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Carrie R.’s Reviews

Carrie R.
of the Bennett Martin Public Library

reviewing for BookGuide since October 2010

Carrie’s 100 most recent reviews…

[DVD It] reviewed in February 2020

It (Chapter One)
[DVD It] reviewed in October 2019

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
[DVD Rocky] reviewed in October 2019

Once Upon a Time: The Complete First Season
[DVD Once] reviewed in April 2019

Happy Death Day
[DVD Happy] reviewed in March 2018

The West Wing: The Complete Third Season
[DVD West] reviewed in March 2018

The West Wing: The Complete Second Season
[DVD West] reviewed in February 2018

The West Wing: The Complete First Season
[DVD West] reviewed in January 2018

[DVD Life] reviewed in September 2017

Table 19
[DVD Table] reviewed in September 2017

[DVD Arrival] reviewed in April 2017

[DVD Blindspot] reviewed in March 2017

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
[DVD Blindspot] reviewed in March 2017

blindspotdvd-1The Blindspot: Season One
[DVD Blindspot] reviewed in January 2017

[DVD Fury] reviewed in April 2015

[DVD Nightcrawler]reviewed in April 2015

guardiansofthegalaxydvdGuardians of the Galaxy
[DVD Guardians] reviewed in January 2015

whenthegamestandstalldvdWhen the Game Stands Tall
[DVD When] reviewed in January 2015

milliondollararmdvdMillion Dollar Arm
[DVD Million] reviewed in December 2014

mysteryalaskadvdMystery, Alaska
[DVD Mystery] reviewed in December 2014

blacklistdvd-1The Blacklist
[DVD Black] reviewed in October 2014

draftdaydvdDraft Day
[DVD Draft] reviewed in October 2014

[DVD Se7en] reviewed in October 2014

[DVD Se7en] reviewed in July 2014

3 Days to Kill
[DVD Se7en] reviewed in July 2014

crashreeldvdThe Crash Reel
by Pedro Kos [DVD 796.939 Cra] reviewed in May 2014

cantbuymelovedvdCan’t Buy Me Love
[DVD Can’t] reviewed in May 2014

boxesBoxes: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes
by Douglas Wellman [Biography Hughes] reviewed in April 2014

howigotthiswayHow I Got This Way
by Regis Philbin [Biography Philbin] reviewed in April 2014

bornstandingupBorn Standing Up
by Steve Martin [Biography Martin] reviewed in April 2014

mylifeMy Life
by Bill Clinton [B C612] reviewed in April 2014

catchingfiredvdThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire
from the book by Suzanne Collins [DVD Catching] reviewed in March 2014

red2dvdRED 2
[DVD REDS] reviewed in January 2014

werethemillersdvdWe’re the Millers
[DVD We’re] reviewed in January 2014

whitehousedowndvdWhite House Down
[DVD White] reviewed in January 2014

nowyouseemedvdNow You See Me
[DVD Now] reviewed in December 2013

worldwarzdvdWorld War Z
based on the book by Max Brooks [DVD World] reviewed in December 2013

abrahamlincolnvampirehunterdvdAbraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter
movie based on the book by Seth Graham-Smith [DVD Abraham] reviewed in October 2013

zerodarkthirtydvdZero Dark Thirty
[DVD Zero] reviewed in May 2013

[DVD Argo] reviewed in May 2013

silverliningsplaybookdvdSilver Linings Playbook
based on the book by Matthew Quick [DVD Silver] reviewed in May 2013

silverliningsplaybookSilver Linings Playbook
by Matthew Quick [Quick] reviewed in May 2013

pitchperfectdvdPitch Perfect
[DVD Pitch] reviewed in January 2013

theravendvdThe Raven
[DVD Raven] reviewed in January 2013

[DVD Haywire] reviewed in December 2012

katyperrythemoviedvdKaty Perry the Movie: Part of Me
by Katy Perry [DVD YA 781.66 Per] reviewed in December 2012

grimmdvd1Grimm: Season One
[DVD Grimm] reviewed in November 2012

charmeddvd1Charmed: Season One
[DVD Charmed] reviewed in October 2012

by Kristen Johnston [Compact Disc Biography Johnston] reviewed in August 2012

[DVD Gone] reviewed in August 2012

oneforthemoneydvdOne for the Money
based on the book by Janet Evanovich [DVD One] reviewed in July 2012

thismeanswardvdThis Means War
[DVD This] reviewed in July 2012

secretsofthetitanicdvdSecrets of the Titanic
by the National Geographic Society [DVD 910.45 Nat] reviewed in June 2012

weboughtazoodvdWe Bought a Zoo
[DVD We] reviewed in June 2012

myfutureboyfrienddvdMy Future Boyfriend
[DVD My] reviewed in May 2012

HGoffillmoviecompaThe Hunger Games: Illustrated Movie Companion
by Kate Egan [YA PB Egan] reviewed in April 2012

whenyouareengulfedinflamesWhen You Are Engulfed in Flames
by David Sedaris [817 Sed] reviewed in April 2012

realsteeldvdReal Steel
[DVD Real] reviewed in April 2012

threemusketeers2011dvdThe Three Musketeers
[DVD Three] reviewed in April 2012

towerheistdvdTower Heist
[DVD Tower] reviewed in April 2012

boozecakesBooze Cakes
by Krystina Castella [641.865 Cas] reviewed in February 2012

americanpickersdvd-1American Pickers – The Complete Season One
[DVD American] reviewed in February 2012

super8dvdSuper 8
[DVD Super] reviewed in February 2012

helpdvd2The Help
[DVD Help] reviewed in January 2012

captainamericadvdCaptain America: The First Avenger
[DVD Captain] reviewed in December 2011

shackletonswayShackelton’s Way
by Margot Morell and Stephanie Capparell [658.401 Mor] reviewed in October 2011

[DVD Bridesmaids] reviewed in October 2011

hocuspocusdvdHocus Pocus
[j DVD Hocus] reviewed in October 2011

warehouse13dvd-1Warehouse 13: Complete Season One
[DVD Warehouse] reviewed in October 2011

[DVD Chuck] reviewed in September 2011

justgowithitdvdJust Go With It
[DVD Just] reviewed in September 2011

truegrit2010dvdTrue Grit
based on the book by Charles Portis [DVD True] reviewed in July 2011

zombiesvsunicornsZombies vs. Unicorns
edited by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier [j 813.08 Bla] reviewed in June 2011

by Jennifer Donnelly [YA Donnelly] reviewed in June 2011

wishfuldrinkingWishful Drinking
by Carrie Fisher [Compact Disc Biography Fisher] reviewed in May 2011

touchmeimsickTouch Me, I’m Sick: The 52 Creepiest Love Songs You’ve Ever Heard
by Tom Reynolds [Music 781.586 Rey] reviewed in April 2011

[DVD Bonekickers] reviewed in April 2011

gleedvd-1Glee: The Complete First Season
[DVD Glee] reviewed in April 2011

hotincleveland-1Hot in Cleveland – Season One
[DVD Hot] reviewed in April 2011

[DVD Burn] reviewed in March 2011

burnnoticedvd-1Burn Notice: Season One
[DVD Burn] reviewed in February 2011

robinhood2010dvdRobin Hood (2010 version)
[DVD Robin] reviewed in January 2011

hungergamesThe Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins
reviewed in September 2010

Posted to the BookGuide site in April 2011 | Last updated in February 2020