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Terry Pratchett

If You Like Terry Pratchett…
Try These Authors

smallgodsIf you’re a fan of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett, you probably enjoy his extremely humorous take on the field of fantasy literature. Pratchett’s works are characterized by large casts of interesting characters (both lead and secondary), strongly-developed worlds, and exceptional use of humor. While almost parodies at times, Pratchett is also able to invest his characters and settings with true emotion. Pratchett uses his novels as a means of taking serious yet satirical looks at many of the contemporary issues of the day, cloaked in a typical fantasy setting. The authors listed below write works in a similar style, although many of these authors are very prolific and not all of the works by some of these authors fall into category of Pratchett readalikes. The author names are hotlinked to their holdings in our catalog, so that you may check on the availability of their titles in print or audio formats.

Douglas Adams
Piers Anthony
Robert Asprin
Eoin Colfer
Glen Cook
Peter David
L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt
Paul DiFilippo
Jasper Fforde
Eric Flint
Neil Gaiman
Craig Shaw Gardner
Ron Goulart
Harry Harrison
Tom Holt
Keith Laumer
Spider Robinson
Robert Sheckley
John Sladek
Christopher Stasheff
Roger Zelazny

If you’re looking for more authors of humorous fantasy or science fiction novels, please take a look at our much larger and more detailed on-line booklist, In Space…No One Can Hear You Laugh!

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