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Tom Clancy

If You Like Tom Clancy
Try These Authors

The “techno-thriller” works of Tom Clancy are characterized as action-suspense, featuring the use of sophisticated technology, especially weapons systems. The authors listed below write works in a similar style. The author names are hotlinked to their holdings in our catalog, so that you may check on the availability of their titles in print or audio formats.

Mark Berent
Larry Bond
Dale Brown
Jimmie H. Butler
Scott Carpenter
Gerry Carroll
Stephen Coonts
Dick Couch
Herbert Crowder
Bart Davis
James DeFelice
Peter T. Deutermann
Michael DiMercurio
Keith Douglass
Guy Durham
Marshall Harrison
Payne Harrison
Eric L. Harry
Layne Heath
Jean Heller
Richard P. Henrick
Dean Ing
William H. Lovejoy
Bob Mayer
Ralph Peters
David Poyer
Lloyd Pye
Timothy Rizzi
Richard Rohmer
Charles D. Taylor
Douglas Terman
Craig Thomas
Joe Weber
Robin A. White
Maralys Wills

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