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Donna G.’s Reviews – 1

RevPro-DG-bigDonna G.
of the Virtual Services Department

reviewing for BookGuide since October 2006

Donna’s 100 most recent reviews…

timeofdepartureTime of Departure
by Douglas Schofield
reviewed in August 2016

nightnightsleeptightNight Night, Sleep Tight
by Hallie Ephron
reviewed in August 2015

lifeweburyThe Life We Bury
by Allen Eskens
reviewed in August 2015

newprairiekitchenNew Prairie Kitchen
by Summer Miller [641.505 Mil] reviewed in August 2015

manwhoknewtoomuchdvdThe Man Who Knew Too Much
[DVD Man] reviewed in June 2015

darlingdahliasnakedladiescdThe Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies
by Susan Wittig Albert [Compact Disc Albert] reviewed in January 2015

bookstopshereThe Book Stops Here
by Kate Carlisle
reviewed in January 2015

mysistersgraveMy Sister’s Grave
by Robert Dugoni
reviewed in January 2015

chasingshackletonChasing Shackleton: Recreating the World’s Greatest Journey of Survival
by Tom Jarvis [919.89 Jar] reviewed in August 2014

outsmartingofcriminalsThe Outsmarting of Criminals
by Steven Rigolosi [Rigolosi] reviewed in August 2014

vanishingpointvangiesonVanishing Point
by Judith Van Gieson [Van Gieson] reviewed in August 2014

redchameleonRed Chameleon
by Erica Wright [Wright] reviewed in August 2014

The Cairo Affair
by Olen Steinhauer [Compact Disc Steinhauer] reviewed in July 2014

by Annie Leibovitz [779.124 qLei] reviewed in June 2014

lifesentences2Life Sentences
by Alice Blanchard [Blanchard] reviewed in June 2014

sinsofthefleshaudioSins of the Flesh
by Colleen McCullough [Compact Disc McCullough] reviewed in May 2014

by Alan Glynn [downloadable audio Glynn] reviewed in May 2014

murderatavineyardmansionMurder at a Vineyard Mansion
by Philip R. Craig [Compact Disc Craig] reviewed in May 2014

perfectisoverratedPerfect is Overrated
by Karen Bergreen [Bergreen] reviewed in March 2014

candyappleredCandy Apple Red
by Nancy Bush [Bush] reviewed in March 2014

honestlydearestyouredeadHonestly, Dearest, You’re Dead
by Jack Fredrickson [Fredrickson] reviewed in March 2014

doublewhammyDouble Whammy
by Gretchen Archer [Archer] reviewed in February 2014

lethaltreasureLethal Treasure
by Janes Cleland [Cleland] reviewed in February 2014

deathrelicThe Death Relic
by Chris Kusneski [Kusneski] reviewed in February 2014

readandburiedRead and Buried
by Erika Chase [Chase] reviewed in January 2014

deathridesthezephyrDeath Rides the Zephyr
by Janet Dawson [Dawson] reviewed in January 2014

murdergetsalifecdMurder Gets a Life
by Anne George [Compact Disc George] reviewed in January 2014

outofcirculationOut of Circulation
by Miranda James [James] reviewed in January 2014

brushwithdeathBrush With Death
by Karen MacInerny [MacInerny] reviewed in December 2013

writteninboneWritten in Bone
by Simon Beckett [Beckett] reviewed in November 2013

curiositykilledthecatsitterCuriosity Killed the Cat Sitter
by Blaize Clement [Clement] reviewed in November 2013

by Ingrid Thoft [Thoft] reviewed in November 2013

firstevidencecdFirst Evidence
by Ken Goddard [downloadable audiobook] reviewed in October 2013

speakofthedevilSpeak of the Devil
by Allison Leotta [Leotta] reviewed in October 2013

antiquesdisposalAntiques Disposal
by Barbara Allan [Allan] reviewed in September 2013

alohaladyblueAloha, Lady Blue
by Charley Memminger [Downloadable Audio] reviewed in September 2013

murdersherodeMurder, She Rode
by Holly Menino [Menino] reviewed in September 2013

hellorhighwaterHell or High Water
by Joy Castro [Castro] reviewed in August 2013

coldroomThe Cold Room
by J.T. Ellison [Ellison] reviewed in August 2013

royalwulffmurdersThe Royal Wulff Murders
by Keith McCafferty [McCafferty] reviewed in August 2013

foalplayFoal Play
by Katherine O’Sullivan [O’Sullivan] reviewed in August 2013

everylastsecretEvery Last Secret
by Linda Rodriguez [Rodriguez] reviewed in August 2013

pillowstalkPillow Stalk
by Diane Vallere [Vallere] reviewed in July 2013

snowwhitechristmascookieSnow White Christmas Cookie
by David Handler [Handler] reviewed in July 2013

followherhomeFollow Her Home
by Steph Cha [Cha] reviewed in July 2013

shadowsonthecoastofmaineShadows on the Coast of Maine
by Lea Wait [Wait] reviewed in June 2013

liverletdieLiver Let Die
by Liz Lipperman [Lipperman] reviewed in June 2013

happyneverafterHappy Never After
by Kathy Hogan Trocheck [Trocheck] reviewed in May 2013

recipeformurderRecipe for Murder: Frightfully Good Food Inspired by Fiction
by Esterelle Payany [641.5 Pay] reviewed in May 2013

questionofidentityA Question of Identity
by Anthea Fraser [Fraser] reviewed in May 2013

thetakenaudioThe Taken
by Inger Asher Wolfe [Downloadable Audio] reviewed in April 2013

fieldofdarknessA Field of Darkness
by Cornelia Read [Read] reviewed in April 2013

strangerintheroomcdStranger in the Room
by Amanda Kyle Williams [Compact Disc Williams] reviewed in April 2013

wurstisyetaudioThe Wurst is Yet to Come
by Mary Daheim [Downloadable Audio] reviewed in April 2013

badalwaysdietwiceThe Bad Always Die Twice
by Cheryl Crane [Crane] reviewed in March 2013

lostcityofzThe Lost City of Z
by David Grann [918.1 Gra] reviewed in March 2013

fourfishcdFour Fish
by Paul Greenburg [Compact Disc 333.956 Gre] reviewed in March 2013

deathontourDeath on Tour
by Janice Hamrick [Hamrick] reviewed in March 2013

firstruleoftenThe First Rule of Ten
by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay [Hendricks] reviewed in March 2013

otherwomanThe Other Woman
by Hank Phillippi Ryan [Ryan] reviewed in March 2013

deathontourDeath on Tour
by Janice Hamrick
reviewed in September 2012

buriedinabookBuried in a Book
by Lucy Arlington
reviewed in June 2012

nextonetofallThe Next One to Fall
by Hilary Davidson
reviewed in June 2012

allaccessAll Access: The Rock and Roll Photography of Ken Regan
by Ken Regan [Music 789.166 Reg] reviewed in May 2012

by Linda Greenlaw [Greenlaw] reviewed in May 2012

murderseasonMurder Season
by Robert Ellis [Ellis] reviewed in April 2012

snowangelsSnow Angels
by Jim Thompson [Thompson] reviewed in March 2012

lakeedencookbookLake Eden Cookbook
by Joanne Fluke [641.5 Flu] reviewed in January 2012

murderincmajorMurder in C Major
by Sara Hoskinson Frommer [Frommer] reviewed in January 2012

thinkofanumberThink of a Number
by John Verdon [Verdon] reviewed in January 2012

keeperoflostcausesThe Keeper of Lost Causes
by Jussi Adler-Olsen [Adler-Olsen] reviewed in November 2011

prostitutesballcdThe Prostitute’s Ball
by Stephen J. Cannell [Compact Disc Cannell] reviewed in November 2011

onemansparadiseOne Man’s Paradise
by Douglas Corleone [Corleone] reviewed in November 2011

deadinthewatercdDead in the Water
by Dana Stabenow [Compact Disc Stabenow] reviewed in November 2011

enchantedcornwallEnchanted Cornwall: Her Pictorial Memoir
by Daphne DuMaurier [914.23 DuM] reviewed in September 2011

setsailformurdercdSet Sail For Murder
by Carolyn G. Hart [Compact Disc Hart] reviewed in September 2011

wanderingsoulmurdersThe Wandering Soul Murders
by Gail Bowen
reviewed in August 2011

agentxAgent X
by Noah Boyd
reviewed in August 2011

statefaircdState Fair
by Earlene Fowler [Compact Disc Fowler] reviewed in August 2011

bodyinblackwaterbayThe Body in Blackwater Bay
by Paula Gosling
reviewed in July 2011

janusstoneThe Janus Stone
by Elly Griffiths
reviewed in July 2011

elephantsgraveyardThe Elephants’ Graveyard
by Karin McQuillan
reviewed in July 2011

southphoenixrulesSouth Phoenix Rules
by Jon Talton
reviewed in July 2011

nightseasoncdThe Night Season
by Chelsea Cain [Compact Disc Cain] reviewed in June 2011

guiltbyassociationGuilt by Association
by Marcia Clark
reviewed in June 2011

swiftjusticeSwift Justice
by Laura DiSilverio
reviewed in June 2011

saynotomurderSay No to Murder
by Nancy Pickard
reviewed in May 2011

wifeofthegodsWife of the Gods
by Kwei Quartey
reviewed in May 2011

dinosaurhunterThe Dinosaur Hunter
by Homer Hickam
reviewed in April 2011

deathinzanzibarDeath in Zanzibar
by M.M. Kaye
reviewed in April 2011

atwillacatherstablesAt Willa Cather’s Tables: The Cather Foundation Cookbook
by Ann Romines [813 CatYr] reviewed in April 2011

forwhomthebelltollsdvdFor Whom the Bell Tolls
based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway [DVD For] reviewed in April 2011

fierceradianceA Fierce Radiance
by Lauren Belfer
reviewed in March 2011

trailofbloodTrail of Blood
by Lisa Black
reviewed in March 2011

presidentsphotographerThe President’s Photographer
by John Bredar [779.935 qBre] reviewed in March 2011

poacherssoncdThe Poacher’s Son
by Paul Doiron [Compact Disc Doiron] reviewed in March 2011

bigshortcdThe Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine
by Michael Lewis [Compact Disc 330.973 Lew] reviewed in March 2011

operationmincemeatcdOperation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory
by Ben Macintyre [Compact Disc 940.548 Mac] reviewed in March 2011

bonesofcontentionBones of Contention
by Jeanne Mathews
reviewed in March 2011

nebraskaoffthebeatenpath7Nebraska: Off the Beaten Path [7th Ed.]
by Diana Lambdin Meyer [917.82 Lam] reviewed in March 2011

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