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Staff Recommendations – Reader Scores

Did you see a Staff Recommendation of a book, audiobook, eBook, dvd, music CD, etc. here on the BookGuide Web site, that you’d like to share your opinion about?

If you have a rating score or comments you would like to have added to one of our Staff Recommendations here on BookGuide, please fill in as much of this form as possible. Your comments (if you choose to submit any) need to be relatively brief. This is a moderated service, and library staff working on the BookGuide site will add your score/comments as time permits. You must enter information in every field marked with an asterisk (*) for us to consider your submission. Your e-mail address is optional, but will assist us if our staff need to contact you for clarification.

Fields marked with a * are required.



Please identify which item in our Staff Recommendations pages you are responding to, by giving the Title and Author of the work, and (if possible) the month in which the Staff Recommendation originally appeared.

Would you care to share any of your own comments about this title?

Did you agree or disagree with this Staff Recommendation? Why? [Comments will be reviewed by library staff prior to appearing on the BookGuide Web site.]

How would you rate this book?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (one being "poor" and ten being "excellent"), what score would you give your selected title?

If you are having trouble getting this form to work, it may be because you have a firewall or other Internet security software that blocks referrer information; please check our troubleshooting guide.

Note: This form is provided for the convenience of Lincoln City Libraries customers. The information is sent via standard e-mail. Due to the nature of the Internet, Lincoln City Libraries is unable to guarantee the complete privacy of requests made via this form. All review submissions will be evaluated by Lincoln City Libraries staff and may be edited before being posted for the public.