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Staff Recommendations – April 2004

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These recommendations were posted April 2004

sweetpotatoqueensloveThe Sweet Potato Queen’s Book of Love
by Jill Conner Browne [306.7 Bro]

Advice on love and life and how to enjoy both, from the famous Sweet Potato Queens.

( official Web site for both Jill Conner Browne and The Sweet Potato Queens )

Recommended by Kaye A.
Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries

nebraskamomentsNebraska Moments: Glimpses of Nebraska’s Past
by Donald R. Hickey [978.2 Hic]

I’m currently reading this and enjoying it very much. The writing flows well and the chapters are very digestible, containing facts both familiar (to Nebraskans or students of frontier history) and surprising. Good illustrations, too. Makes me even prouder to be a native Nebraskan.

Recommended by Becky W.C.
Walt Branch Library

seabiscuitbookSeabiscuit: An American Legend
by Laura Hillenbrand [798.2 Hil]

Even though I’m not a horse lover, this was a fascinating tale of American history from 1938. This horse received more press than President Roosevelt!

( official Seabiscuit page (currently inactive) on the official Laura Hillenbrand web site )

Recommended by Sheila W.
Bennett Martin Public Library



Rated by — Anonymous
Visitor to the BookGuide site

greenbottleThe Green Bottle
by Stuart Kaminsky

This book and Devil on My Doorstep capture the tone of the classic Rockford Files tv series perfectly, with engaging mystery plots, snappy dialogue and fun, quirky characters. It’s just too bad these are the only two Rockford books Kaminsky authored. [Interested in more info about the television series The Rockford Files itself? Then check out This Is Jim Rockford… in our non-fiction collection.]

( Stuart Kaminsky entry on Wikipedia )


Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

galleryregrettablefoodThe Gallery of Regrettable Food
by James Lileks [641.5 Lil]

Like a traffic accident you can’t look away from, the hypnotic images here will haunt you. The scathing bits of commentary are hilarious. This unique, horrifyingly illustrated book by humorous columnist James Lileks is for readers with strong stomachs and twisted senses of humor. The official Web site below includes even more images which Lileks couldn’t fit in the book!

( official Gallery of Regrettable Foods Web site ) | ( official James Lileks Web site )



Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

lordoftherings2The Lord of the Rings trilogy
by J.R.R. Tolkien

Racism, greed and lust for power are themes throughout this timeless tale of the triumph of good over evil. Worth reading over and over!

[The library owns the three titles in the Lord of the Rings trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King plus the lead-in story The Hobbit) in a variety of different printings, editions and formats. Search the entire listings for J.R.R. Tolkien to see the other versions and formats, plus all the ancillary titles associated with this fantasy saga.]

( official J.R.R. Tolkien bookshop Web site ) | ( Encyclopedia of Arda: A Reference Guide to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien )



Recommended by Kim J.
Bennett Martin Public Library

storyoflucygaultThe Story of Lucy Gault
by William Trevor

The story of a missing child in Ireland during the 1920s and the effect that her absence has on her family.

( official Story of Lucy Gault Web site )

Recommended by Rayma S.
Bennett Martin Public Library

wardentrollopeThe Warden
by Anthony Trollope

This is the first book in Trollope’s “Barsetshire” series. A good introduction to Trollope’s work!

Recommended by Peter J.
Virtual Services Department

justinwilsongourmetThe Justin Wilson Gourmet and Gourmand Cookbook
by Justin Wilson (641.5 Wil)

How y’all are? Long before chef Emeril Lagasse popularized Louisiana cuisine, Justin Wilson [1914-2001] was the King of Cajun cooking and humor, complete with his own PBS cooking show in the 1980s. Need to know how to make an authentic roux? Look no further. Like spicy, flavorful food? You’ll love these recipes…I garontee you dat! [The libraries also used to own Justin Wilson’s Easy Cookin’: 150 Rib-Tickling Recipes for Good Eating.]

( official Justin Wilson Web site )


Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

Screening Room
(DVD 523 Sag) by Carl Sagan

A fascinating 13-episode/7-disc science series based on Carl Sagan’s groundbreaking book. Recently digitally-remastered for its DVD release, Cosmos is still one of the most outstanding and engaging science and space exploration documentary series ever produced. Come learn about the billions and billions of stars in the known galaxy!

(Also available: the original book the series was based on.)

( official Carl Sagan Web site, encompassing both the TV series and the book )


Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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