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Meet Your Staff – Bennett Martin Public Library

Beginning in February, 2022, individual staff members at the Bennett Martin Public Library downtown have been featured on a special book display at that library location, on a rotating basis. All participating staff are given a two-week period to have a sign up identifying their personal reading interests, and featuring samples (mostly available for checkout) of some of their favorite reads. After the display had been up for several weeks, and we’d had questions from library customers about some of the works that were featured, we decided to put up each staff members’ lists of featured titles as a booklist here on BookGuide.

Some of these Bennett Martin Public Library staff are regular contributors to the Staff Recommendations pages on our readers advisory pages known as BookGuide, and have also previously been featured with individual Reviewer Profiles on BookGuide! For those who have been featured in this way, you’ll find a link here to connect to their full Reviewer Profile, and their reviews of materials for the Staff Recommendations pages on BookGuide, some of which will overlap their recommended reads that are listed on this page!

February 1-12, 2022: LeeAnn S. (Branch Supervisor)

Interests: Dogs, Moscato, Daniel Johns

Recommended Titles:

  • Not available…

February 13-26, 2022: Jen J. (Librarian)

Interests: True Crime, Dill Pickles, History

Reviews on BookGuide by Jen J.

Recommended Titles:

February 27-March 12, 2022: Garren H. (Librarian)

Interests: Guitars, Speculative Fiction, Egg Nog

Garren H.’s Reviewer Profile | Reviews on BookGuide by Garren H.

Recommended Titles:

March 13-26, 2022: Caitlin L. (Librarian)

Interests: Furry Animals (guinea pigs, etc.), Historical Fiction (Maisie Dobbs, Alison Weir, Philippa Gregory), Pagan Mythology (Germanic, Gaelic & Scandinavian)

Reviews on BookGuide by Cait L.

Recommended Titles:

March 27-April 9, 2022: Carrie R. (Library Service Associate)

Interests: Fairy Tales, Sports, True Crime Documentaries

Carrie R.’s Reviewer Profile | Reviews on BookGuide by Carrie R.

Recommended Titles:

April 10-23, 2022: Rio B. (Library Service Supervisor)

Interests: Science, Knitting, Coffee

Rio B.’s Reviewer Profile | Reviews on BookGuide by Rio B.

Recommended Titles:

April 24-May 7, 2022: Charlotte M. (Library Service Associate)

Interests: Cats, Quilts, Old Movies

Charlotte M.’s Reviewer Profile | Reviews on BookGuide by Charlotte M.

Recommended Titles:

May 8-21, 2022: Cindy K. (Library Service Associate)

Interests: Dogs, Agatha Christie, Planning Trips I Will Never Take

Cindy K.’s Reviewer Profile | Reviews on BookGuide by Cindy K.

Recommended Titles:

May 22-June 4, 2022: Scott C. (Library Service Associate/BookGuide site manager)

Interests: Late 20th century television shows, sci-fi/fantasy, mysteries, micro-histories and biographies

Scott C.’s Reviewer Profile | Reviews on BookGuide by Scott C.  | (See a much longer list of Scott’s 5-star LibraryThing rated items, from which this list is pulled)

Recommended Titles: (only those in library collection are hotlinked — try InterLibrary Loan for the rest)

June 5-18, 2022: Laura N. (Library Service Associate)

Interests: Falafel, Biking, Soviet History

Reviews on BookGuide by Laura N.

Recommended Titles:

June 19-July 2, 2022: Jackie S. (Library Service Associate)

Interests: Running, Medieval Art, Plant-Based Cooking

Recommended Titles:

July 3-16, 2022: Carrie K. (Library Service Associate)

Interests: Being Home, Making Stuff, Mountain Dew…

Carrie K.’s Reviewer Profile | Reviews on BookGuide by Carrie K.

Recommended Titles:

July 17-30, 2022: Ali B. (Read Aloud Lincoln)

Interests: Delicious food, strong-willed women, and pop culture

Reviews on BookGuide by Ali B.

Recommended Titles:

July 31-August 13, 2022: Kim J. (Library Service Associate)

Interests: Classic Literature, Children’s Literature, and Books on Nature

Kim J.’s Reviewer Profile | Reviews on BookGuide by Kim J.

Recommended Titles:

August 14-28, 2022: Sharon S. (Library Service Associate)

Interests: Hiking, Photography, Paper Crafts…

Recommended Titles:

August 29-September 10, 2022: Nancy P. (Library Service Associate)

Interests: Mysteries, Weather, Humor…

Recommended Titles:

September 11-24, 2022: Diane W. (Heritage Room Librarian)

Interests: Quilts, Mysteries, Nebraska Authors and more…

Recommended Titles:

September 25-October 8, 2022: Traci G. (Assistant Director)

Interests: Comic books, plant-based cooking, horror movies, Sylvia Plath, and pop culture…

Recommended Titles:

October 9-22, 2022: Cait L. (second turn)

Interests: Furry Animals (guinea pigs, etc.), Historical Fiction (Maisie Dobbs, Alison Weir, Philippa Gregory), Pagan Mythology (Germanic, Gaelic & Scandinavian)

Recommended Titles:

October 23-November 5, 2022: Tara V. (Library Aide)

Interests: Animal Crossing, Knitting, Houseplants…

Recommended Titles:

November 6-19, 2022: Vivian S. (Library Aide)

Interests: True Crime, the Victorian era, anything Harry Potter…

Recommended Titles:

November 20-December 3, 2022: Marcella R. (Library Aide)

Interests: Cats, Historical Fiction, Humor…

Recommended Titles:

December 4-17, 2022: Jocelyn G. (Interim Library director through December 8th)

Interests: Hiking, Nature and Reading…

Recommended Titles:

December 18-31, 2022: Ryan W. (New Lincoln City Librairies director starting December 8th)

Interests: not yet provided…

Recommended Titles:

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