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Jo Beverley

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somethingwickedjbJo Beverly is one of the most versatile of current regency romance authors, and doesn’t limit herself to that specific time period, with her works falling anywhere from the Medieval Period (1050-1120) and Georgian Era (1714-1794) to the traditional Regency Period (1811-1820). Beverley’s first novel appeared in 1988, and her early work fell into the traditional “short Regency” category. As her writing career blossomed, Beverley expanded to longer, more in-depth Regency era novels, and then to fiction set in the other time periods. Her works are known for the accuracy of her time periods — she does intense historical research, although she doesn’t overwhelm the reader with too many details. Her characters have depth, and although the romantic pairings may not seem at first to be good matches, as the reader gets to know all the characters, it becomes more and more obvious that they are well paired-off. Her characters (and the situations they find themselves in) can be complicated, and there are often multiples links across character relationships. The romance and sexuality levels in her novels can range from simple kisses to full “steamy”, but can vary dramatically from book to book. Although character-driven humor is intrinsic to her novels, her romances are not necessarily considered “light” (or “lite”) in tone.

Jo Beverley is one of the authors in the Regency Romances booklist here on BookGuide.

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