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Bridget Jones Diary

bridgetjonesdiaryIf You Like Helen Fielding’s “Bridget Jones’s Diary”
Try These Authors and Titles

This genre, frequently refered to as “Chick Lit”, and first popularized in the mid-1990s, primarily focuses on the lives of young single women (and their friends) living in a large urban cities (frequently London or New York), who are juggling careers, difficult relationships and complicated (but often humorous) personal issues. Though seemingly rather fluffy on the surface, these books are often about female empowerment — the plucky heroine and her friends/allies learn to rely on their own strengths to get through their difficulties. Although romantic relationships are often at the heart of the stories, “happily ever after” isn’t necessarily the norm, and life isn’t necessarily incomplete if you haven’t found “Mr. Right.” Chick Lit titles are usually very “contemporary,” featuring TV, movie, and product references that can quickly “date” the books. These books are always funny, try to be hip, and could even be considered comedies in many ways. The covers are almost always in bright neon colors, frequently with cartoonish art and very decorative fonts. They are most often found in the “Romances” or “Popular Literature” sections of bookstores and libraries.

The titles or series below are hotlinked to their holdings in our catalog, so that you may check on their current availability.

Theresa Alan

Melissa Bank

Raffaella Barker

Christina Bartolomeo

Elizabeth Berg

Karen Brichoux

Candace Bushnell

Meg Cabot

Rebecca Campbell

Kate Christensen

Laurie Colwin

Claire Cook

Megan Crane

Jill Davis

Hilary de Vries

Katie Fforde

Helen Fielding

Suzanne Finnamore

Marjorie Leet Ford

Anouchka Forrester

Mike Gayle

Olivia Goldsmith

Laurie Graff

Jane Green

Sparkle Hayter

Wendy Holden

Nick Hornby

Carolyn Hwang

Tama Janowitz

Amy Jenkins

Lisa Jewell

Donna Kauffman

Marian Keyes

Sophie Kinsella

India Knight

Josie Lloyd

Sue Margolis

Merrill Markoe

Carole Matthews

Anna Maxted

Emma McLaughlin

Jill Medoff

  • Good Girls Gone Bad

Clare Naylor

Shannon Olson

Caroline Preston

Louise Rennison

Stacey Richter

Libby Schmais

Helen Schulman

Amy Sohn

Sue Townsend

Jennifer Weiner

Lauren Weisberger

Isabel Wolff

Carol Wolper

Laura Zigman


posted to BookGuide September 2006 sdc / last updated March 2008 sdc