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Reader List: Recent Street Lit


Recent Street Lit
submitted in April 2009 by Sister Souljah Fan

I’m a fan of Sister Souljah and the other writers who do Street Lit, sometimes called Urban Fiction. The libraries don’t have much of these, but here’s a few I liked.

Every Thug Needs a Lady
by Wahida Clark (eAudiobook only)

Love Don’t Live Here No More
by Snoop Dogg (no longer in libraries’ collection)

Never Go Home Again
by Shannon Holmes (eAudiobook only)

Hood Rat
by K’wan (eAudiobook only)

Grindin’: A Harlem Story
by Danielle Santiago (no longer in libraries’ collection)

Midnight: A Gangster Love Story
by Sister Souljah (eBook only)

A Project Chick
by Nikki Turner (eBook and eAudiobook versions only)

Is the Bitch Dead, or What?
by Wendy Williams (no longer in libraries’ collection)

True to the Game
by Teri Woods (eBook and eAudiobook versions only — several in the series)

Love is Never Painless
by Zane