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Staff Recommendations – January 2007

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January 2007 Recommendations

mylifeinfranceMy Life in France
by Julia Child (B C4349)

What a great Book! Julia Child shares the fascinating story of her and her husband Paul, as they head to France after World War II, and she discovers her passion for French cooking. Julia tells her story of a love for French Cuisine and a deep love for her husband Paul as they experience together the joys of living in France. Julia’s upfront honesty throughout the book mirrors the same image that thousands of viewers witnessed when she was cooking on television. She gives a rather frank account of her time spent attending the Le Cordon Bleu and states in her book that she became the great cook that she was, from the constant encouragement of her husband Paul. This book tells the story of their somewhat nomadic lives as they travel and cook their way through France, and meet many of the great chefs of the day.

( Publisher’s web site for the book ) | ( Julia Child page on Wikipedia )

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Recommended by Patty L.
Walt Branch Library

americantragedyAn American Tragedy
by Theodore Dreiser (Dreiser)

Dreiser’s epic features Clyde Griffiths, a Midwest kid whose family runs a street mission. After working in a hotel and seeing how the other half lives, he gets a job in a factory in order to better himself. After romancing one of the factory girls who gets pregnant he meets a beautiful rich girl who embodies all of his dreams. After hearing about a boating accident on a nearby lake, he plots to rid himself of his complaining girlfriend. This ill advised venture leads to the tragedy in the title. A classic worth revisiting.

( Wikipedia page on An American Tragedy — with links to more information )

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Recommended by Rayma S.
Reference Department — Bennett Martin Public Library

storiesfamilysheartStories for the Family’s Heart: Over 100 Stories to Encourage Your Family
by Alice Gray (158.1 Gra)

Author Alice Gray has compiled over 100 encouraging stories from many well known authors that illustrate the kindness, sensitivity, and compassion found in this world. Similar in style to Philip Gulley’s Front Porch Tales, these stories would provide a great resource for anyone preparing a sermon, presenting a public speaking engagement or for anyone who simply wants to read some thought provoking stories.


Recommended by Patty L.
Walt Branch Library

by Stephen King (King)

This is a real “page turner” for anyone who has not seen the movie.

( official Cujo page on the official Stephen King web site )


Recommended by Mary C.
Circulation Department — Bennett Martin Public Library

tillwehavefacesTill We Have Faces
by C.S. Lewis (Lewis)

Till We Have Faces, the least explicitly Christian of C.S. Lewis’s major works of fiction, is sometimes described as a retelling or a reinterpretation of the myth of Cupid and Psyche. But such a description is somewhat misleading. Lewis instead uses the myth as a backdrop for telling the story of Psyche’s sister Orual, and through this story explores the themes of sacred and profane love, self-deception and self-knowledge, and physical versus spiritual realities. This is a compelling read for those interested in Lewis’s works, mythology, or the themes mentioned here.

( Wikipedia page for this novel ) | ( )


Recommended by Peter J.
Reference Department — Bennett Martin Public Library

formatmagazinementalfloss25questionsMental Floss
(Monthly Magazine)

Do you like history? Do you like trivia? Do you like a smart-alecky sense of humor, or have one yourself? Then the magazine Mental Floss is for you! Jam-packed with facts and a healthy dose of satire, this will make you want to know a little bit more about a whole lot of things. A sample of some article titles includes “10 Facts about Iraq (That you won’t hear on the Nightly News)”, “Not-so-bright Ideas in Science”, and “Falling Up: Shel Silverstein’s Unlikely Rise to Kid Lit Superstardom”. There are also recurring features such as “How Stuff Works”, “6 Degrees of Ken Jennings”, in one of which the “Jeopardy” uber-champion links game namesake Kevin Bacon to Canadian bacon, “The Quiz” multiple-choice multiple-subject reader quiz, and profiles on general subjects such as candy, color, and fruit. The layout is bright and visually dynamic without being too hard on readers who are used to traditional magazine formatting. Mental Floss is brain food which can either be chewed thoroughly or nibbled occasionally, and is satisfying both ways. It’s smart and it’s fun!

( official Mental Floss web site )


Recommended by Becky W. C.
Walt Branch Library

garlicandsapphiresGarlic & Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise
by Ruth Reichl (641.5 Rei)

This book traces Ruth Reichl’s path from when she began as the New York Times food critic through her transition to editor of Gourmet magazine. Follow as Reichl moves through various “characters” in her quest for anonymity while critiquing out some of New York’s finest restaurants. Reichl’s descriptions of the food leave you believing you are eating right there with her. For good measure, she incorporates some of her favorite recipes, which are easy to do even if you aren’t a sous-chef!

( official Ruth Reichl web site )

Recommended by Jodene G.
Walt Branch Library


Rated by — Julie H.
Customer/Staff at the Walt Branch Library

mistbornMistborn: The Final Empire
by Brandon Sanderson (Sanderson)

This highly entertaining fantasy novel is the first in a planned trilogy of the Final Empire. The novel is set in a bleak ash-ridden world where those in power rule by the grace of the immortal Lord Ruler. A well traveled rebel ignites a revolt against the tyranny of the Empire by using Allomancy (an internal burning of ingested metals to fuel superhuman powers) to subvert and directly attack. This is also the coming-of-age story of Vin, an orphaned thief who learns to use her previously unknown powers of the Mistborn in cooperation with the rebel Kelsier. The novel is fast-paced and full of unique descriptions of the metallurgy involved in being a Mistborn, along with a healthy dose of action and adventure. The main story is an often told tale, but done so within the backdrop of a well-drawn oppressive world full of new creatures, mutations, and characters.

( official Brandon Sanderson web site )


Recommended by Sean S.
Eiseley Branch Library

by Judy Waite (j Waite)

“True Cause is the true cause” and members of Howard’s cult repeat this often and believe it firmly. They live a harsh life with many “forbiddens” but they feel happy, full of love, as they wait the approaching Endtime. Elinor has belonged to this cult since she was a young child. As one of the “chosen” she will become one of Howard’s brides when she turns 16. In the mean time she does her assigned jobs, including selling items from members “former lives” at a flea market. When she meets an Outsider boy she is struck by his deep, green eyes, his caring and honest attitude, and his challenge to her to think for herself. Can he help her escape the cult and it’s mental as well as physical hold on her? Can she ever fit back into a “normal” life? Forbidden is an exciting story with much to consider.

( official Judy Waite web site )


Recommended by Mary L.
Walt Branch Library

Screening Room

formatdvddavidcopperfielddvdDavid Copperfield
by Charles Dickens (DVD Dickens)

This is the BBC Production of the classic book by Charles Dickens; originally aired in 1974. The DVD was released in 2006. This version stars David Yelland in the title role. This is an excellent production of one of my favorite novels by Charles Dickens.

(Also available in various other print and audio formats, as well as a more recent video adaptation starring Bob Hoskins and Daniel Radcliffe.)

( Internet Movie Database page for this production ) | ( Site with full-text of the novel )


Recommended by Kim J.
Reference Department — Bennett Martin Public Library

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