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Staff Recommendations – February 2005

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These recommendations were posted February 2005

cakebibleThe Cake Bible
by Rose Berenbaum (641.865 Ber)

This book is a must-read for the serious cook! If you try only one recipe from this, try “Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte.” You’ll be glad you did!


Recommended by Kim J.
Bennett Martin Public Library

bridesmaidsrevisitedBridesmaids Revisited
by Dorothy Cannell (Cannell)

An Ellie Haskell mystery. Ellie vaguely remembers meeting the three sisters, friends of her grandmother, who were collectively known as “the bridesmaids.” But her mother’s explanation for that nickname was, “It’s a long story, best forgotten.” Now, 30 years later those mysterious ladies have sent Ellie a note that her grandmother wishes to contact her. But, her grandmother died many years earlier! Ellie winds her way through an old diary, a seance, old and new murders, and family secrets. A light, fun, easy read (if murder can be called “fun”).


Recommended by Charlotte M.
Bennett Martin Public Library

sofarfromgodSo Far From God
by Ana Castillo (Castillo)

It’s the sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes real, sometimes magical story of Sofia and her daughters. Each women experiences love, tragedy, sisterhood and unexplained events. You’ll love them all.

( official Ana Castillo Web site )

Recommended by Andrea S.
Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries

inconvenientwifeAn Inconvenient Wife
by Megan Chance (Chance)

The wife of the title is a young society matron in turn of the century New York who suffers from “hysteria”. Her husband takes her to many different doctors where everything is recommended from female surgery to an asylum. She finally meets Dr. Seth who practices the new science of neurology. He “cures” her but the repercussions are tragic. There is a bit of a ‘twist’ ending.

( official Megan Chance web site )

Recommended by Rayma S.
Bennett Martin Public Library


Rated by — Anonymous
Visitor to the BookGuide site

perkswallflowerThe Perks of Being a Wallflower
by Stephen Chbosky (YA PB Chbosky)

This book, more than any other Young Adult fiction book I have read, captures the “outsider” feeling of many teens. It is dreamy, magical, and, one of the more powerful books I have ever read…for any age.

( Wikipedia page for Stephen Chbosky ) | ( Interview with Stephen Chbosky at )

Recommended by Benjamin C.
Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries

perennialallstarsPerennial All-Stars: 150 Best Perennials for Great-Looking, Trouble-Free Gardens
by Jeff Cox (635.932 Cox)

This is a wonderful book that showcases a great variety of plants. As many as two pages may be devoted to each plant selection. What sets this book apart from other gardening books is the author’s insightful description for each plant selection, and his inclusion of a companion plant that will really bring out the beauty of each perennial he recommends.

Recommended by Patty L.
Walt Branch Library

rufuschronicleThe Rufus Chronicle: Another Autumn
by C.W. Gusewell (636.752 Gus)

Rufus is a very special dog–a very ordinary dog. For dog lovers and hunters, but more especially, for those who love stories well told. Gusewelle is perceptive and caring. This story brought tears to my eyes.

Recommended by Bob B.
Bennett Martin Public Library

flowersforalgernonFlowers for Algernon
by Daniel Keyes (Keyes)

Inspirational yet heart-breaking story, told in journal form, of a man’s journey from mental retardation to brilliance…and back again. This novel was originally a short story, which won the Nebula Award in 1966, and was expanded into this full-length novel. If you have the opportunity to read the original, shorter work, you’ll find it to be an even more powerful story. Cliff Robertson won an Oscar for his portrayal of Charly in the 1968 film adaptation of this story as Charly. Also adapted into the 2000 TV movie Flowers for Algernon.

( Internet Movie Database pages for Charly (1968) and Flowers for Algernon (2000) )


Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

fearlessjonesFearless Jones
by Walter Mosley (Mosley)

Walter Mosley gives a sense of character and place effortlessly. On a par with the best novelists.

( official Walter Mosley web site 9

Recommended by Scott S.
Bennett Martin Public Library

Screening Room


jeevesandwoosterdvdThe Jeeves & Wooster series
by P.G. Wodehouse on DVD [DVD Wodehouse]

These marvelously witty adaptations of the classic Wodehouse stories should appeal to fans of slapstick and farce, as well as fans of urbane humor. Both Jeeves and Bertie Wooster are brilliantly cast! — Scott C.

A sheer delight! The library owns some two dozen episodes. Wooster never quite “with it”, skirts disaster but his manservant Jeeves saves the day. I love the 1920s theme music. — Bob B.
(The libraries own the entire series of Jeeves & Wooster stories in print editions, as well as numberous audiotape and book-on-cd formats.)

( official P.G. Wodehouse web site )


Recommended by Scott C. and Bob B.
both from the Reference Department — Bennett Martin Public Library


Rated by — Anonymous
Visitor to the BookGuide site

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