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The Left Behind Series

If You Like the “Left Behind” series…
Try These Authors, Titles or Series

leftbehindContemporary Christian authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins struck a cultural nerve with the publication of their Left Behind saga, beginning with 1995’s Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days. These novels, up to sixteen as of 2016 (including prequels, but not including a series of 40 original paperbacks aimed at teen readers), are adventure tales with an extremely strong spiritual tone. At their heart, these novels are books about spiritual warfare between the forces of good and evil, both inside the human heart and in the physical world outside.

The Left Behind series is certainly not the first popular fiction to tackle this subject matter, but its popularity has sparked an increased production of this category of writing in recent years and has also shined a light on older titles of a similar nature. The following list includes a number of titles and/or series that share many stylistic traits with the Left Behind series. The titles are hotlinked to their holdings in our catalog, so that you may check on their availability in print format.

Jack Anderson‘s Millennium (1994) (Thriller about the end of the Millennium, the Second Coming, aliens and the fate of humanity)
James BeauSeigneur‘s In His Image (1997) (the Christ Clone trilogy)
James BeauSeigneur‘s Birth of an Age (1997)
James BeauSeigneur‘s Acts of God (1998)
Irving Beniq‘s Messiah Stones (1995) (a journey of spiritual discovery and ancient mysticism)
T. Davis Bunn‘s The Warning (1998)
T. Davis Bunn‘s Ultimatum (1999)
Jonathan Cash‘s The Age of the Antichrist (1999) (spiritual warfare, as those left behind search for meaning and purpose before the final battle with the forces of darkness)
Laurence Cosse‘s A Corner of the Veil (1999) (Thriller about a priest finding irrefutable proof of God’s existence)
Paul F. Crouch‘s Omega Code: Another Has Risen From the Dead (1999) (Armageddon)
Ted Dekker‘s Showdown (2006) (a small town in Colorado is the setting for a confrontation between good and evil); his Circle series Black (2004), Red: The Heroic Rescue (2004), White: The Great Pursuit (2004) (about a world-ending plague/ rapture-like alternate world/ dream/ reality)
David Dolan‘s The End of Days (1997)
Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett‘s Good Omens (1990) (Satirical take on the End Times)
Charles Grant‘s Symphony (1997) (a series of portents builds to a major conflict between good and evil in a small town)
Rhoda Huffey‘s Hallelujah Side (1999) (midwestern take on the Second Coming)
Angela Elwell Hunt‘s The Immortal (2000)
Grant R. Jeffrey and Angela Elwell Hunt‘s Flee the Darkness (1998) (an End Times scenario with good intentioned people as pawns of the Antichrist)
Jane Jensen‘s Millennium Rising (1999) (a small Mexican town holds both salvation and judgement for true believers)
John Kessel‘s Good News From Outer Space (1989) (shocking truths in the midst of Millennial fever in this SF satire)
Stephen King’s The Stand (1978) (1990 uncut edition – an ultimate showdown between the forces of good and evil in a post-apocalyptic American midwest)
C.S. LewisScrewtape Letters (1943) (non-fiction classic in which Satan and his nephew exchange letters chronicling the battle between good and evil)
Hal Lindsey‘s Blood Moon (1996)
Bentley Little‘s The Revelation (1989) (a traveling preacher arrives in a small Arizona town and warns of the coming Apocalypse)
Marlin Maddoux‘s The Seal of Gaia (1997)
Paul L. Maier‘s A Skeleton in God’s Closet (1994)
Og Mandino‘s The Christ Commission (1980) (a time-traveling writers attempts to disprove the resurrection of Christ)
L.A. Marzilli‘s Nephilim (1999)
Paul D. Meier‘s The Third Millennium (1993) (this series chronicles a Jewish family’s experiences during the Rapture)
Paul D. Meier‘s The Fourth Millennium (1996)
Paul D. Meier‘s Beyond the Millennium (1998)
Bill MyersBlood of Heaven (1996) (a scientific test subject learns of the sinister plans behind the project)
Bill MyersThreshold (1997)
Bill Myers‘ Fire of Heaven (1999)
Michael O’Brien‘s Father Elijah (1996) (the Vatican attempts to convert the Antichrist, in an attempt to postpone the Tribulation)
Frank Peretti‘s This Present Darkness (1986) (supernatural struggle between the powers of good and evil, in a small town)
Frank Peretti‘s Piercing the Darkness (1989) (the following four titles are a series)
Frank Peretti‘s Prophet (1992)
Frank Peretti‘s Oath (1995)
Frank Peretti‘s Visitation (1999)
Michael PhillipsRift in Time (1997) (with the End Time looming, an archaeologist searches for Noah’s Ark and the Garden of Eden)
Michael PhillipsHidden in Time (2000)
Pat Robertson‘s End of the Age (1995) (the Antichrist emerges to take control of the world)
Joel C. Rosenberg‘s Last Jihad (2002), Last Days (2003), The Ezekiel Option (2005), The Copper Scroll (2006), Dead Heat (2008)
Whitley Streiber‘s Unholy Fire (1992) (a thriller about demonic possession)
Robert Van Kampen’s The Fourth Reich (1997)

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