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Beverly Lewis

If You Like Beverly Lewis…
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Beverly Lewis is one of the pioneering authors of Amish Christian Fiction. Having grown up in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area, Lewis was able to tap into her own family’s history for some of her writing inspiration — her grandmother grew up as an Old Order Mennonite, but was shunned by her family and community after marrying a bible college student from outside of the Mennonite faith.

Beginning with The Shunning in 1993, and continuing with numerous short series of connected novels in the years since, Lewis has explored the Amish and/or Mennonite cultures, while still serving up a generous portion of sweet, gentle romance. Most of her Amish novels have had a contemporary setting, although she’s also dabbled in historical Amish tales, particularly with the Abrams’ Daughters series. Not all of Beverly Lewis’ fiction involves the Amish — she also has several non-Amish Christian Fiction series and/or stand-alones. However, it is certainly her Amish fiction that she is best known for. The success of Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter at publishing these gentle, religious fiction titles, has led in subsequent years to an explosion of authors trying to find their place in this increasingly popular publishing category.

The authors listed below write works in a similar style to Lewis, although some may not focus primarily on the Amish culture. Authors with an * next to their names are probably the closest to Lewis in style and tone. The author names are hotlinked to their holdings in our catalog, so that you may check on the availability of their titles in print, electronic or audio formats. This category of publishing has over 60 different authors who have found success in the past 20 years. This list includes the authors with multiple volumes in the Lincoln City Libraries collection, and is by no means exhaustively complete.

Jennifer Beckstrand
Carrie Bender
Terri Blackstock
* Wanda Brunstetter
Barbara Cameron
Mindy Starnes Clark
Amy Clipston
* W. Dale Cramer
Jerry S. Eicher
Mary Ellis
* Suzanne Woods Fisher
Kathleen Fuller
Ann Gabhart
Leslie Gould
Tricia Goyer
Shelley Shepard Grey
Laura V. Hilton
B.J. Hoff
Kelly Irvin
Karen Kingsbury
Kelly Long
Marta Perry
Tracie Peterson
Francine Rivers
* Beth Wiseman
Cindy Woodsmall

last updated July 2018 sdc