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Reader List: The Best of Peter David


The Best of Peter David
submitted July 2008 by BookMan

Some of my favorites (at least that the library owns…they don’t have all of this author’s works) by SF/Fantasy author Peter David. He specializes in TV tie-ins.

The Captain’s Daughter
A Captain Sulu story from Star Trek.

House of Cards
First of the all-original Mackenzie Calhoun novels in the Star Trek New Frontiers series.

A very emotional Star Trek the Next Generation novel.

Knight Life
The King Arthur mythos, brought into modern times, with a great deal of humor.

The Long Night of Centauri Prime
An excellent Babylon 5 novel, first in a trilogy of original novels.

Highly farcical Star Trek the Next Generation novel, featuring two of Next Gen’s favorite guest characters — “Q” and Lwaxana Troi.

Sir Apropos of Nothing
Silly fantasy, first in an ongoing series.

Perhaps one of the three or four best Star Trek the Next Generation novels yet written — ties events from the original Star Trek in to events in Next Gen.