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Charlotte M.’s Reviews – 1

RevPro-CK-200Charlotte M.
Reference Department — Bennett Martin Public Library

reviewing for BookGuide since November 2004

Charlotte’s 100 most recent reviews…

175 Best Air Fryer Recipes
by Camilla V. Saulsbury (641.7 Sau)

reviewed in August 2021

by Harlan Coben (Compact Disc Coben)

reviewed in July 2021

All Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue of the Thai Boys Soccer Team
by Christina Soontornvat (j796.525 Soo)

reviewed in July 2021

Ghost Boys
by Jewell Parker Rhodes (j Rhodes)

reviewed in June 2021

Murder at Melrose Court
by Karen Baugh Menuhin (Menuhin)

reviewed in May 2021

Midnight Sacrifice
by Melinda Leigh (Leigh)

reviewed in March 2021

by Michael Fry (j Fry)

reviewed in February 2021

Life on the Refrigerator Door: Notes Between a Mother and a Daughter: A Life in Notes
by Alice Kuipers (Kuipers)

reviewed in January 2021

1066: The Year That Changed Everything
by Jennifer Paxton (CD 942.02 Pax))

reviewed in January 2021

Death Wins a Goldfish: Reflections From a Grim Reaper’s Yearlong Sabbatical
by Brian Rea (741.5 Rea)

reviewed in January 2021

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
by Charlie Mackesy (741.5 Mak)

reviewed in January 2021

The Mitford Snowmen: A Christmas Story
by Jan Karon (Karon)

reviewed in December 2020

Over the River and Through the Wood: A Holiday Adventure
by Linda Ashman (writer) and Kim Smith (illustrator) (jP Ashman)

reviewed in November 2020

Get Smart
(DVD Get)

reviewed in November 2020

The End of October
by Sharon Ward Keeble (Hoopla eBook only)

reviewed in October 2020

My Rescue Dog Rescued Me: Amazing True Stories of Adopted Canine Heroes
by Sharon Ward Keeble (Hoopla eBook only)

reviewed in September 2020

Founding Fathers
(DVD 973.3 Fou) (in 3 vol.)

reviewed in August 2020

Doing Justice: A Prosecutor’s Thoughts on Crime, Punishment and the Rule of Law
by Preet Bharara (Compact Disc 347.73 Bha)

reviewed in August 2020

Do or Die
by Suzanne Brockmann (Compact Disc Brockmann)

Federico and the Wolf
by Rebecca J. Gomez (jP Gomez)

Mrs. Kennedy and Me
by Clint Hill (Compact Disc 973.922 Hil)
reviewed in April 2020

A Thousand Naked Strangers: A Paramedic’s Wild Ride to the Edge and Back
by Kevin Hazzard [Biography Hazzard] reviewed in April 2020

Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators
by Ronan Farrow (Compact Disc 331.4 Far)
reviewed in March 2020

Hail Satan?
(DVD 261.72 Hail)
reviewed in March 2020

Heat of the Sun
by Russell Lewis (DVD Lewis)
reviewed in March 2020

(DVD Trumbo)
reviewed in March 2020

This Just In: What I Couldn’t Tell You on TV
by Bob Schieffer [070.192 Sch] reviewed in February 2020

All Through the Night
by Suzanne Brockmann [Brockmann] reviewed in January 2020

Let it Snow: Minnesota Christmas, Book 1
by Heidi Cullinan [eBook] reviewed in December 2019

Beautiful on the Outisde
by Adam Rippon [Biography Rippon] reviewed in December 2019

The House Husband
by James Patterson and Duane Swierczwynski [Patterson] reviewed in November 2019

The Adjustment Bureau
based on a short story by Philip K. Dick [DVD Adjustment] reviewed in November 2019

Out of Body
by Suzanne Brockmann [Hoopla Downloadable Audio] reviewed in October 2019

Spell Cat
by Tara Lain [Hoople eBook or downloadable audio] reviewed in October 2019

Something Wicked
by Sarah Dale [YA Dale] reviewed in September 2019

Heart-Land: Growing up in the Middle of Everything
by Douglas Keister [Biography Keister] reviewed in September 2019

The Ordinary Spaceman: From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut
by Clayton Anderson [Biography Anderson] reviewed in July 2019

October Sky
[DVD October] reviewed in July 2019

The Greatest Game Ever Played
[DVD j Greatest] reviewed in April 2019

Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes
by Mike Adamick [641.5 Ada] reviewed in January 2019

A Thousand Naked Strangers: A Paramedic’s Wild Ride to the Edge and Back
by Kevin Hazzard [Biography Hazzard] reviewed in January 2019

The Christmas of the Phonograph Records: A Recollection
by Mari Sandoz [B Sa542] reviewed in December 2017

The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland
by Jim Defede [971.8 Def] reviewed in October 2017

Collectibles for the Kitchen, Bath and Beyond: A Pictorial Guide
by Ellen Bercovici (and others) [683.82 qBer] reviewed in October 2017

The Complete Book of Kitchen Collecting
by Barbara E. Mauzy [683.82 qMau] reviewed in October 2017

The Best Man
by Richard Peck [j Peck] reviewed in August 2017

The Father Brown Mysteries: Series One
by Richard Castle [DVD Father] reviewed in August 2017

A Brewing Storm (and others)
by Richard Castle [Castle (ebooks)] reviewed in June 2017

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm
by Liz Fourez [747 Fou] reviewed in June 2017

Midsomer Murders
[DVD Midsomer] reviewed in June 2017

thepromiseThe Promise
by Robert Crais [Crais] reviewed in December 2016

abiglittlelifeA Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog
by Dean Koontz [636.7 Koo] reviewed in December 2016

stonewalldvdStonewall: Where Pride Began
[DVD Stonewall] reviewed in November 2016

childrensstoryThe Children’s Story
by James Clavell [Clavell] reviewed in October 2016

by Harlan Coben [Coben] reviewed in October 2016

highwaymanThe Highwayman
by Craig Johnson [Johnson] reviewed in October 2016

cityontheedgeofforeveraudiobookHarlan Ellison’s The City on the Edge of Forever
by Harlan Ellison (audiobook-on-cd)
reviewed in September 2016

themartianchildThe Martian Child
by David Gerrold [Gerrold] reviewed in September 2016

foolmeonceFool Me Once
by Harlan Coben [Coben] reviewed in May 2016

howifellinlovewithalibrarianHow I Fell in Love With a Librarian and Lived to Tell About It
by Rhett Ellis [Ellis] reviewed in May 2016

elleryqueenmysteriesdvdThe Ellery Queen Mysteries
[DVD Ellery] reviewed in March 2016

threegravesfullThree Graves Full
by Jamie Mason
reviewed in October 2015

miracleataugustaThe Miracle at Augusta
by James Patterson and Peter DeJonge
reviewed in September 2015

edited by David Baldacci [813.08 Fac] reviewed in April 2015

bonecollectorThe Bone Collector
by Jeffery Deaver
reviewed in February 2015

neilarmstrongNeil Armstrong: A Life of Flight
by Jay Barbree [Biography Armstrong] reviewed in January 2015

twelvecluesofchristmasThe Twelve Clues of Christmas
by Rhys Bowen
reviewed in December 2014

christmasathistorichousesChristmas at Historic Homes
by Patricia Hart McMillan and Katherine Kaye McMillan [745.594 McM] reviewed in December 2014

hometoharmonyHome to Harmony
by Philip Gulley
reviewer in November 2014

crossfiretrailCrossfire Trail
by Louis L’Amour
reviewed in November 2014

cabinetofdrcaligaridvdThe Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
[DVD Cabinet] reviewed in October 2014

dinnerwiththesmileysDinner with the Smileys : One Military Family, One Year of Heroes, and Lessons for a Lifetime
by Sarah Smiley [Biography Smiley] reviewed in August 2014

In Want of a Wife
by Jo Goodman [Goodman] reviewed in July 2014

Kill Artist
by Daniel Silva [Silva] reviewed in July 2014

Nerd in Shining Armor
by Vicki Lewis Thompson [Thompson] reviewed in July 2014

heartofthestormHeart of the Storm: My Adventures as a Helicopter Rescue Pilot and Commander
by Col. Edward L. Fleming [629.132 Fle] reviewed in June 2014

stormfrontcastleStorm Front
by Richard Castle [Castle] reviewed in June 2014

boysintheboatThe Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
by Daniel Brown [797.123 Bro] reviewed in June 2014

themartianThe Martian
by Andy Weir [Weir] reviewed in April 2014

by Gordon Korman [j Korman] reviewed in April 2014

somekindoffairytaleSome Kind of Fairy Tale
by Graham Joyce [Joyce] reviewed in April 2014

thatoldflameofmineThat Old Flame of Mine
by J.J. Cook [Cook] reviewed in March 2014

chasingdarknessChasing Darkness
by Robert Crais [Crais] reviewed in March 2014

greatamericanslowcookerbookThe Great American Slow Cooker Book
by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough [641.7 Wei] reviewed in March 2014

No Way to Treat a First Lady
by Christopher Buckley [Buckley] reviewed in February 2014

brokenplacesatkinsThe Broken Places
by Ace Atkins [Atkins] reviewed in January 2014

rosieprojectThe Rosie Project
by Graeme Simsion [Simsion] reviewed in January 2014

spiritofsteamboatThe Spirit of Steamboat
by Craig Johnson [Johnson] reviewed in December 2013

afathersloveA Father’s Love: One Man’s Unrelenting Battle to Bring His Adopted Son Home
by David Goldman [Biography Goldman] reviewed in November 2013

crossfiretraildvdCrossfire Trail
based on the novel by Louis L’Amour [DVD Crossfire] reviewed in November 2013

[DVD Hitchcock] reviewed in November 2013

husbandkoontzThe Husband
by Dean Koontz [Koontz] reviewed in October 2013

headsinbedsHeads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles and So-Called Hospitality
by Jacob Tomsky [Biography Tomsky] reviewed in October 2013

dangetsaminivanDan Gets a Minivan – Life at the Intersection of Dude and Dad
by Dan Zevin [Biography Zevin] reviewed in October 2013

thekeepThe Keep
by F. Paul Wilson [Wilson] reviewed in July 2013

mrpenumbras24hourbookstoreMr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore
by Robin Sloan [Sloan] reviewed in July 2013

wanderercarrThe Wanderer
by Robyn Carr [Carr] reviewed in July 2013

yummypotatoesYummy Potatoes
by Marlena Spieler [641.865 Spi] reviewed in June 2013’s Dining Out at Home Cookbook
by Stephanie Manley [641.5 Man] reviewed in June 2013

directed by M. Night Shyamalan [DVD Signs] reviewed in May 2013

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