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Jodene G.’s Reviews

RevPro-JG-bigJodene G.
of the Walt Branch Library

reviewing for BookGuide since November 2006

Jodene’s most recent reviews…

astudyinsherlockA Study in Sherlock
edited by Laurie King [823.08 Kin] reviewed in January 2013

giantgeorgeGiant George: Life With the World’s Biggest Dog
by Dave Nasser [636.73 Nas] reviewed in September 2012

thedebtdvdThe Debt
[DVD Debt] reviewed in March 2012

houseofsilkThe House of Silk
by Anthony Horowitz [Horowitz] reviewed in January 2012

wickedappetiteWicked Appetite
by Janet Evanovich
reviewed in October 2010

northangerabbeydvdNorthanger Abbey
by Jane Austen [DVD Northanger] reviewed in October 2010

astateofminddvdA State of Mind
by Daniel Gordon [796.44 Gor] reviewed in June 2010

crimesbymoonlightCrimes by Moonlight
by Mystery Writers of America [813.08 Mys] reviewed in May 2010

shakespearescounselorShakespeare’s Counselor

by Charlaine Harris
reviewed in February 2010

shakespeareslandlordShakespeare’s Landlord
by Charlaine Harris
reviewed in October 2009

swimmingwithoutanetSwimming Without a Net
by MaryJanice Davidson
reviewed in April 2009

desksetThe Desk Set
[DVD Desk] reviewed in January 2009

[DVD Delicatessen] reviewed in September 2008

fromdeadtoworseFrom Dead to Worse
by Charlaine Harris
reviewed in July 2008

by Susan Wittig Albert
reviewed in May 2008

manybloodyreturnsMany Bloody Returns
edited by Charlaine Harris [813.08 Har] reviewed in May 2008

mummydearestMummy Dearest
by Joan Hess
reviewed in May 2008

icecoldgraveAn Ice Cold Grave
by Charlaine Harris
reviewed in November 2007

by Patricia McCormick
reviewed in July 2007

howcleanisyourhouseHow Clean is Your House
by Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie [648.5 Woo] reviewed in February 2007

garlicandsapphiresGarlic & Sapphires
by Ruth Reichl [641.5 Rei] reviewed in January 2007

shadowinthenorthShadow of the North
by Philip Pullman
reviewed in December 2006

deepbluedvdDeep Blue
[DVD 591.92 Dee] reviewed in November 2006

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