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Staff Recommendations – Fiction


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[ Fan=Fantasy; Hor=Horror; M=Mystery; R=Romance; SF=Science Fiction; W=Western ] [ See Also:  the “Fiction” section of the Youth & Teen Staff Recommendations ]

[ Recorded Books — Compact Disc or Downloadable Audio — listed after print titles for each author ] Aaronovitch, Ben — Midnight Riot (Fan)
Abercrombie, Joe — The Blade Itself (Fan)
Abraham, Daniel — A Shadow in Summer (Fan)
Achebe, Chinua — Things Fall Apart
Adams, Douglas — The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (SF)
Adams, Ellery — A Killer Plot (M)
Adams, Richard — Watership Down
Adichie, Chimamanda Agozi — Americanah
Adler-Olsen, Jussi — The Keeper of Lost Causes (M)
Agee, Jonis — Strange Angels
Alameddine, Rabih — The Hakawati
Albert, Susan Wittig — Nightshade (M)
CD Albert — Albert, Susan Wittig — The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies (M)
CD Albom — Albom, Mitch — The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto
Aldrich, Bess Streeter — A Lantern in Her Hand
Alexander, Tamera— Remembered (R)
Alexander, Victoria — The Wedding Bargain (R)
Allan, Barbara — Antiques Disposal (M)
Allende, Isabel — Island Beneath the Sea
Alvarez, Julia — A Cafecito Story
CD Anderson — Anderson, Kevin J. — The Dragon Business (Fan)
Anderson, Laurie Halse — Wintergirls (j)
Anderson, Sherwood — Winesburg, Ohio
Andrews, Donna — Toucan Keep a Secret (M) | You’ve Got Murder (M)
Andrews, Ilona — Clean Sweep (Fan)
Anonymous — Go Ask Alice
Anthony, Jessica — The Convalescent
Archer, Gretchen — Double Whammy (M)
Archer, Jeffrey — Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (M)
Arlington, Lucy — Buried in a Book (M)
Armstrong, Kelley — City of the Lost (M)
Arruda, Suzanne — The Crocodile’s Last Embrace (M)
Asimov, Isaac — I, Robot (SF)
Asprin, Robert — The “Myth Adventures” series (Fan)
Atkins, Ace — The Broken Places (M)
Atkinson, Kate — Case Histories (M) | Life After Life | One Good Turn
Atwood, Margaret — The Handmaid’s Tale | In the Year of the Flood | The Tent | The Testaments
Austen, Jane — Pride and Prejudice
Backman, Fredrik — And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer | The Deal of a Lifetime | A Man Called Ove
CD Backman — Backman, Fredrik — Beartown | A Man Called Ove | Us Against You
Baker, Jo — Longbourn
Baker, Kage — In the Garden of Iden (SF)
Baker, Nicholson — The Anthologist
Baker, Shannon — Stripped Bare (M)
Baldacci, David — The Camel Club (M) | The Winner (M)
Downloadable Audio Baldacci — Baldacci, David — The Innocent
Balogh, Mary — Simply Perfect (R)
Bantock, Nick — Griffin & Sabine (1 comment/rating)
Barbery, Muriel — The Elegance of the Hedgehog
Barbieri, Maggie — Quick Study (M)
Barnes, Julian — The Sense of an Ending
Barr, Mark — Watershed
Barron, Stephanie — A Flaw in the Blood (M)
Bass, Jefferson — The Bone Thief (M) | Carved in Bone (M)
Bass, Rick — Nashville Chrome
Baxter, Stephen — The Massacre of Mankind (SF)
Bayard, Louis — A Pale Blue Eye (M)
Bear, Greg — Darwin’s Radio (SF)
Beard, Philip — Dear Zoe
Beatty, Paul — The Sellout
Beckett, Simon — Written in Bone (M)
Belfer, Lauren — A Fierce Radiance
Bell, Clare — Ratha’s Creature (Fan)
Downloadable Audio Bell, Darcey — A Simple Favor
Bender, Aimee — The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (ebook)
Benford, Gregory — Timescape (SF)
Benioff, David — City of Thieves (M) | City of Thieves (M)
Benjamin, Chloe — The Immortalists
CD Bennett — Bennett, Brit — The Mothers (also available on Hoopla)
Berenson, Alex — The Faithful Spy
Bergreen, Karen — Perfect is Overrated (M)
Bester, Alfred — The Demolished Man (SF)
Binet, Laurent — HHhH
Black, Lisa — Trail of Blood (M)
Blackstock, Terri — Cape Refuge
CD Blackstock, Terri — If I Run
Blackwood, Jane — You Had Me At Goodbye
Blair, Annette — Larceny and Lace (M)
Blanchard, Alice — Life Sentences (M)
Blish, James — A Case of Conscience (SF)
CD Blum, Michael — Doctor Who: The Fearmonger (SF)
Bochco, Steven — Death by Hollywood (M)
CD Bond — Bond, Stephanie — 2 Bodies for the Price of 1 (M)
Bourne, Joanna — The Spymaster’s Lady (R)
Bowen, Gail — The Wandering Soul Murders (M)
Bowen, Rhys — Murphy’s Law (M) | The Twelve Clues of Christmas (M)
Box, C.J. — Nowhere to Run (M)
Boyd, Noah — Agent X
Bradbury, Ray — Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales (SF) | Fahrenheit 451 (SF) | Fahrenheit 451: Graphic Novel Adaptation | The Halloween Tree (Fan) (SF) | The Illustrated Man (SF/Fan/Hor) | Something Wicked This Way Comes (Hor)
CD Bradbury, Ray — The Martian Chronicles (SF)
Brand, Christianna — Green for Danger (M)
Braun, Lilian Jackson — The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers (M)
Brennert, Alan — Time and Chance
Bretton, Barbara — Casting Spells (M)
Breuer, Miles J. — The Man With the Strange Head and Other Early Science Fiction Stories (SF)
CD Briggs — Briggs, Nicholas — The Dalek conquests (SF)
Briggs, Patricia — Bone Crossed (F/Hor) | Mercy Thompson: Homecoming (F/Hor) | Mercy Thompson: Homecoming (F/Hor) | Moon Called (F/Hor)
Brin, David — The Practice Effect (SF) | Startide Rising (SF)
Brockmann, Suzanne — All Through the Night
CD Brockmann, Suzanne — Do or Die
Downloadable Audio Brockmann, Suzanne — Out of Body
Brooks, Terry — Bloodfire Quest (Fan) | The Elfstones of Shannara (Fan) | The First King of Shannara (Fan) | The Sword of Shannara (Fan) | Wards of Faerie (Fan) | The Wishsong of Shannara (Fan) | Witch Wraith (Fan)
Brown, Dan — The Lost Symbol
Buck, Pearl S. — Peony
Buckley, Christopher — No Way to Treat a First Lady (M)
Bujold, Lois McMaster — The Miles Vorkosigan series (SF)
Burke, Alafair — 212 (M) | Close Case (M)
Burke, James Lee — In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead (M) (1 comment/rating) | Purple Cane Road (M)
Burns, Debbie — Love at First Bark (R) | A New Leash on Love (R)
Burns, Olive Ann — Cold Sassy Tree (1 comment/rating)
Burroughs, Edgar Rice — Tarzan of the Apes
Burton, Jessie — The Miniaturist
Bush, Nancy — Candy Apple Red (M)
Butcher, Jim — Backup (Fan/M) | The Dresden Files Omnibus, Vol 1 (Fan/M) | The Dresden Files series (Fan/M series) | Ghost Story (Fan/M)| Small Favor (Fan/M) | Turn Coat (Fan/M) | Welcome to the Jungle (Fan)
CD Butcher — Butcher, Jim — Side Jobs (Fan/M)
Buxbaum, Julie — The Opposite of Love
CD Cain — Cain, Chelsea — The Night Season (M)
Campbell, Bruce — Make Love…The Bruce Campbell Way!
Campbell, John W. — Who Goes There, and Other Stories (SF/Hor)
Cannell, Dorothy — Bridesmaids Revisited (M)
Cannell, Stephen J. — King Con
CD Cannell — Cannell, Stephen J. — The Prostitute’s Ball
Card, Orson Scott — Ender’s Game (SF)
Carlisle, Kate — The Book Stops Here (M)
Carlson, Melody — River’s End
Carr, Robyn — Deep in the Valley | Virgin River | The Wanderer
Carrell, Jennifer Lee — Haunt Me Still (M)
Carson, Rae — Most Wanted (SF) | Walk the Earth a Stranger (ebook/downloadable audio only)
Cartmel, Andrew — Written in Dead Wax (M)
Cassutt, Michael — The Missing Man (M)
Castillo, Ana — So Far From God
CD Castillo — Castillo, Linda — Sworn to Silence (M)
Castle, Richard — A Bloody Storm (ebook only) (M) | Brewing Storm (ebook only) (M) | Frozen Heat (M) | Heat Wave (M) | A Raging Storm (ebook only) (M) | Storm Front
Castro, Joy — Hell or High Water (M)
Cather, Willa — O Pioneers! | O Pioneers! | One of Ours
Cavan, Scott — Dooku: Lost Jedi (SF)
Center, Katherine — The Bright Side of Disaster
Cha, Stephen — Follow Her Home (M)
Chabon, Michael — The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
CD Chabon — Chabon, Michael — Moonglow
eBook Chambers — Chambers, Becky — To Be Taught, If Fortunate (SF)
Change, Maia — Teetotaled (M)
Chance, Megan — An Inconvenient Wife (1 comment/rating)
Chaon, Dan — Await Your Reply
Chase, Erika — Read and Buried (M)
Chase, Nichole – Suddenly Royal (R)(br)
Chesterton, G.K. — The Innocence of Father Brown (M) | The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare
Chevalier, Tracy — Girl With a Pearl Earring (1 comment/rating)
Chiaverini, Jennifer — Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker | The Quilter’s Kitchen
Child, Lincoln — Terminal Freeze
Christie, Agatha — The ABC Murders (M) | And Then There Were None (M) | Appointment With Death (M) | At Bertram’s Hotel (M) | The Big Four (M) | A Caribbean Mystery (M) | The Clocks (M) | Dead Man’s Folly (M) | Death on the Nile (M) | Dumb Witness (M) | The Five Little Pigs (M) | 4:50 From Paddington (M) | Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories (M) | The Hollow (M) | Lord Edgware Dies (M) | The Mirror Crack’d (From Side to Side) (M) | Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories (M) | The Moving Finger (M) | Murder in Mesopotamia (M) | A Murder is Announced (M) | The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (M) | The Murder on the Links (M) | Murder on the Orient Express (M) | Mystery of the Blue Train (M) | Nemesis (M) | A Pocket Full of Rye (M) | Sleeping Murder (M) | They Do It With Mirrors (M)
CD Christie — Christie, Agatha — And Then There Were None (M) | And Then There Were None (M) | Death in the Clouds (M) | Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (M) | The Labors of Hercules (M) | Murder at the Vicarage (M) | Murder on the Orient Express (M) | The Mysterious Affair at Styles (M) | One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (M) | | Peril at End House (M) | The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories (M)
Clark, Clare — The Great Stink
Clark, Marcia — Guilt by Association (M)
Clark, Mary Higgins — I’ve Got You Under My Skin (M)
Clark, Mary Higgins (& Burke, Alafair) — All Dressed in White (M)
Clavell, James — The Children’s Story | Shogun
Cleave, Chris — Everyone Brave is Forgiven | Little Bee | Little Bee
Cleland, Jane — Lethal Treasure (M)
Clement, Blaize — Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter (M)
Cleverly, Barbara — Ragtime in Simla (M)
Cline, Ernest — Ready Player One (SF)
Coates, Ta-Nehisi — The Water Dancer
Coben, Harlan — Fool Me Once (M) | Gone for Good (M) | Home (M)
Coel, Margaret — The Silent Spirit (M)
Coelho, Paulo — The Alchemist
Cohen, Jon — Harry’s Trees
Cole, Meredith — Posed for Murder (M)
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor — The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Colfer, Eoin — …And Another Thing (SF)
CD Hitchhikers — Colfer, Eoin — The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: The Hexagonal Phase (full case radio play) (SF)
Connelly, Michael — The Last Coyote (M)
CD Connelly — Connelly, Michael — Angels Flight (M) | The Dark Sacred Night (M) | The Late Show (M) | The Night Fire (M)
Conroy, Pat — South of Broad
Downloadable Audio — Contreras, Ingrid Rojas — Fruit of the Drunken Tree
Cook, J.J. — That Old Flame of Mine (M)
Corleone, Douglas — One Man’s Paradise (M)
Corman, Avery — Kramer versus Kramer
Cornwell, Patricia — Cruel & Unusual (M)
CD Cotterill, Colin — Killed at the Whim of a Hat (M)
Coupland, Douglas — JPod
Coyle, Cleo — Brewed Awakening (M) | Through the Grinder (M)
CD Coyle, Cleo — On What Grounds (M)
CD Craig — Craig, Philip R. — Murder at a Vineyard Mansion (M)
Crais, Robert — Chasing Darkness (M) | The Promise (M) | Suspect (M)
Crane, Cheryl — The Bad Always Die Twice (M)
Crawford, Dianna — Freedom’s Promise
Crawford, Isis — A Catered Thanksgiving (M)
Crichton, Michael and Preston, Richard — Micro
Crispin, A.C. — Time for Yesterday (SF) (Hoopla resource)
Crombie, Deborah — Water Like a Stone (M)
Cronin, A.J. — The Citadel (1 comment/rating)
Crosby, Ellen — The Viognier Vendetta (M)
eBook Cullian, Heidi — Let it Snow (R)
Downloadable Audio — Daheim, Mary — The Wurst is Yet to Come (M)
Dallas, Sandra — The Chili Queen (M) (1 comment/rating) | New Mercies | Prayers For Sale
Dams, Jeanne M. — The Body in the Transept (M)
Danielewski, Marc — House of Leaves (Hor)
Danticat, Edwidge — Claire of the Sea Light
David, Peter — Knight Life (Fan)
Davidson, Diane Mott — The “Goldy the Caterer” mystery series (M)
Davidson, Hilary — The Next One to Fall (M)
Davidson, MaryJanice — Swimming Without a Net (Fan)
Davis, Krista — The Diva Spices it Up (M)
Davis, Lindsey — The Silver Pigs (M) | The Silver Pigs (M)
Dawson, Delilah — Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire (SF) | Phasma (SF)
Dawson, Janet — Death Rides the Zephyr (M)
Deaver, Jeffery – The Bone Collector (M)
Delany, Vicki — Burden of Memory
Delinsky, Barbara — Family Tree
Denning, Troy — Tatooine Ghost (SF)
CD Deutermann — Deutermann, P.T. — Darkside (M)
Deveraux, Jude — A Willing Murder (M)
Dewitt, Patrick — The Sisters Brothers
Dickens, Charles — David Copperfield | Hard Times | Nicholas Nickleby | A Tale of Two Cities
Dickey, James — Deliverance
DiSilverio, Laura — Swift Justice (M)
Dobson, Joanne — Quieter Than Sleep (M)
Doctorow, E.L. — The March
Doig, Ivan — Whistling Season
CD Doiron — Doiron, Paul — The Poacher’s Son (M)
Donoghue, Emma — Akin | Room
Doyle, Arthur Conan — The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (M) | The Return of Sherlock Holmes (M) | The Valley of Fear (M)
Drayson, Nicholas — A Guide to the Birds of East Africa
Dreiser, Theodore — An American Tragedy | An American Tragedy
Duane, Diane — Doctor’s Orders (Star Trek) (SF) | The Wounded Sky (Star Trek) (SF)
Dugoni, Robert — My Sister’s Grave (M)
Dumas, Alexandre — The Three Musketeers
Dunn, Katherine — Geek Love
Dunnett, Kaitlynn — The Corpse Wore Tartan (M)
Dunsany, Edward Lord — The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth (Fan)
Eastman, Dawn — Be Careful What You Witch For (M)
Eberhart, Mignon — The Mystery of Huntings End (M)
Edgerton, Clyde — The Bible Salesman | Walking Across Egypt
Egan, Jennifer — A Visit From the Goon Squad | A Visit From the Goon Squad
Eglin, Anthony — The Trail of the Wild Rose (M)
Ellis, Rhett — How I Fell in Love With a Librarian and Lived to Tell About It (R)
Ellis, Robert — Murder Season (M)
Ellison, J.T. — The Cold Room (M)
Emley, Diane — Cut to the Quick (M)
Ephron, Hallie — Night Night, Sleep Tight
Erdrich, Louise — The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No-Horse | The Round House
Eskens, Allen — The Life We Bury (M)
Estleman, Loren — Alone (M)
Evanovich, Janet — Wicked Appetite (M)
CD Evan0vich — Evanovich, Janet and Evanovich, Peter — The Big Kahuna (M)
CD Evanovich — Evanovich, Janet and Goldberg, Lee — The Job (M) | The Pursuit (M)
Farmer, Philip Jose — To Your Scattered Bodies Go (SF)
Feehan, Christine — Dark Curse (Rom/Fan)
Fforde, Jasper — The Big Over Easy (Fan/M) | The Eyre Affair (Fan) (1 comment/rating)
CD Fielding/Downloadable Audio — Fielding, Helen — Bridget Jones’ Diary
Fiffer, Sharon — Scary Stuff (M)
Finch, Charles — A Beautiful Blue Death (M) | The Fleet Street Murders (M)
Finger, Gerrie Ferris — The End Game (M)
Fink, Joseph — Welcome to Night Vale
Finn, A.J. — The Woman in the Window (M)
Finney, Jack — Time and Again
Fish, Robert L. — The Murder League (M)
Flagg, Fannie — The Whole Town’s Talking
Fleming, Ian — The James Bond Books
CD Fleming — Fleming, Ian — Quantum of Solace: The Complete James Bond Short Stories
Fluke, Joanne — The Strawberry Shortcake Murder (M)
Flynn, Gillian — Gone Girl (M) | The Grownup | Sharp Objects
Forbeck, Matt — The Con Job: A Leverage Novel (M)
Ford, John M. — How Much for Just the Planet (Star Trek) (SF)
Forester, C.S. — The Horatio Hornblower Saga
Fortschen, William — One Second After
Foster, Alan Dean — Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SF)
Fowler, Earlene — Delectable Mountains (M)
CD Fowler — Fowler, Earlene — State Fair (M)
Fowler, Karen Joy — We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
Franklin, Ariana — Mistress of the Art of Death
Franzen, Jonathan — Freedom
Fraser, Anthea — A Question of Identity (M)
Fraser, George MacDonald — The Flashman series
Frazier, Charles — Cold Mountain (1 comment/rating)
Fredrickson, Jack — Honestly, Dearest, You’re Dead (M)
Freed, Alexander — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (SF) | Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron (SF)
Freeman, Brian — The Burying Place (M)
French, Nikki — Losing You
French, Tana — In the Woods (M) | The Likeness (M) | The Likeness (M) | The Witch Elm (M)
Frommer, Sara Hoskinson — Murder in C Major (M)
Fry, Jason — The Last Jedi (novelization) (SF)
Furst, Alan — The Foreign Correspondent
Gaardner, Jostein — The Christmas Mystery (M) | Sophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy
Gabaldon, Diana — Outlander (Rom)
Gaiman, Neil — Anansi Boys (Fan) | The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Fan) | The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains (Fan)
Gaiman, Neil & Pratchett, Terry — Good Omens (Fan)
Galchen, Rivka — Atmospheric Disturbances
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel — Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Downloadable Audio Gardner, Lisa — Find Her (M)
Garey, Julianne — Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See
CD Garwood, Julie — Wired (M)
Gaskell, Elizabeth — Cranford
Gear, Kathleen O’Neal and Gear, Michael — The Visitant
Genova, Lisa – Inside the O’Briens
CD George — George, Anne — Murder Gets a Life (M)
Gerrold, David — The Martian Child (SF)
Gibbons, Kaye — On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon
Gibbons, Stella — Cold Comfort Farm (1 comment/rating)
Gibson, William — Neuromancer (SF)
Downloadable Audio Gladstone, Max — Three Parts Dead (Fan)
Gladstone, Max & el-Mohtar, Amal — This is How You Lose the Time War (SF)
Downloadable Audio Glynn — Glynn, Alan — Bloodland (M)
Downloadable Audio Goddard — Goddard, Ken — First Evidence (M)
Gold, Glen David — Carter Beats the Devil
Goldberg, Lee — Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse (M) | True Fiction (M)
Goldberg, Tod — The Fix (M)
Golden, Christie — Battlefront II: Inferno Squad (SF) | Dark Disciple (SF) | Star Trek: The Last Roundup (SF)
Goldman, Francisco — Say Her Name
Goodkind, Terry — The Faith of the Fallen (Fan)
Goodman, Jo — In Want of a Wife
Gosling, Paula — The Body in Blackwater Bay (M)
Graham, Jo and Scott, Melissa — Stargate Atlantis: Homecoming (SF)
Graham, Winston — Ross Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall, 1783-1787
Grange, Amanda — Mr. Darcy, Vampyre (Fan)
Grant, Barry — The Strange Return of Sherlock Holmes (M)
Gray, Claudia — Bloodline (SF) | Master and Apprentice (SF)
Greenidge, Kaitlyn — We Love You, Charlie Freeman
Greenlaw, Linda — Slipknot (M)
CD Gregory — Gregory, Philippa — The Boleyn Inheritance
Griffiths, Elly — The Janus Stone (M)
CD Grisham — Grisham, John — Calico Joe
CD Grissom — Grissom, Kathleen — The Kitchen House
Groen, Hendrik — On the Bright Side: The New Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 85 Years Old
CD Grossman — Grossman, Lev — The Magicians (Fan)
Gruber, Michael — The Forgery of Venus
Grudin, Robert — Book
Gruen, Sara — Ape House | Water for Elephants
CD Gruen — Gruen, Sara — At the Water’s Edge
Gruley, Brian — Starvation Lake (M)
Gulley, Phillip — Home to Harmony
Guterson, Mary — We Are All Fine Here
Gyasi, Yaa — Homegoing
Downloadable Audio Hackwith — Hackwith, A.J. — Library of the Unwritten (Fan)
Hamrick, Janice — Death on Tour (M) | Death on Tour (M)
Handler, David — Snow White Christmas Cookie (M)
CD Hanks, Tom — Uncommon Type: Some Stories
Hannah, Kristin — The Nightingale
Harbach, Chad — The Art of Fielding | The Art of Fielding
Harding, Paul — Tinkers
Harris, Charlaine — Dead Until Dark (M/H) | A Fool and His Honey (M) | From Dead to Worse (Hor/Mys) | Grave Sight (Hor/Mys) (1 comment/rating) | An Ice Cold Grave (Hor/Mys) | Real Murders (M) | Shakespeare’s Counselor (M) | Shakespeare’s Landlord (M) | The Southern Vampires series (Hor)
CD Harris — Harris, Charlaine — Grave Secret (M) | Grave Site and Grave Surprise (M)
Harris, Lee — Murder in Hell’s Kitchen (M)
Harrison, Kim — Dead Witch Walking (Fan)
Hart, Carolyn G. — The Christie Caper (M) | Ghost at Work (M)
CD Hart — Hart, Carolyn G. — Ghost Gone Wild (M) | Ghost on the Case (M) | Ghost to the Rescue (M) | Ghost Times Two (M) | Merry, Merry Ghost (M) | Set Sail for Murder (M) | What the Cat Saw (M)
CD Hart — Hart, Erin — Haunted Ground (M)
Haruf, Kent — Benediction
Havill, Steven — Heartshot (M)
Hawke, Ethan — Rules for a Knight (Fan)
Hawkins, Paula – The Girl on the Train (M)
Healey, Emma — Elizabeth is Missing
Hearne, Kevin — The Heir to the Jedi (SF)
Heinlein, Robert A. — The Green Hills of Earth (SF)
Hendricks, Gay and Lindsay, Tinker — The First Rule of Ten (M)
Hendrix, Grady — Horrorstör
Henry, April — Learning to Fly
CD Herbert — Herbert, Brian and Anderson, Kevin J. — Paul of Dune (SF)
Herbert, Frank — Dune (SF) | Dune Messiah (SF)
Hess, Joan — Mummy Dearest (M)
Hewitt, Jason — The Dynamite Room
Hiaasen, Carl — Skinny Dip (audiotape) (M)
CD Hiaasen — Hiaasen, Carl — Skinny Dip (M)
Hickam, Homer — Carrying Albert Home | The Dinosaur Hunter
Hicks, Robert — The Widow of the South
Hill, Joe — Heart-Shaped Box (Hor) | NOS4A2 (Hor) | 20th Century Ghosts (Hor)
CD Hill — Hill, Joe — The Fireman (SF/Hor)
Hines, Jim C. — Codex Born (Fan) | Libriomancer (Fan) | Unbound (Fan)
CD Hoag — Hoag, Tami — Secrets to the Grave (M)
Hockensmith, Steve — Holmes on the Range (M)
Hoffman, Alice — The Dovekeepers (downloadable audio) | The World That We Knew
Downloadable Audio Hoffman — Hoffman, Alice — The Dovekeepers
Hooper, Kay — Whisper of Evil (M)
Hornby, Nick — About a Boy | Funny Girl
Horowitz, Anthony — The House of Silk (M)
CD Horowitz, Anthony — The Sentence is Murder (M) | The Word is Murder (M)
Howard, Robert E. — The Phoenix on the Sword (Fan)
Hubbard, L. Ron — Battlefield Earth (SF) (1 comment/rating)
Hubbard, Susan — The Society of S (Hor)
Hughes, Matthew — The Damned Busters (SF/Fan)
Hugo, Victor — Les Miserables (1 comment/rating)
Hulse, S.M. — Black River
Hunt, Laird — In the House in the Dark of the Woods
Hunter, Stephen — The 47th Samurai
Hurston, Zora Neale — Seraph on the Suwanee
CD Hurston — Hurston, Zora Neale — Their Eyes Were Watching God
Hynes, James — Next
Ivey, Eowyn — The Snow Child
Jackson, Charles — The Lost Weekend
Jackson, Shirley — The Haunting of Hill House (Hor) (1 comment/rating) | The Haunting of Hill House (Hor)
James, Miranda — File M for Murder (M) | Out of Circulation (M)
James, P.D. — Death Comes to Pemberley (M) | Death of an Expert Witness (M)
Jance, J.A. — Desert Heat (M)
CD Jance — Jance, J.A. — Dead Wrong (M) | Fire and Ice (M)
Jansma, Kristopher — The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards
Jeter, K.W. — Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human (1 comment/rating)
Jiles, Paulette — New of the World
Johnson, Craig — The Highwayman (M) | Junkyard Dogs (M) | The Spirit of Steamboat (M)
Johnson, Josephine — Now in November
Jonasson, Jonas — The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
Jonasson, Ragnar — Snowblind (M)
Joyce, Graham — The Silent Land | Some Kind of Fairy Tale
Joyce, Rachel — The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Kade, Stacey — The Ghost and the Goth
Kadry, Richard — Sandman Slim (Fan)
Kaewert, Julie — Unsolicited (M)
Kaminsky, Stuart — Murder on the Yellow Brick Road | The Rockford Files: The Green Bottle (M)
Kane, Andrea — Twisted (M)
Kanon, Joseph — The Good German | Los Alamos
Karp, Marshall — Cut, Paste, Kill (M)
Karpyshyn, Drew — Darth Bane: Path of Destruction (SF)
Kaufman, Bel — Up the Down Staircase
Kava, Alex — A Necessary Evil
Kaye, M.M. — Death in Zanzibar (M)
Keane, Mary Beth — Fever
Keillor, Garrison — Lake Wobegon Days | Wobegon Boy
CD Keillor — Keillor, Garrison — Pontoon
Kellerman, Faye — The Ritual Bath | Straight Into Darkness (M)
Kellerman, Jonathan — The Butcher’s Theater (M)
Kemp, Paul — Lords of the Sith (SF)
Kerlin, Amanda — Secrets of the Model Dorm
Keyes, Daniel — Flowers for Algernon
Khadra, Yasmina — The Attack
Kidd, Sue Monk — The Secret Life of Bees (1 comment/rating)
Kiely, Tracy — Murder at Longbourn (M)
Kincaid, Jamaica — The Autobiography of My Mother
King, Laurie — The Art of Detection (M)
King, Stephen — Cujo (Hor) | Finders Keepers (Hor) | Finders Keepers (Hor) | Joyland (Hor) | Mr. Mercedes (Hor) | Salem’s Lot (Hor) | The Shining (Hor) | The Stand (Hor)
CD (or Downloadable Audio) King — King, Stephen — Carrie (Hor) | The Colorado Kid (M/Hor) | Doctor Sleep (Hor) | Elevation (Hor) | The Gingerbread Girl (Hor) | It (Hor) | Mile 81 (Hor) | The Outsider (M) | Sleeping Beauties | The Stand (Hor) | Thinner (Hor) | UR (Hor)
Hoopla — King, Stephen — Stationary Bike (Hor)
CD King — King, Stephen & Chizmar, Richard — Gwendy’s Button Box (Hor)
Kingsbury, Karen — Angels Walking | The Chance
Kingsbury, Karen and Smalley, David — Redemption
Kingsolver, Barbara — The Poisonwood Bible
Klause, Annette Curtis — Silver Kiss (Fan/Hor/R)
Knowles, John — A Separate Peace
Koch, Herman — The Dinner
Koontz, Dean — The Husband
CD Koontz — Koontz, Dean — The Moonlit Mind
Kostova, Elizabeth — The Historian (Hor) (1 comment/rating)
Kowal, Mary Robinette — The Calculating Stars (SF)
Kozak, Harley Jane — Dating Dead Men (M)
Krentz, Jayne Ann — Trust Me (R)
Krueger, William Kent — Iron Lake (M) | Ordinary Grace (M) | This Tender Land | This Tender Land
Kubica, Mary — Pretty Baby
Downloadable Audio Kubica, Mary — The Good Girl
Kuzneski, Chris — The Death Relic
Lackey, Mercedes — Arrows of the Queen (Fan)
Lafferty, Mur — Solo: A Star Wars Story (SF)
Lahiri, Jhumpa — The Lowland | The Namesake (1 comment/rating) | Unaccustomed Earth
Lamb, Wally — I’ll Take You There
L’Amour, Louis — Crossfire Trail (W)
CD L’Amour — L’Amour, Louis — How the West Was Won (W)
Larbalestier, Justine — My Sister Rosa
Larsen, K.J. — Liar, Liar (M)
Larsson, Stieg — The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (M)
Laymon, Kiese — Long Division (Hoopla ebook only)
Downloadable Audio Leckie, Ann — The Raven Tower (Fan)
Lederer, William J. and Burdick, Eugene — The Ugly American
Lee, Chang-Rae — The Surrendered
Lee, Harper — Go Set a Watchman | To Kill a Mockingbird
Leguin, Ursula K. — The Lathe of Heaven (SF) (1 comment/rating) | Tales From Earthsea (F)
Lehrer, Jim — Purple Dots | Super (M)
Leon, Donna — Death at La Fenice (M)
Leotta, Allison — Speak of the Devil (M)
Leroux, Gaston — The Phantom of the Opera (Hor)
Lewandowski, Lois — The Fatal Heir (M)
Lewis, C.S. — Till We Have Faces
Lewis, Sinclair — Arrowsmith
Li, Yijun — The Vagrants
Lindsay, Jeffrey — Darkly Dreaming Dexter (M) | Dexter Down Under (M)
Lipperman, Liz — Liver Let Die (M)
Lippman, Laura — In a Strange City (M)
CD Lippman, Laura — What the Dead Know (M)
Liu, Cixin — The Three-Body Problem (SF)
Livesey, Margot — Eva Moves the Furniture
Long, Jeff — The Descent (Hor)
Lovecraft, H.P. — At the Mountains of Madness (Hor) | The Call of Cthulhu (Hor)
Luceno, James — Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel (SF) | Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader (SF) | Tarkin (SF)
Lutz, Lisa — The Spellman Files (M)
Lynch, Scott — The Lies of Locke Lamora (Fan) (1 comment/rating)
MacInerny, Karen — Brush With Death (M)
Mackenzie, Jassy — Random Violence (M)
Macleod, Charlotte — The Convivial Codfish (M)
MacNeal, Susan Elia — Mr. Churchill’s Secretary (M)
Macomber, Debbie — Dashing Through the Snow (R)
Maffini, Mary Jane — Organize Your Corpses (M)
Malerman, Josh — Bird Box | Bird Box
Malliet, G.M. — Death of a Cozy Writer (M) | Wicked Autumn (M)
Mantel, Hilary — Wolf Hall
Marillier, Juliet – Daughter of the Forest (Fan)(br)
Marlantes, Karl — Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War
Marston, Edward — The Wolves of Savernake (M)
Martel, Yann — Life of Pi
Martin, George R.R. — A Feast for Crows (2 comments/ratings)
Martin, George R.R. (and others) — Hunter’s Run (SF)
Martin, Steve — The Pleasure of My Company
Martin-Lugand, Agnes — Happy People Read and Drink Coffee
Mason, Jamie — Three Graves Full (M)
Matheson, Richard — I Am Legend (SF/Hor) | Nightmare at 20,000 Feet: The Horror Stories of Richard Matheson (Hor) | The Shrinking Man (Hor/SF) (Hoopla only)
Mathews, Jeanne — Bones of Contention (M)
May, Peter — Freeze Frame (M)
Mayle, Peter — Vintage Caper (M)
Mayor, Archer — Open Season (M) | Open Season (M)
McBride, James — The Good Lord Bird
McCafferty, Kate — Testimony of an Irish Slave Girl
McCafferty, Keith — The Royal Wulff Murders (M)
McCaffrey, Anne — Dragonsong (SF/Fan) | No One Noticed the Cat (Fan) (1 comment/rating) | The Ship Who Sang (SF)
McCall-Smith, Alexander — Bertie Plays the Blues | Bertie’s Guide to Life and Mothers | Corduroy Mansions | Friends, Lovers and Chocolate
McCallum, David — Once a Crooked Man (M)
McCammon, Robert R. — Speaks the Nightbird
McCann, Colum — Let the Great World Spin
McCulley, Johnston — The Mark of Zorro
Downloadable Audio McCullough — McCullough, Colleen — Sins of the Flesh
McEwan, Ian — Atonement (1 comment/rating)
McFadden, Berniece — The Book of Harlan
McGuire, Seanan — Middlegame
McIntyre, Vonda N. — The Entropy Effect (SF)
McLaughlin, Emma and Kraus, Nicola — The Nanny Diaries
McManus, Patrick — The Huckleberry Murders (M)
McMurtry, Larry — Zeke & Ned (W)
McQuillan, Karin — The Elephants’ Graveyard (M)
Downloadable Audio McQuiston, Casey — Red, White & Royal Blue (R)
Medawar, Mardi Oakley — The Witch of the Palo Duro (M)
Meier, Leslie — Invitation Only Murder (M)
Downloadable Audio Memminger — Memminger, Charley — Aloha, Lady Blue (M)
Menino, Holly — Murder, She Rode (M)
Messud, Claire — The Woman Upstairs
Meyer, Deon — Dead Before Dying (M)
Meyer, Melissa — Heartless
Meyer, Nicholas — The West End Horror (M)
Michaels, Kasey — Maggie Needs an Alibi (M)
Michener, James — Centennial
Mieville, China — Kraken (SF) | Perdido Street Station (SF)
Miller, John Jackson — Star Wars: A New Dawn (SF)
Miller, Linda Lael — Big Sky Country
Miller, Serena — The Measure of Katie Calloway
Miller, Sue — While I Was Gone
Millett, Larry — Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders (M)
Milne, A.A. — The Red House Mystery (M)
Mitchell, David — The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
Mitchell, V.E. — Windows on a Lost World (SF)
el-Mohtar, Amal & Gladstone, Max — This is How You Lose the Time War (SF)
Monroe, J.S. — Find Me
Monroe, Mary Alice — Time is a River
Moon, Elizabeth — The Speed of Dark (SF)
Moore, Christopher — The Island of the Sequined Love Nun | The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove | The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror
Morgenstern, Erin — The Night Circus (Fan)
Moriarty, Liane — The Husband’s Secret 
CD Moriarty — Moriarty, Liane — Big Little Lies | The Last Anniversary
Downloadable audio Moriarty — Moriarty, Liane — Nine Perfect Strangers
Morrell, David — Creepers (Hor)
Morrison, Toni — The Bluest Eye (1 comment/rating) | Paradise
Mosley, Walter — Fearless Jones (M)
Mott, Jason — The Returned
Moyer, Jamie Lee — Delia’s Shadow (SF/Fan)
Moyes, Jojo — After You | The Giver of Stars
Mullen, Thomas — The Last Town on Earth
Muller, Marcia and Pronzini, Bill — The Bughouse Affair (M)
Murdock, M.S. — The Web of the Romulans (SF) (Star Trek)
Hoopla Stream Audio — Murdock, M.S. — The Web of the Romulans (SF) (Star Trek)
Myers, Tamar — The Witch Doctor’s Wife (M)
Napolitano, Ann — Dear Edward | Dear Edward
Nesbo, Jo — The Redeemer (M)
Newman, Emma — Planetfall (SF)
Newman, Kim — Anno Dracula (H)
Nichols, John — The Milagro Beanfield War
Niffenegger, Audrey — The Time Traveler’s Wife
Niven, Larry and Barnes, Steven — The Moon Maze Game (SF)
North, Claire — The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August (SF)
Novik, Naomi — Blood of Tyrants (Fan) | His Majesty’s Dragon (Fan) (2 comments/ratings) | Spinning Silver (Fan) | Tongues of Serpents (Fan) | Uprooted (Fan) | Victory of Eagles (Fan)
Nunn, Malla — A Beautiful Place to Die (M)
O’Connor, Joseph — Star of the Sea
Ogawa, Yoko — The Memory Police
Older, Daniel Jose — Last Shot (SF)
Olsen, Tillie — Yonnondio: From the Thirties
Olson, Karen E. — Shot Girl (M)
Olson, Sigurd — The Singing Wilderness
Ondaatje, Michael — The Cat’s Table
O’Sullivan, Kathryn — Foal Play (M)
Otsuka, Julie — The Buddha in the Attic | When the Emperor Was Divine
Ozeki, Ruth — A Tale for the Time Being
Palaniuk, Chuck — Haunted (Hor)
Parker, Robert B. — Night Passage (M)
Parris, P.B. — Waltzing in the Attic
Downloadable Audio Parris — Parris, S.J. — Sacrilege (M)
Parshall, Sandra — Broken Places (M)
Passman, Don — The Amazing Harvey (M)
Patchett, Ann — The Dutch House | Run
Patel, Neel — If You See Me, Don’t Say Hi: Stories
CD Patterson — Patterson, James — The Spire
Patterson, James and DeJonge, Peter — Miracle at Augusta
Patterson, James and Swierczwynski — The House Husband
Pearson, Ridley — The Risk Agent
Penny, Louise — A Fatal Grace (M) | A Fatal Grace (M) | Glass Houses (M)
eBook Perry — Perry, Carol J. — Caught Dead Handed (M)
Peters, Elizabeth — Crocodile on the Sandbank (M) | Die for Love (M)
Pethick, Sue — Pet Friendly (R)
Pickard, Nancy — Say No to Murder (M) | The Virgin of Small Plains (M)
Picoult, Jodi — My Sister’s Keeper (1 comment/rating)
CD Poe — Poe, Edar Allan — Poe’s Detective: The Dupin Stories (M)
Porizkova, Paulina — A Model Summer
Potzsch, Oliver — The Ludwig Conspiracy (Fan)
Powers, Richard — Generosity: An Enhancement
Powers, Tim — Declare (Fan/Hor)
Pratchett, Terry — Small Gods (Fan) | The Wyrd Sisters (Fan)
CD Pratchett — Pratchett, Terry — Witches Abroad (Fan)
Preston, Richard — Romulus Buckle and the History of the Founders (SF/Fan)
Pryor, Michael — The Bookseller (M)
Quartey, Kwei — Wife of the Gods (M)
Queen, Ellery — Finishing Stroke (M)
Quick, Matthew — The Silver Linings Playbook
Quinn, Spencer — Dog On It (M) | The Right Side (M)
CD Quinn — Quinn, Spencer — Heart of Barkness (M) | Paw & Order (M) | Scents and Sensibility (M) | The Sound and the Furry (M)
Ramsay, Frederick — The Stranger Room (M)
Randolph, Ladette — Haven’s Wake
Read, Cornelia — A Field of Darkness (M)
Reaves, Michael — Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter (SF)
Reed, Robert — Black Milk (SF) | The Dragons of Springplace (SF) | Eater-of-Bone (SF)
Rendell, Ruth — Simisola (M) | The Tree of Hands (M)
CD Rendell — Rendell, Ruth — From Doon With Death (M)
Resnick, Mike — Kirinyaga: A Fable of Utopia (SF)
Rice, Luanne — Silver Bells
Rice, Waubgeshig — Moon of the Crusted Snow
Richards, Justin — The Dalek Project (SF)
Richman, Phyllis — The Butter Did It (M)
Rigolosi, Steven — The Outsmarting of Criminals (M)
Rivers, Francine — Redeeming Love
CD Rivers — Rivers, Francine — Her Mother’s Hope
Roanhorse, Rebecca — Resistance Reborn (SF)
Downloadable Audo Robards — Robards, Karen — The Last Victim (M)
CD Robb — Robb, J.D. — Calculated in Death (M)
Robbins, Tom — Skinny Legs and All (1 comment/rating)
Robertson, Michael — The Baker Street Letters (M)
Robinson, Spider — The Callahan Chronicles (SF)
CD Robotham — Robotham, Michael — Lost
Rodriguez, Linda — Every Last Secret (M)
CD Rollins — Rollins, James — The Doomsday Key
Downloadable Audio Rosenfelt — Rosenfelt, David — Open and Shut (M)
Roth, Veronica — Four (SF) (YA)
Rothfuss, Patrick — The Name of the Wind (Fan)
Rowell, Rainbow — Attachments | Landline
Russell, Karen — Swamplandia
Ryan, Hank Phillippi — The Other Woman (M)
Hoopla Saintcrow, Lilith — The Complete Roadside Z (Hor)
Salinger, J.D. — Nine Stories
Sanderson, Brandon — The Emperor’s Soul (SF) | The Hero of Ages (Fan) | Mistborn: The Final Empire (Fan)
Sandford, John — Dark of the Moon (M)
Sandoz, Mari — Winter Thunder
Santmyer, Helen Hooven — …And Ladies of the Club
Sarton, May — The Fur Person
Sawyer, Robert J. — FastForward (SF)
Sayers, Dorothy L. — Gaudy Night (M) | Murder Must Advertise (M) | Strong Poison (M)
Scalzi, John — The Collapsing Empire (SF) | Redshirts: A Novel With Three Codas (SF)
Schofield, Douglas — Time of Departure (M)
Schreiber, Joe — Death Troopers (SF/H) | Red Harvest (SF/H)
Schwarz, Christina — Drowning Ruth
Sebold, Alice — The Lovely Bones
See, Lisa — Dreams of Joy
Semple, Maria — Where’d You Go, Bernadette?
Shaffer, Mary Ann — The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Shaffner, George — In the Land of Second Chances
Shalvis, Jill — Chasing Christmas Eve (R)
Shan, Sa — The Girl Who Played Go
Shelley, Mary — Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (SF)
Shelton, Paige — Thin Ice (M)
Shields, Jody — The Fig Eater (M) | The Fig Eater (M)
Shriver, Lionel — We Need to Talk About Kevin
Silva, Daniel — The Black Widow (M) | The Kill Artist (M)
Simses, Mary — The Rules of Love and Grammar
Simsion, Graeme — The Rosie Project
CD Simsion — Simsion, Graeme — The Best of Adam Sharp | The Rosie Effect
Sittenfeld, Curtis — The American Wife
Slimani, Leila — The Perfect Nanny
Sloan, Robin — Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (1 comment/rating)
Smith, Evelyn — Miss Melville Regrets (M)
Smith, Michael Farris — Rivers
Smith, Scott — The Ruins (M) (1 comment/rating) | A Simple Plan
Smith, Wilbur — The Quest
CD Smith — Smith, Zadie — Swing Time
Snelling, Lauraine — The Untamed Land
Snyder, Maria V. — The Poison Study (Fan) (1 comment/rating)
Snyder, Maria — The Poison Study
Soli, Tatjana — The Lotus Eaters
Spillane, Mickey — The Mike Hammer Collection, Vol. 1
Stabenow, Dana — Fire and Ice (M)
CD Stabenow — Stabenow, Dana — Dead in the Water (M)
Stanley, Michael — The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu (M)
CD Stedman — Stedman, M.L. — The Light Between Oceans
CD Stein — Stein, Garth — The Art of Racing in the Rain
Steinbeck, John — The Moon is Down | The Pastures of Heaven
CD Steinhauer — Steinhauer, Olen — The Cairo Affair (M)
Stephenson, Neal — Anathem (SF) | Snow Crash (SF)
Stevenson, Robert Louis — Kidnapped | The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (SF)
Stover, Matthew — Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor (SF) | Shatterpoint (SF)
Strohmeyer, Sarah — Bubbles Betrothed (M)
Stroud, Carsten — Niceville
Strout, Elizabeth — Olive Kitteridge
Styron, William — Sophie’s Choice
Suskind, Patrick — Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (1 comment/rating)
Talton, Jon — South Phoenix Rules (M)
Tan, Amy — The Kitchen God’s Wife
Tanabe, Karin — The Gilded Years
Tartt, Donna — The Goldfinch
Taylor, Patrick — An Irish Country Doctor | An Irish Country Doctor
Thien, Madeleine — Do Not Say That We Have Nothing
Thoft, Ingird — Loyalty (M)
Thompson, Craig — Habibi
Thompson, Jim — Snow Angels (M)
Thompson, Vicki Lewis — Nerd in Shining Armor (R)
Thurlo, Amy and David — The Prodigal Nun (M)
Tidhar, Lavie — The Bookman (SF/Fan)
Todd, Charles — A Test of Wills (M) | An Unmarked Grave (M)
Toibin, Colm — Brooklyn
Tolkien, J.R.R. — The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Fan) | The Story of Kullervo (Fan) | Unfinished Tales (Fan)
CD Tolkien — Tolkien, J.R.R. — The Lord of the Rings (BBC Radio Play) (Fan)
Tolkien, J.R.R. and Tolkien, Christopher — The Children of Hurin (Fan) | The Silmarillion (Fan)
CD Towles — Towles, Amor — A Gentleman in Moscow
Tracy, P.J. — Shoot to Thrill (M) | An Irish Country Doctor
Treadway, Jessica — Lacy Eye
Trevor, William — The Story of Lucy Gault
Trochek, Kathy Hogan — Happy Never After (M)
Trollope, Anthony — The Warden
Tropper, Jonathan — One Last Thing Before I Go | This is Where I Leave You
Twain, Mark — Pudd’nhead Wilson
Udall, Brady — The Lonely Polygamist
Updike, John — Rabbit, Run
Uviller, Daphne — Super in the City (M)
Vallere, Diane — Pillow Stalk (M)
Vandermeer, Jeff — Annihilation (SF/Hor)
Van Gieson, Judith — Vanishing Point (M)
Vaughn, Carrie — After the Golden Age (SF)
Verdon, John — Think of a Number (M)
Vonnegut, Kurt — Deadeye Dick | The Sirens of Titan (SF)
Vreeland, Susan — The Girl in Hyacinth Blue
Wait, Lea — Shadows on the Coast of Maine (M)
Walker, Mildred — Winter Wheat
Walton, Jo — Among Others (SF)
Wan, Michelle — A Twist of Orchids (M)
Wangerin, Walter — The Book of the Dun Cow (Fan)
Ward, Amanda Eyre — How to Be Lost (1 comment/rating)
CD Ware, Ruth — The Woman in Cabin 10 (M)
Watson, Larry — Let Him Go
Watson, Peter — Landscape of Lies (M)
Waugh, Sylvia — The Mennyms
Webb, Betty — The Anteater of Death (M)
Weir, Alison — Innocent Traitor: Lady Jane Grey
Weir, Andy — The Martian (SF)
Weir, Meghan MacLean — The Book of Essie
Wells, Martha — All Systems Red (SF) | All Systems Red (SF) | Artificial Condiction (SF) | Exit Strategy (SF) | Rogue Protocol (SF)
Wendig, Chuck — Aftermath (SF) | Aftermath: Empire’s End (SF) | Aftermath: Life Debt (SF) | The Blue Blazes (SF)
Westlake, Donald P. — Get Real (M) | The Hot Rock (M)
Wharton, Edith — Ethan Frome
White, Randy Wayne — Sanibel Flats (M)
Whitson, Stephanie Grace — A Claim of Her Own
Wibberly, Leonard — The Mouse That Roared | 1776 and All That
Wiehl, Liz and Henry, April — Face of Betrayal (M)
Wiggins, Bethany — Stung (YA) — Things Fall Apart
Wilemeyer, Karen (and others) — A Match Made in Texas: A Novella Collection (R)
CD Wilhelm — Wilhelm, Kate — The Deepest Water | Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (SF) (downloadable audio on Hoopla)
CD Williams — Williams, Amanda Kyle — Stranger in the Room (M)
Willis, Connie — Bellwether
Wilson, F. Paul — The Keep (Hor) | Midnight Mass (Hor) | The Repairman Jack series (SF)
Wingfield, R.D. — Winter Frost
Winspear, Jacqueline — Maisie Dobbs (M)
Winters, Ben — Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
Wodehouse, P.G. — The Code of the Woosters | The Jeeves and Wooster series
Wong, David — Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits (SF)
Woodson, Jacqueline — Another Brooklyn
CD Woods — Woods, Stuart — Doing Hard Time (M)
Downloadable Audio — Wolfe, Inger Asher — The Taken (M)
Work, James C. — A Title to Murder: The Carhenge Mystery (M)
Worth, Jennifer — Call the Midwife: Shadows of the Workhouse
Wright, Erica — Red Chameleon (M)
Wright, Harold Bell — The Shepherd of the Hills
Yapa, Sunil — Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist
Yolen, Jane — Sister Emily’s Lightship and Other Stories (SF/Fan)
CD Yu — Yu, Charles — How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe (SF)
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz — The Angel’s Game
Zahn, Timothy — Allegiance (SF) | Heir to the Empire (SF) | Outbound Flight (SF) | Thrawn (SF) | Thrawn: Alliances (SF) | Thrawn: Treason (SF)
Zusak, Markus — The Book Thief (2 comments/ratings)

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