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Robin Cook

If You Like Robin Cook…
Try These Authors and/or Titles

The works of Robin Cook are generally classified as Medical Thrillers. Their settings are usually contemporary, and they often deal with cutting edge or near-future medical technology and terminology. Cook-like novels frequently feature large-scale conspiracies, with a single individual (often a doctor, nurse or similar scientist) or a small group battling the clock to expose a corrupt system, cure a plague or reveal a hidden truth. Cook’s books are fast-paced adventures. The authors closest in style and theme to Robin Cook are probably John Case, Eileen Dreyer, Leonard Goldberg, Patrick Lynch, John Marr, Ben Mezrich, Pierre Oullette, Michael Palmer, Stanley Pottinger and F. Paul Wilson. Many of the other authors listed below write works in a similar style, or with similar themes. Specific “Medical Thriller” titles are listed for authors who write in a variety of styles. The author names are hotlinked to their holdings in our catalog, so that you may check on the availability of their titles in print or audio formats. Titles listed to the right of the author names are good examples of their work.

Keith Ablow – Denial
Greg Bear – Darwin’s Radio
Jack M. Bickham – Miracle Worker
Gary Braver – Elixir
Sigmund Brouwer – Double Helix
John Case – The First Horseman
Tony Chiu – Positive Match
April Christofferson – Clinical Trial
Joe Connelly
Michael Cordy – The Miracle Strain
Margaret Cuthbert – Silent Cradle
William Dantz – Nine Levels Down
John Darnton – The Experiment
Eileen Dreyer
Ken Follett – The Third Twin
Tess Gerritsen
Leonard Goldberg
Robert Greer – Limited Time
Susanna Gregory – A Plague on Both Your Houses
James W. Hall – Red Sky at Night
Karen Harper – Black Orchid
Daniel Hecht – The Babel Effect
Frank Herbert – The White Plague
Peter Hernon – The Kindling Effect
Chuck Hogan – The Blood Artists
William Katz – Facemaker
Faye Kellerman
Jonathan Kellerman
Philip Kerr
Mary Kittredge – Fatal Diagnosis
Harry Kraus – Fated Genes
Marsha Landreth – Vial Murders
Robert Ludlum – The Hades Factor
Patrick Lynch – Carriers
Robert Mawson – The Lazarus Child
Ben Mezrich
John J. Nance – Pandora’s Box
Thomas Noguchi
Michael Palmer
James Patterson
John Peak – Mortal Judgements
Ridley Pearson – The Angel Maker
Stanley Pottinger
James Powlik – Sea Change
Richard Preston
Kathy Reichs
Matthew Reilly
Leah Ruth Robinson – First Cut
Peter Robinson – The First Cut
Samuel Shem – Mount Misery
David Shobin
Joshua Spanogle – Isolation Ward
Steven Spruill – Painkiller
Harry Stein – The Magic Bullet
Robert Louis Stevenson – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Charles Wilson
F. Paul Wilson

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