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Carl Hiaasen

If You Like Carl Hiaasen…
Try These Authors

touristseasonCarl Hiaasen is a Florida thriller writer, with a strong and continually growing fan base. His mystery/thrillers feature casts of extremely eccentric characters, involved in crazy capers and off-the-wall scams. His dialog is dry, sarcastic and painfully witty. His characters’ outlook is generally very cynical, and the tone of his books is more often than not satirical. Also notable about Hiaasen — his settings (almost always Florida) are equally as important to his plots as his characters. He is well know for his portrayal of Florida as a paradisical wonderland, sullied by the humans who inhabit it.

Fans of Hiaasen’s highly stylized work, especially his effective use of bizarre, colorful, well-drawn characters, or his use of Florida as an essential setting, will probably appreciate the works of many of the authors in the following list. These author names are hotlinked to their holdings in our catalog, so that you may check on the availability of their titles in print or audio formats.

Edward Abbey
Dave Barry (Fiction)
Thomas Briody
Edna Buchanan
John Burdett
Harry Crews
Tim Dorsey — very similar in style to Hiaasen
Ben Elton
Robert Ferrigno
Bill Fitzhugh
Kinky Friedman
James W. Hall
Pete Hautman
Nick Hornby
Joe Konrath
Elmore Leonard — very similar in style to Hiaasen
John Leslie
David Lodge
Sujata Massey
Tom Robbins
Tim Sandlin
Laurence Shames — very similar in style to Hiaasen
Ray Shannon
Les Standiford
Charlie Stella
Peter Tasker
Timothy Watts
Donald Westlake
Randy Wayne White

Posted June 2006 / last updated March 2018 sdc