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Jeremiah J.’s Reviews

RevPro-JJ-largeJeremiah J.
of the Bennett Martin Public Library

reviewing for BookGuide since April 2012

Jeremiah’s most recent reviews…

NOVA: Particle Fever
by Thomas Campbell-Jackson and Gerry Ohrstrom [DVD 539.721 Par] reviewed in October 2019

golffordummiesdvdGolf for Dummies
by Gary McCord [DVD 796.352 McC] reviewed in August 2014

[DVD j Frozen] reviewed in April 2014

Ken Burns’ Jazz
by Ken Burns [DVD 781.65 Jaz] reviewed in February 2014

redcellRed Cell
by John Kalkowski [j Kalkowski] reviewed in January 2014

liveinswingcitycdLive in Swing City: Swingin’ With the Duke
by Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis [Compact Disc 781.65 Lin] reviewed in November 2013

intothewildInto the Wild
by Jon Krakauer [917.98 Kra] reviewed in October 2013

parentalguidancedvdParental Guidance
[DVD Parental] reviewed in October 2013

warmbodiesdvdWarm Bodies
[DVD Warm] reviewed in October 2013

georgiaokeeffephotoThe Georgia O’Keeffe Collection
from the CAMIO online database [Database CAMIO] reviewed in September 2013

by Taylor Swift [Compact Disc 781.642 Swi] reviewed in September 2013

aleagueoftheirowndvdA League of Their Own
[DVD League] reviewed in September 2013

runlolarundvdRun Lola Run
[DVD Run] reviewed in September 2013

smithsonianjulaug2013The Woman Who (Maybe) Struck Out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig
by Tony Horwitz in the July/August 2013 issue of Smithsonian [Periodical Smithsonian] reviewed in August 2013

beethovenshairBeethoven’s Hair
by Russell Martin [Music 780.92 Bee] reviewed in August 2013

2ndlawcdThe 52nd Law
by Muse [Compact Disc 781.66 Mus] reviewed in August 2013

by Robert Schumann [downloadable resource] reviewed in August 2013

lesmis2012dvdLes Miserables (2012)
a musical based on the novel by Victor Hugo [DVD Les] reviewed in July 2013

chittybangdvdChitty Chitty Bang Bang
based on the novel by Ian Fleming [DVD j Fleming] reviewed in July 2013

adventuresofmiloandotisdvdThe Adventures of Milo and Otis
[DVD j Adventures] reviewed in July 2013

jaggedlittlepillcdJagged Little Pill
by Alanis Morisette [Compact Disc 781.66 Mor] reviewed in July 2013

quotablemusicianThe Quotable Musician: From Bach to Tupac
by Sheila E. Anderson [Music 780.008 And] reviewed in July 2013

soundofmusicdvdThe Sound of Music
by Rodgers and Hammerstein [DVD Sound] reviewed in June 2013

directed by Steven Spielberg [DVD Lincoln] reviewed in June 2013

simonandgarfunkelsgreatesthitscdSimon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits
by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel [Compact Disc 781.66 Sim] reviewed in June 2013

by Madonna [Compact Disc 781.66 Mad] reviewed in June 2013

by Hugh Howey [Howey] reviewed in June 2013

[DVD Skyfall] reviewed in May 2013

calculatedindeathcdCalculated in Death
by J.D. Robb [Compact Disc Robb] reviewed in May 2013

redeemingloveRedeeming Love
by Francine Rivers [Rivers] reviewed in May 2013

gonegirlGone Girl
by Gillian Flynn [Flynn] reviewed in May 2013

lifeofpidvdLife of Pi
based on the book by Yan Martel [DVD Life] reviewed in April 2013

lawnboyLawn Boy
by Gary Paulsen [j Paulsen] reviewed in April 2013

lostsymbolThe Lost Symbol
by Dan Brown [Brown] reviewed in April 2013

100diagrams100 Diagrams That Changed the World: From the Earliest Cave Paintings to the Innovation of the iPod
by Scott Christianson [909 Chr] reviewed in March 2013

by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston [Crichton] reviewed in March 2013

outofmymindOut of My Mind
by Sharon Draper [j Draper] reviewed in March 2013

moonlitmindcdThe Moonlit Mind
by Dean Koontz [Compact Disc Koontz] reviewed in March 2013

openheartOpen Heart
by Elie Wiesel [Biography Wiesel] reviewed in March 2013

atlastcdAt Last
by Etta James [Compact Disc 781.65 Jam] reviewed in February 2013

based on the book by Chris VanAllsburgh [DVD j Jumanji] reviewed in February 2013

mile81cdMile 81
by Stephen King [Compact Disc King] reviewed in January 2013

thingsfallapartThings Fall Apart
by Chinua Achebe [Achebe] reviewed in December 2012

kindofbluecdKind of Blue
by Miles Davis [Music Compact Disc 781.65 Dav] reviewed in December 2012

doublehelixThe Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA
by James D. Watson [575.1 Wat] reviewed in December 2012

by Chris VanAllsburg [jP VanAllsburg and DVD j Zathura] reviewed in December 2012

by Oliver Sacks [781.11 Sac] reviewed in November 2012

by Stephen King [Compact Disc King] reviewed in October 2012

girlinhyacinthblueThe Girl in Hyacinth Blue
by Susan Vreeland [Vreeland] reviewed in October 2012

northbynorthwestdvdNorth by Northwest
[DVD North] reviewed in October 2012

piratesofpenzancedvdThe Pirates of Penzance
by Gilbert and Sullivan [DVD 782.14 Pir] reviewed in August 2012

theartistdvdThe Artist
[DVD Artist] reviewed in August 2012

bestinvestmentadviceThe Best Investment Advice I Ever Received
by Liz Claman [332.6 Cla] reviewed in August 2012

jeremiahjohnsondvdJeremiah Johnson
[DVD Jeremiah] reviewed in July 2012

liesthatchelseacdLies That Chelsa Handler Told Me
by Chelsea Handler [Compact Disc 817 Han] reviewed in June 2012

steallikeanartistSteal Like an Artist
by Austin Kleon [153.35 Kle] reviewed in June 2012

bornthiswaycdBorn This Way
by Lady Gaga [Music Compact Disc 781.66 Lad] reviewed in June 2012

shtmydadsaysSh*t My Dad Says
by Justin Halpern [817 Hal] reviewed in May 2012

myhorizontallifeMy Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands
by Chelsea Handler [306.7 Han] reviewed in May 2012

shepherdofthehillsShepherd of the Hills
by Harold Bell Wright [Wright] reviewed in May 2012

moneybookforyoungThe Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke
by Suze Orman [332.024 Orm] reviewed in April 2012

conanstopConan O’Brien Can’t Stop
by Conan O’Brien [DVD 817 Obr] reviewed in April 2012

claviercompanionnovdec2010Clavier Companion
article by Jeremiah Johnson: “Musical e-Motivation: Using Computer Technology to Motivate Students” [Periodical Clavier Companion – Nov/Dec 2010 issue] reviewed in April 2012

Posted to the BookGuide site in October 2012 | Last updated in October 2019