale, well-told.


reviewed by Barbara R.
patron of the Gere Branch Library
May 12, 2009

wishfuldrinkingWishful Drinking
by Carrie Fisher (Biography Fisher)

I’ve enjoyed Fisher’s novels, and have a soft spot in my fannish heart for her Princess Leia portrayal. So…I was hoping I’d enjoy this book more than I actually did. I knew Fisher had some manic-depression issues, and had made the news for some of her substance abuse problems, but this book just ended up being rather depressing. She writes in a very entertaining, stream-of-consciousness fashion, but the subject matter is rather dire. Ultimately, I enjoyed the book, but I challenge anyone to call it a “feel good read”.


reviewed by Jeff M.
patron of Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries
February 4, 2009

I enjoyed this book quite a lot — I had very little idea about Fisher’s mental illnesses…I just remember enjoying her in the Star Wars movies and I liked her first novel. This was quite enlightening, and written in a frank, self-deprecating style. Good job!


reviewed by Terri F.
patron of Gere Library
September 29, 2009

lighthouseThe Lighthouse
by P.D. James (James)

Isolated cabin. Desolate scenery. Good people in hard situations. All this combines to make The Lighthouse by celebrated author PD James a mystery to pick up for those long cold nights in front of the fireplace. The story takes us to the isolated English island of Combe and a murder which Richard Jury — poet and police commander — must solve. Alas, the selection of possible killers is interesting, but never really explored. What James is really good at is putting you in the scene and this book made me long to spend some time in Combe. It’s a real page-turner if you don’t examine the structure too closely.


reviewed by Barbara R.
patron of Gere Branch Library
January 14, 2009