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Staff Recommendations – DVDs and Other Video Formats + Other non-book formats


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( DVDs ) — See the YOUTH & TEEN page for DVD reviews of DVDs for those audiences

( Fan=Fantasy; Hor=Horror; M=Mystery; R=Romance; SF=Science Fiction; W=Western )

InterLibrary Loan — Hal Holbrook — Hal Holbrook: Mark Twain Tonight
DVD Abraham — Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (Hor)
DVD Adjustment — The Adjustment Bureau (SF)
DVD Adventures — based on the works of Herge — The Adventures of TinTin
DVD Agents — Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (SF)
DVD Alias — Alias: The Complete First Season
DVD Alice — Alice in Wonderland (2010) (Fan)
DVD Alien — Alien (SF/H)
DVD All — All is True
DVD All — All My Life
DVD All — All the President’s Men
DVD Alphas — Alphas: Complete Season One (SF)
DVD Amazing — Amazing Grace
DVD American — American Horror Story: The First Complete Season
DVD American — An American in Paris
DVD American — American Pickers – The Complete Season One
DVD And — Christie, Agatha — And Then There Were None (M)
DVD Angel— Angel (Fan/Hor)
DVD Argo — based on the book by Mendez, Antonio J. — Argo
DVD Around — based on the book by Verne, Jules — Around the World in 80 Days (2021)
DVD Arrival — Arrival (SF)
DVD Arrow — Arrow: The Complete First Season
DVD Artist — The Artist
DVD August — August Rush
DVD August — based on the play by Letts, Tracy — August: Osage County
DVD Australia — Australia
DVD Avengers — The Avengers: The Complete Emma Peel Megaset
DVD Avengers — Marvel’s The Avengers: Endgame (SF)
DVD Avengers — Marvel’s The Avengers: Infinity War (SF)
DVD Babylon — Babylon 5: The Complete First Season (SF)
DVD Back — Back to the Future: The Complete Trilogy (SF)
DVD Backbeat — Backbeat
DVD Bank — The Bank Job
DVD Barbarian — The Barbarian Invasions
DVD Barry — Barry: The Complete First Season
DVD Batman — Batman: The TV Series
DVD Batman — Batman (1989)
DVD Be — Be Kind, Rewind
DVD Beaton — Beaton, M.C. — The Hamish Macbeth series (M)
DVD Beautiful — A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
DVD Becky — Becky (Hor)
DVD Beetlejuice — Beetlejuice (Hor)
DVD Being — Being Human (both US and UK versions) (Hor)
DVD Ber — Berkeley Square
DVD Best — Best Sellers
DVD Beyond — Beyond the Heavens
DVD Bible — The Bible: The Epic Mini-Series
DVD Big — The Big Bang Theory: Season One
DVD Big — The Big Year
DVD Black — Black Widow (SF)
DVD Blackadder — Black Adder: The Complete Collector’s Set
DVD Blacklist — The Blacklist
DVD Blazing — Blazing Saddles (W)
DVD Bletchley — The Bletchley Circle: Series One | The Bletchley Circle: Series One | The Bletchley Circle: Series Two
DVD Blindspot — The Blindspot: Season One
DVD Blithe — based on a novel by Noel Coward — Blithe Spirit
DVD Blue — Blue Butterfly
DVD Blue — Blue Murder: Set One (M)
DVD Bonekickers — Bonekickers
DVD Bones — Bones (M)
DVD Bookshop — based on a novel by Penelope Fitzegerald — The Bookshop
DVD Bottle — Bottle Shock
DVD Boys — Boys on the Side
DVD Breakfast — The Breakfast Club
DVD Breaking — Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season
DVD Breakthrough — The Breakthrough
DVD Bride — Bride Wars
DVD Bridesmaids — Bridesmaids
DVD Bridge — Bridge of Spies
DVD Bright — Bright Star
DVD Broken — The Broken Hearts Gallery (R)
DVD Buffy — Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Fan/Hor)
DVD Burlesque — Burlesque
DVD Burn — Burn Notice – Season 1
DVD Cabinet — The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Hor)
DVD Calendar — Calendar Girls
DVD Call — A Call to Spy
DVD Candyman — Candyman (Hor)
DVD Can’t — Can’t Buy Me Love
DVD Captain — Captain America: The First Avenger (SF)
DVD Captive — Captive State (SF)
DVD Castle — Castle: The Complete First Season (M)
DVD Catching — Catching Fire (SF)
DVD Chappie — Chappie (SF)
DVD Charlie — Charlie Wilson’s War
DVD Charmed — Charmed: Season One (Fan/Hor)
DVD Cheap — The Cheap Detective (M)
DVD Chef — Chef
DVD Christmas — Dickens, Charles — A Christmas Carol (1999)
DVD Chuck — Chuck (SF)
DVD Columbo — Columbo: The Complete First Season (M)
DVD Colossal — Colossal (SF)
DVD Commish — The Commish: Complete First Season (M)
DVD Community — Community: The Complete First Season
DVD Complete — The Reduced Shakespeare Co. — The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)
DVD Crash — Crash
DVD Criminal — Criminal Minds
DVD Crooked — Crooked House (M)
DVD Crossfire — based on the novel by Louis L’Amour — Crossfire Trail (W)
DVD Crow — The Crow (SF)
DVD Crown — The Crown: The Complete First Season
DVD YA Cruella — Cruella
DVD Current — The Current War
DVD Da Vinci — Da Vinci’s Inquest
DVD Dan — Dan in Real Life
DVD Darling — Darling Companion
DVD Day — Forsyth, Frederick — Day of the Jackal
DVD j DC — DC League of Super-Pets (j)
DVD Dead — Dead Again (M)
DVD Dead — The Dead Zone: Complete First Season (SF/Fan/Hor)
DVD Death — Christie, Agatha — Death on the Nile (M)
DVD Debt — The Debt
DVD Deep — Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (SF)
DVD Delicatessen — Delicatessen
DVD Delivery — Delivery Man
DVD Denial — Denial
DVD Desk — The Desk Set
DVD Dick — The Dick Cavett Show: Hollywood Greats
DVD Dickens — Dickens, Charles — Bleak House | David Copperfield | Nicholas Nickleby | The Old Curiousity Shop
DVD Dickensian — Dickensian
DVD Dirty — Dirty Jobs: Collection 1
DVD Disaster — The Disaster Artist
DVD Doctor — Doctor Who the Complete First Series (SF) | Doctor Who the Complete Fourth Series (SF) | Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited (SF)
DVD Dollhouse — Dollhouse (SF)
DVD Don’t — Don’t Think Twice
DVD Downsizing — Downsizing
DVD Doyle — Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan — The Hound of the Baskervilles (M)
DVD Dr. — Fleming, Ian — Dr. No
DVD Dracula — based on the book by Stoker, Bram — Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Hor)
DVD Dracula (2007) — based on the book by Stoker, Bram — Dracula (Hor)
DVD Draft — Draft Day
DVD Dredd — Dredd (SF)
DVD Dresden — The Dresden Files: The Complete Series (Fan)
DVD Due — Due South (M)
DVD Duke — The Duke
DVD/Video Dumaurier — Dumaurier, Daphne — Rebecca (M)
DVD Dumb — Dumb and Dumber To
DVD Dune — Herbert, Frank — Dune (2000 TV mini-series) (SF) | Dune (2021) (SF)
DVD Dunkirk — Dunkirk
DVD Duplicity — Duplicity
DVD Eight — The Eight Gifts of Hanukkah (R)
DVD Ellery — The Ellery Queen Mysteries (M)
DVD j Encanto — Encanto (F)
DVD Endeavour — Endeavour: Series One (M)
DVD Escape — Escape From New York (SF)
DVE Ever — Ever After: A Cinderella Story (Fan/R)
DVD Expendables — The Expendables 3
DVD Extraordinary — Extraordinary Measures
DVD Farscape — Farscape (SF)
DVD Fast — Fast Color
DVD Father — Chesterton, G.K. — The Father Brown Mysteries: Series One (M)
DVD Fellowship — Tolkien, J.R.R. — The Fellowship of the Rings (Fan)
DVD Finding — Finding You
Hoopla Video — Bakshi, Ralph — Fire and Ice (Fan)
DVD Firefly — Firefly: The Complete Series (SF) (1 comment/rating)
DVD Fireproof — Fireproof
DVD First — First Man
DVD (500) — (500) Days of Summer (R)
DVD Flash — The Flash: The Complete Series (1990) (SF)
DVD Flash — The Flash: Season One (2014) (SF)
DVD Flash — Flash Gordon (SF)
DVD Flight — Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Season One
DVD For — For Whom the Bell Tolls
DVD Ford — Ford v Ferrari
DVD Forester — Forester, C.S. — The Horatio Hornblower Saga
DVD Foul — Foul Play (M)
DVD Francis — Francis, Dick — The Dick Francis Mysteries (M)
DVD Frankenstein — Frankenstein (1931) (SF/Hor)
DVD Fringe — Fringe: The Complete First Season (SF/Hor) | Fringe: The Complete Series (SF/Hor)
DVD From — From Friend to Fiancee (R)
DVD From — Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris With Love (see also Signed, Sealed, Delivered below, for more in this series)
DVD From — Fleming, Ian — From Russia With Love
DVD From — Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From the Heart (see also Signed, Sealed, Delivered below, for more in this series)
DVD Fury — Fury
DVD Galaxy — Galaxy Quest (SF)
DVD Gaskell — Gaskell, Elizabeth — North & South | Wives and Daughters
DVD Get — Get On Up
DVD Get — Get Smart
Hoopla Video — Ghidorah: The Three-Headed Monster (SF)
DVD Ghost — Ghost Town (1 comment/rating)
DVD Ghostbusters — Ghostbusters: Afterlife (SF/H)
DVD Ghostbusters — Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (2016) (SF/H)
DVD Ghosts — Ghosts: Season 1 (UK) (Fan)
DVD Gifted — Gifted
DVD Gin — The Gin Game
DVD Glee — Glee: The Complete First Season
DVD Godzilla — Godzilla (2014)
DVD Gone — Gone
DVD Good — The Good Liar
DVD Goodbye — Goodbye Christopher Robin
DVD Greatest — The Greatest American Hero: Season One (SF)
DVD Greatest — The Greatest Show on Earth
DVD Greatest — The Greatest Showman
DVD Grimm — Grimm: Season One (H/Fan)
DVD Guardians — Guardians of the Galaxy (SF)
DVD Gun — Altman, Robert (and others) — Gun
DVD Hail — Hail, Caesar!
DVD Hamlet — Shakespeare, William — Hamlet
DVD Hannibal — Hannibal – Seasons 1 and 2 (Hor)
DVD Happy — Happy Death Day (Hor)
DVD Happy — The Happy Prince
DVD Hard — A Hard Day’s Night
DVD Hardcore — Hardcore Henry (SF) | Hardcore Henry (SF)
DVD Harvey — Harvey
DVD Hawkesworth — Hawkesworth, John — Danger UXB! | Danger UXB!
DVD Haywire — Haywire
DVD Hello — Hello, My Name is Doris
DVD Help — The Beatles — Help!
DVD Help — Stockett, Kathryn — The Help
DVD Her — Her
DVD Here — Here Comes the Boom
DVD Here — Here Today
DVD Hidden — based on the non-fiction book by Margot Lee Shetterly — Hidden Figures
DVD Hitchcock — Hitchcock
DVD Hitman — The Hitman’s Bodyguard
DVD Hobbit — based on the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien — The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Fan)
DVD Hogfather — Pratchett, Terry — Hogfather (Fan)
DVD Horowitz — Horowitz, Anthony — Foyle’s War (M)
DVD Hot — Hot in Cleveland – Season One
DVD How — How to Be a Latin Lover
DVD Hunt — Clancy, Tom — The Hunt for Red October
DVD Hurricane — The Hurricane Heist
DVD I — I am Legend (SF/Hor)
DVD In — Miranda, Lin Manuel — In the Heights
DVD Indiana — Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1 comment/rating)
DVD Inn — The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
DVD Inspector — The Inspector Lewis series (M)
DVD Instant — Instant Family
DVD Instructions — Instructions Not Included
DVD Into — Into the Storm
DVD Isn’t — Isn’t It Romantic (R)
DVD It — King, Stephen — It (1990 TV mini-series) (Hor)
DVD It — King, Stephen — It (Chapter One) (2017) (Hor)
DVD iZombie — iZombie: Season 1 (Hor/M)
DVD Jakes — Jake’s Women
DVD Jaws — Benchley, Peter — Jaws (Hor)
DVD Jeremiah — Jeremiah Johnson (W)
DVD John — McCullough, David — John Adams
DVD John — John Wick | John Wick, Chapter 2
DVD Johnny — Trumbo, Dalton — Johnny Got His Gun
DVD Jojo — based on a novel by Leunens, Christine — Jojo Rabbit
DVD Jonathan — Clarke, Susanna — Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (Fan)
DVD Joyeux — Joyeux Noel
DVD j Jumanji — VanAllsburgh, Chris — Jumanji (Fan) (j)
DVD Just — Just Go With It
DVD Kid — The Kid Detective (M)
DVD King — King Kong (1933) (Hor/SF/Fan) | King Kong (1933) (Hor/SF/Fan)
DVD King’s — The King’s Man
DVD Kino’s — Nakamura, Ryutaro — Kino’s Journey (SF/Fan)
DVD Knives — Knives Out (M)
DVD Kolchak — Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Hor)
DVD Kong — Kong: Skull Island (Hor/SF/Fan)
DVD Land — Land Girls | Land Girls: Series One
DVD Land — Land of the Lost (SF/Fan)
DVD Last — Last Christmas (R)
DVD Last — The Last Five Years
DVD Last — The Last Movie Star
DVD Last — Last Night in Soho
DVD Last — The Last Shift
DVD Leap — Leap Year (R)
DVD League — A League of Their Own
DVD Les — based on the work by Victor Hugo — Les Miserables (2012) (1 comment/rating) | Les Miserables (2018)
DVD Let — based on a novel by  John Ajvide Lindqvist — Let the Right One In (Hor)
DVD Leverage — Leverage – Season 1
DVD Lewis — Lewis, Russell — Heat of the Sun (M) | Heat of the Sun (M)
DVD Liberal — Liberal Arts
DVD Librarians — The Librarians (SF/Fan/Hor)
DVD Life — Life (SF/Hor)
DVD Life — based on the book by Martel, Yan — Life of Pi
DVD Life — Life on Mars: The Complete Series (US) (SF/M)
DVD Light — The Light Between Oceans
DVD Lincoln — Lincoln
DVD Lincoln — based on the book by Connelly, Michael — The Lincoln Lawyer (M)
DVD Little — Little Shop of Horrors (Hor)
DVD Lives — The Lives of Others
DVD Long — Long Song
DVD Long — Long Weekend
DVD Looper — Looper (SF)
DVD Lost — The Lost Boys (Hor)
DVD Lost — Abel & Gordon — Lost in Paris
DVD Lost — Pratt, James — The Lost Valentine
DVD Love — Love and Friendship
DVD Love — Love & Mercy
DVD Love — Love Finds You in Valentine (R)
DVD Love — Love in the Afternoon
DVD Lovejoy — Gash, Jonathan — The Lovejoy Mysteries, Vol. 1
DVD Loving — Loving Vincent
DVD Lucy — Lucy (SF)
DVD Machete — Machete
DVD Mad — It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
DVD Magnificent — The Magnificient Seven (W) (TV series)
DVD Mamma — Mamma Mia! | Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!
DVD Man — The Man Who Invented Christmas
DVD Man — Kanigel, Robert — The Man Who Knew Infinity
DVD Man — The Man Who Knew Too Much (M)
DVD Manning — Manning, Olivia — Fortunes of War
DVD Marnie — Marnie (M)
DVD Marry — Marry Me (R)
DVD Masterminds — Masterminds
DVD Maudie — Maudie
DVD Maverick — Maverick: The Complete Season One (W)
DVD McDermid — McDermid, Val — Wire in the Blood (M)
DVD Metropolis — Metropolis: The Restored Authorized Edition (SF)
DVD Michener — Michener, James A. — James A. Michener’s Centennial
DVD Midsomer — Midsomer Murders (M)
DVD Millennium — Millennium (Hor/SF/Fan)
DVD Million — Million Dollar Arm
DVD Miss — Greenwood, Kerry — Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Season One (M)
DVD Mist — The Mist (Hor)
DVD Mister — Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (Fan)
DVD Modern — Modern Family – Seasons 1 through 5
DVD Mongol — Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan
DVD Monty — The Monty Python troupe — Monty Python and the Holy Grail
DVD Moon — Moon (SF)
DVD Moonlight — Moonlight: The Complete Series (Fan/Hor)
DVD Moonrise — Moonrise Kingdom
DVD Mr — Mr. Right | Mr Right
DVD Much — Much Ado About Nothing (2012)
DVD Mummy — The Mummy (1999) (Hor) | The Mummy Returns (Hor)
DVD Murder — Christie, Agatha — Murder on the Orient Express (1974) (M)
DVD Murder — Christie, Agatha — Murder on the Orient Express (2017) (M)
DVD Murder — Fluke, Joanne — Murder She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery (M)
DVD My — My Future Boyfriend
DVD Mystery — Mystery, Alaska
DVD Mystery — Mystery Science Theater 3000 – 20th Anniversary Edition (SF)
DVD New — New Moon (Fan/Hor/Rom)
DVD News — News of the World (W) | News of the World (W)
DVD Nightcrawler — Nightcrawler
DVD j Nightmare — The Nightmare Before Christmas (j)
Hoopla Movies — The Nine Lives of Christmas (R)
DVD 1917 — 1917
DVD No — No Reservations
DVD Non — Non-Stop
DVD North — North by Northwest (M)
DVD Northanger — Austen, Jane — Northanger Abbey
DVD Northern — Roberts, Nora — Northern Lights (M/R)
DVD Note — Hunt, Angela — The Note
DVD Now — Now You See Me
DVD October — based on the biography “Rocket Men” by Homer Hickam — October Sky
DVD Office — Office Space
DVD On — On the Town
DVD Once — Once
DVD Once — Once Upon a Time: The Complete First Season (Fan)
DVD Once — Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
DVD One — Evanovich, Janet — One For the Money (M)
DVD One — Signed, Sealed, Delivered: One in a Million (see also Signed, Sealed, Delivered below for more in this series)
DVD Pacific — Pacific Rim (SF)
DVD Parental — Parental Guidance
DVD Parenthood — Parenthood
DVD Parker — Parker, Robert B. — Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (M) | Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (M)
DVD Peanut — Peanut Butter Falcon
DVD Perry — Perry Mason, Season One, Volume One (M)
DVD Peters — Peters, Ellis — The Brother Cadfael Mysteries (M)
DVD Picnic — A Picnic at Hanging Rock
DVD Pig — Pig
DVD Pirie — Pirie, David (and others) — Murder Rooms: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes (M)
DVD Pitch — Pitch Perfect
DVD Play — Play Misty For Me
DVD Poe — Poe, Edgar Allan — The Tell-Tale Heart (Hor)
DVD Poldark — based on the books of Graham, Winston — Poldark: Series One (1975) | Poldark: The Complete First Season (2015)
DVD Prestige — The Prestige
Hoopla Video — Primal Rage (Hor)
DVD Princess — Goldman, William — The Princess Bride (Fan/R)
DVD Project — Project Almanac (SF)
DVD Promise — A Promise
DVD Psych — Psych: The Complete Third Season (M)
DVD Psycho — Psycho Goreman (Hor)
DVD Public — The Public
DVD Rab — Rab ne Bana di Jodi
DVD Raven — The Raven (Hor/M)
DVD j Raya — Raya and the Last Dragon (Fan) (j)
DVD Real — based on the novel by Harris, Charlaine — Real Murders (M)
DVD Real — Real Steel (SF)
DVD Red — RED 2
Hoopla Video — Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues (Fan)
DVD Reilly — Kennedy-Martin, Troy — Reilly: The Ace of Spies
DVD Requiem — Requiem for a Dream
DVD Ripper — Ripper Street – Season One (M)
DVD Roberts — Roberts, Nora — Blue Smoke (M/R) | Carolina Moon (M/R) | Midnight Bayou (M/R)
DVD Robin — Robin Hood (2010)
DVD Robot — Robot & Frank (SF)
DVD Rocketeer — The Rocketeer (SF)
DVD Rocketman — Rocketman
DVD Rockford — The Rockford Files: Season One (M)
DVD Rocky — The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Hor)
DVD Rogue — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (SF)
DVD Rosemary — Rosemary & Thyme
DVD Roxie — Roxie Hart
DVD Royal — A Royal Night Out
DVD Run — Run Lola Run
DVD Safety — Safety Last!
DVD Safety — Safety Not Guaranteed
DVD ‘Salem’s — King, Stephen — ‘Salem’s Lot (Hor)
DVD Salmon — Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
DVD Save — Save Yourselves (SF)
DVD Sea — Leasor, James — The Sea Wolves
DVD Seabiscuit — based on the book by Hillenbrand, Laura — Seabiscuit
DVD Searching — Searching
DVD Secret — The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2014)
DVD Sentence — Studio One: Sentence of Death/The Night America Trembled
DVD Seven — Se7en (M/Hor)
DVD 1776 — 1776
DVD SGU — SGU: Stargate Universe (SF)
DVD Shakespeare — Shakespeare and Hathaway – Private Investigators: Series 1 (M)
DVD Sharknado — The Sharknado series of TV-movies (SF/Hor)
DVD Sherlock — Sherlock: Season One (M)
DVD Sherlock — Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Series (M)
DVD Shetland — Cleeves, Ann — Shetland (M)
DVD Shin — Shin Godzilla (SF/Hor)
DVD Shining — The Shining (1980) (Hor)
DVD Shooting — Shooting the Past
DVD Signed — Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Series | Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas | Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris With Love | Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From the Heart | Signed, Sealed, Delivered: One in a Million
DVD Signs — Signs (SF/Hor)
DVD Silver — based on the book by Quick, Matthew — Silver Linings Playbook
DVD Singin — Singin’ in the Rain
DVD Sisters — Sisters
DVD Skyfall — Skyfall
DVD Slings — Slings & Arrows
Hoopla Video — Small Island
DVD Solo — Solo: A Star Wars Story (SF)
DVD Some — Some Like it Hot
DVD Something — Something Borrowed
DVD Sound — Rodgers and Hammerstein — The Sound of Music
DVD Spaceballs — Spaceballs (SF)
DVD Spider-Man — Spider-Man (SF/Fan)
DVD Spider-Man — Spider-Man: Far From Home (SF/Fan)
DVD Spider-Man — Spider-Man: No Way Home (SF/Fan)
DVD Stan — Stan & Ollie
DVD Star — Star Trek: Discovery: Season One (SF) | Star Trek: Discovery (SF)
DVD Star — Star Trek: The Animated Series (SF)
DVD Star — Star Trek the Motion Picture (SF)
DVD Star — Star Trek: The Original Series – Season One (SF)
DVD Star — Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (SF) (1 comment/rating)
DVD Star — Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (SF)
DVD Star — Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (SF)
DVD Star — Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (SF)
DVD Star — Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (SF)
DVD Star — Star Trek – Evolutions (SF) (documentaries)
DVD Star — Star Trek (2009) (SF)
DVD Star — Star Trek Into Darkness (SF)
DVD Star — Star Trek: Picard (season one) (SF)
DVD Star — Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (SF)
DVD Star — Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (SF)
DVD Stardust — Gaiman, Neil — Stardust (Fan)
DVD Stargate — Stargate (SF)
DVD Stargate — Stargate Atlantis (SF)
DVD (Stargate) — SGU: Stargate Universe (SF)
DVD Stonewall — Stonewell: Where Pride Began
DVD Stout — Stout, Rex — Nero Wolfe: The Complete First Season (M)
DVD Stranger — Stranger Than Fiction
DVD Strangers — Strangers on a Train
DVD Street — A Street Cat Named Bob
DVD Stuber — Stuber
DVD Suicide — Suicide Squad (SF)
DVD Super — Super 8 (SF)
DVD Support — Support Your Local Sheriff (W)
DVD Surrogates — Surrogates (SF)
DVD Sweet — SWEET Land
DVD Table — Table 19 | Table 19
DVD 10 — 10 Cloverfield Lane (SF/H)
DVD Terminator — Terminator Salvation (SF)
DVD Terminator — Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (SF)
DVD Then — Then Came You (R)
DVD Therapy — Therapy for a Vampire
DVD They — They Live (SF/Hor)
DVD Thin — Hammett, Dashiell — The Thin Man (M) | The Thin Man Goes Home (M)
DVD This — This Means War
DVD Three — 3 Days to Kill
DVD Three — The Three Musketeers (2011)
DVD 355 — The 355
DVD Time — Time After Time (SF/Fan/Rom)
DVD Tin — Tin Man (SF/Fan)
DVD To — Lee, Harper — To Kill a Mockingbird
DVD To — To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
DVD Topaz — Topaz (M)
DVD Tower — Tower Heist
DVD Tremors — Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell (SF/Hor)
DVD Trollope — Trollope, Anthony — The Pallisers
DVD True — True Grit (2010) (W)
DVD Trumbo — Trumbo
DVD Twelve — 12 Angry Men
DVD 25 — 25 Hill
DVD Twilight — Serling, Rod and Others — The Twilight Zone Collection 1 (SF/Fan/Hor)
DVD Unfinished — Unfinished Song
DVD Unicorn — The Unicorn: Season One
DVD United — United 93
DVD Us — Us (Hor)
DVD Vera — Vera (M)
DVD Victor — Victor Frankenstein (Hor)
DVD Victoria — Victoria & Abdul (2 reviews in one month)
DVD Walk — based on the book by Sparks, Nicholas — A Walk to Remember
DVD Walking — The Walking Dead: Complete First Season (Hor) | The Walking Dead: Complete Season Three (Hor)
DVD Wallander — Mankell, Henning — Wallander (M) | Wallander: Series One (M)
DVD Warehouse — Warehouse 13 – Season One (SF/Fan)
DVD Warm — Warm Bodies (Hor/SF/R)
DVD Water — Water
DVD We — We Are Marshall
DVD We — We Bought a Zoo
DVD Welcome — Welcome to Marwen
DVD We’re — We’re No Angels
DVD We’re — We’re the Millers
DVD Werewolves — Werewolves Within (Hor)
DVD West — West Side Story (2021)
DVD West — The West Wing: The Complete First Season | The West Wing: The Complete Second Season | The West Wing: The Complete Third Season
DVD What — What About Bob?
DVD What — What We Do in the Shadows (Hor)
DVD When — When the Game Stands Tall
DVD Whistleblower — The Whistleblower
DVD White — White House Down
DVD Whiteout — Whiteout
DVD Wild — Wild
DVD Winchester — Winchester (Hor)
DVD Witness — based on the short story by Christie, Agatha — The Witness for the Prosecution (M)
DVD Wodehouse — Wodehouse, P.G. — The Jeeves and Wooster series (1 comment/rating)
DVD Wolf — Mantel, Hillary — Wolf Hall
DVD World — based on the book by Brooks, Max — World War Z
DVD X-Files — The X-Files: Season One (SF/Hor)
DVD Yellowstone — Yellowstone: Season One (W) | Yellowstone: Season Two (W)
DVD Yesterday — Yesterday
DVD Young — Young Frankenstein (Hor) | Young Frankenstein (Hor)
DVD Young — The Young Ones (Extra Stoopid Edition)
DVD Zen — Dibdin, Michael — Zen (M)
DVD Zero — Zero Dark Thirty
DVD Zombieland — Zombieland (Hor) | Zombieland: Double Tap (Hor)
DVD 006.3 Sma — National Geographic — The Smartest Machine on Earth
DVD 201.3 Cam — Campbell, Joseph — Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth
DVD 261.72 Hai — Hail Satan?
DVD 305.232 Bab — Balmes, Thomas and Chabet, Alain — Babies
DVD 305.26 You — Cilman, Bob — Young@Heart
DVD 338.76 BloYl — The Last Blockbuster
DVD 393.1 Hol — Uth, Robert —Hallowed Grounds: America’s Overseas Military Cemeteries
DVD 393.1 Seb — Sebak, Rick — A Cemetery Special
DVD 421.52 Spe — Blitz, Jeffrey — Spellbound: Everyone Wants the Last Word (1 comment/rating)
DVD 523 Sag — Sagan, Carl — Cosmos
DVD 523.78 Ecl — NOVA — Eclipse Over America
DVD 530.12 Wha — What the Bleep Do We Know?
DVD 539.721 Pat — NOVA — Particle Fever
DVD 551.312 Cha — Chasing Ice
DVD 590 Sea — Perrin, Jacques — Seasons
DVD 591.92 Dee — Deep Blue (1 comment/rating)
DVD 595.799 Bee — NOVA — Bees: Tales From the Hive
DVD 598 Win — Perrin, Jacques — Winged Migration
DVD 613.71 Dan — (various) — Dancing With the Stars exercise videos
DVD 620 Nat — National Geographic — Engineering the Impossible
Video 629.13 Goe — Goeres, Vincent — Early Aviation in Lincoln: When and Where Lindbergh Learned to Fly
DVD 629.454 Apo — Apollo 11
DVD 629.454 Eig — 8 Days: To the Moon and Back
DVD 629.454 In — In the Shadow of the Moon
DVD 629.454 Whe — When We Were Apollo
DVD 636.1 Buc — Buck
DVD 636.8 Ked — Kedi
DVD 728.37 Mor — Morris, Scott — From the Ashes the Life and Times of Tick Hall
DVD 741.5 Sch 2002 — Schulz, Charles — A Charlie Brown Christmas
DVD 746.92 Sep — Cutler, R.J. — The September Issue: Anna Wintour and the Making of Vogue
DVD 781.65 Jaz — Burns, Ken — Ken Burns’ Jazz
Video 781.65 All — (various musicians) — All-Star Swing Festival
DVD 782.14 Bro — Kantor, Michael — Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy
DVD 782.14 Pir — Gilbert and Sullivan — The Pirates of Penzance
DVD 791.437 — Back in Time (SF)
DVD 791.437 Pri — The Prisoner (SF/Fan/Mys) (1 comment/rating)
DVD 791.437 Wha — What the Bleep Do We Know?
DVD 791.438 PixYf — A Day in Pixar: A Visit to the Pixar Studios in Emeryville, CA
DVD 791.45 Kel — Kelly, Bill — Don’t Touch That Dial!
DVD 791.457 As — As Time Goes By
DVD 791.457 Pio — The Pioneers of Television (series)
DVD 791.457 StaYb — Building Star Trek (SF)
DVD 791.457 StaYc — Shatner, William — The Captains (SF)
Video 792.02 Ols — Olshaker, Mark — Discovering Hamlet
DVD 792.76 Com — Binder, Mike — The Comedy Store
DVD 796.352 McC — McCord, Gary — Golf for Dummies
DVD 796.44 Gor — Gordon, Daniel — A State of Mind
DVD 796.812 Glo — Whitcomb, Brett — GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
DVD 796.939 Cra — Kos, Pedro — The Crash Reel
DVD 813 Ree — Reed, Robert — Robert Reed reads his short story “The New Deity” (SF)
DVD 817 Atk — Atkinson, Rowan — Rowan Atkinson Live!
DVD 817 Gaf — Gaffigan, Jim — Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed
DVD 817 Obr — O’Brien, Conan — Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop
DVD 822.332 Hen5 — Shakespeare, William — Henry V
DVD 910.4 Pal — Palin, Michael — Pole to Pole
DVD 910.41 Pal — Palin, Michael — Around the World in 80 Days | Around the World in 80 Days
DVD 910.45 Cha — Chasing Shackleton
DVD 910.45 Nat — National Geographic Society — Secrets of the Titanic
DVD 911.823 Pal — Palin, Michael — Full Circle with Michael Palin | Full Circle with Michael Palin
DVD 915.496 Pal — Palin, Michael — Himalaya
DVD 916.883 Bot — Ogren, Mats — Botswana: In the Footsteps of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency with Alexander McCall Smith
DVD 918.1 Bra — Palin, Michael — Brazil
DVD 929.2 Hal — Haley, Alex — Roots
DVD 940.531 Pap — Paper Clips (1 comment/rating)
DVD 940.548 Mum — Mummgard, Annie — The Canteen Spirit (1 comment/rating)
DVD 973.3 Fou — Founding Fathers (in 3 volumes)
Video 973.91 Dun — Duncan, Dayton — Horatio’s Drive: America’s First Road Trip
DVD 979.46 Ame — The American Experience/PBS — The Great San Francisco Earthquake
DVD Biography Brooks — American Masters/PBS — Mel Brooks: Make a Noise
DVD Biography Carson — American Masters/PBS — Johnny Carson: King of Late Night
DVD Biography Cernan — The Last Man on the Moon: One Man’s Part in Mankind’s Greatest Adventure
DVD Biography Finley — Calendar Girl
DVD Biography Fisher — Fisher, Carrie — Wishful Drinking
DVD Biography Kelly — Good Ol’ Freda
DVD Biography Nimoy — For the Love of Spock
DVD Biography Rogers — Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Youth and/or Teen DVDs

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( Magazines and Other Formats )

Database – The CAMIO database — The Georgia O’Keeffe Collection
Microfilm 364.152 Ken — President John F. Kennedy – 1917-1963: A Microfilm Documentary
Microfilm 629.454 Apo — Apollo 11’s Moon Landing | Apollo 11’s Moon Landing
Periodical — Bookmarks
Periodical — Article by Jeremiah Johnson — Clavier Companion (Nov/Dec 2010 issue – “Musical e-Motivation: Using Computer Technology to Motivate Students”)
Periodical — Cottages and Bungalows
Periodical — LOCUS: The Magazine of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Field (SF/Fan)
Periodical — Mental Floss
Periodical — Mystery Scene (M) | Mystery Scene (M)
Periodical — Romantic Times Book Reviews (R)
Periodical — The Woman Who (Maybe) Struck Out Baby Ruth and Lou Gehrig in the Jul/Aug 2013 issue of Smithsonian
Periodical — This Old House
Downloadable Resource — Schumann, Robert — Davidsbunderlantze
Video Game j Sonic’s — Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

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Lee and Lyn – Wilde Twins

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