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Staff Recommendations – June 2005

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These recommendations were posted June 2005

blvdofbdBoulevard of Broken Dreams
by Kim Deitch (741.5 Dei)

Collector mania, Hollywood, the history of animation, binge drinking and madness, to say nothing of a cat named Waldo!

Recommended by Scott S.
Bennett Martin Public Library

americanwestAmerican West: Twenty New Stories
edited by Loren D. Estleman (813.08 Es)

This book is a nice collection of western short stories, written with a midwest flair. Nebraska’s own Lori Van Pelt is included, with her short story “River Watch.”

( official Loren Estleman Web site )

See more books by Lori Van Pelt on our Nebraska Author — Lori Van Pelt booklist


Recommended by Kim J.
Bennett Martin Public Library

justheplanetHow Much for Just the Planet?
by John M. Ford

One of the best, and most unique, of the early Star Trek novels. This is a hilarious, madcap adventure — a smart comic farce, populated by familiar Trek faces. This novel feels as light-hearted and humorous as the classic Star Trek fan-favorite episode “The Trouble With Tribbles.”

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Hear Scott C. talk about this book in the To Boldly Go…Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary podcast recording


Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

visitantThe Visitant
by Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear

An archaeological team is excavating an Anasazi Indian site in New Mexico. Remains of women and children who appear to have been ceremonially and violently killed are found. At each chapter the story switches between the present and the past as the present-day archaeologist and the tribal chief from the past both attempt to solve the murder mystery.

( official Visitant Web site ) | ( official Kathleen Gear and W. Michael Gear Web site )


Recommended by Charlotte M.
Bennett Martin Public Library

extravirginExtra Virgin: A Young Woman Discovers the Italian Riviera, Where Every Month is Enchanted
by Annie Hawes (914.518 Haw)

This is a delightful example of armchair travel, where a young Englishwoman and her sister look for a warm climate with interesting locals and end up in a small town on the Italian Riviera. Intending to stay for only a short time, they end up buying an old farmhouse and living in Liguria on a part-time basis. Annie describes their dealings with the cultural differences, the Ligurian dialect, and their neighbors with such good humor and good descriptions that you can easily picture this appealing location.

Recommended by Cindy C.
Bennett Martin Public Library


Rated by — Anonymous
Visitor to the BookGuide site

interiordesecrationsInterior Desecrations: Hideous Homes From the Horrible 70s
by James Lileks (747.09 Lil)

The author’s hilarious commentary accompanies photos of the worst-decorated homes imaginable. Guaranteed to make you wonder, “What were these people thinking?”

( official James Lileks Web site )

Recommended by anonymous.

pleasureofmycoThe Pleasure of My Company
by Steve Martin

Funny and touching — an obsessive-compulsive man finds love.

( official Steve Martin Web site )

Recommended by Scott S.
Bennett Martin Public Library

by Ian McEwan

Interesting story of how a wealthy, close-knit family crumbles because of a lie told by a child.

( official Atonement page on the official Ian McEwan Web site)

Recommended by Andrea S.
Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries


Rated by — Anonymous
Visitor to the BookGuide site

figeaterThe Fig Eater
by Jody Shields

Atmospheric novel set in turn-of-the-century Vienna. Lots of gypsy folklore.

Recommended by Rayma S.
Bennett Martin Public Library

Screening Room

formatdvdwingedmigrationWinged Migration
directed by Jacques Perrin (DVD 598 Win)

Jacques Perrin leads the viewer on a breath taking migratory journey of birds from all over the world. His use of ultra light planes, gliders, and hot air balloons to film these birds provides a spectacular view of the birds themselves and the landscape they inhabit along their way. The use of carefully chosen dialog, infused with music by award winning composer Bruno Coulais, creates a feeling of oneness between the viewer and the natural world. One of the messages Perrin presents to us, through the migratory flight of these birds, is that there are no borders in this world we inhabit and that the journeys these birds take are indeed journeys which inspire freedom in the lives of men.

( official Winged Migration Web site ) | ( official Internet Movie Database /strong> page for this documentary )

Recommended by Patty L.
Walt Branch Library

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