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Staff Recommendations – July 2005

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These recommendations were posted in July 2005

demolishedmanThe Demolished Man
by Alfred Bester

Despite it being over 50 years since this novel originally came out, this is still one of the best science fiction novels ever published to deal with the subject of telepathy in a realistic way. And it’s not only a good SF novel…it’s also a good mystery novel at the same time! This is one of the absolute classics of speculative fiction!

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Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

cateringtonobodyThe “Goldy Bear” mystery series
by Diane Mott Davidson

An engaging combination of amateur sleuth stories and observations about running a catering business. Caterer Goldy Schultz is a strong, solid, believable character.

( publisher’s official Diane Mott Davidson web page )


Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

gunsgermssteelGuns, Germs and Steel
by Jared Diamond (303.4 Di)

A riveting exploration of the forces that move and shape the development of human societies. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Adapted into an excellent 3-part documentary for PBS in July 2005.

( Guns, Germs and Steel page at Wikipedia ) | ( Jared Diamond page at Wikipedia )


Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

hiddenmessagesThe Hidden Messages in Water
by Masaru Emoto (615.5 Emo)

Author Masaru Emoto, presents his amazing theory showing how water is deeply connected to people’s individual and collective consciousness. This book contains photographs of water crystals whose formation was influenced by written word and sound. The author found that water exposed to positive, loving words created beautiful crystals when frozen. On the flip side, water that was exposed to hateful, ugly words or sounds, created muddy and incomplete crystal formations. The pictures are both beautiful and sad to look at, reminding us that our positive thoughts and intentions towards other human beings and the earth are essential in creating a peaceful and loving world.

( official Masaru Emoto Web site )

Recommended by Patty L.
Walt Branch Library

formatCDbook2skinnydipaudioSkinny Dip
by Carl Hiaasen (Compact Disc Hiaasen)

The reader (Stephen Hoye) does an excellent job of bringing to life the characters, especially the bimbo girlfriend who just might become your favorite. Hilarious in parts. Caution: sexual context and language, adult situations.

( official Carl Hiaasen Web site )


Recommended by Charlotte M.
Bennett Martin Public Library

americanwesthistoryThe American West: A New Interpretative History
by Robert V. Hine (978 Hin)

The “American West” began with the first steps of Europeans on American soil, and this book puts new perspectives on the history of the entire United States. I was struck by the important but little-known role business has played in our history.

Recommended by Bob B.
Bennett Martin Public Library

claratheearlyyearsClara, the Early Years: The Story of the Pug Who Ruled My Life
by Margo Kaufman (636.76 Kau)

This witty book sparkles with wry humor and the tremendous personality of Clara, the writer’s pug who definitely has “star” quality–and attitude! A treat for any dog lover, or someone just looking for a funny read.

Recommended by Elizabeth J.
Bennett Martin Public Library

thenamesakeThe Namesake
by Jhumpa Lahiri

Beautifully written story about Gogol, a first-generation American with Indian parents, who struggles to have his own identity while his family tries to make him realize his Indian heritage.

( Jhumpa Lahiri entry on Wikipedia )

Recommended by Andrea S.
Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries]


Rated by — Anonymous
Visitor to the BookGuide site

mysisterskeeperMy Sister’s Keeper
by Jodi Picoult

Told from several different points of view, this story features excellent characterization and plot. The characters are real and relatable, as they grapple with tough issues of family, love, and death. If you like engrossing reads with very human characters, this is an excellent choice!

( official Jodi Picoult Web site )

Recommended by Elizabeth J.
Bennett Martin Public Library


Rated by — Anonymous
Visitor to the BookGuide site

drowningruthDrowning Ruth
by Christina Schwarz

Was it an accident? Or was it murder? Read and find out!

(A past Oprah Book Club selection — click here to see all the Oprah selections!)

Recommended by Rayma S.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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