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Reviews by Carolyn D

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Carolyn D.Carolyn D. — Polley Music Library Picks (newsletter)
Bennett Martin Public Library — Polley Music Library [retired 2018]

Eastman, Dawn – Be Careful What You Witch For (M)
James, Miranda – File M for Murder (M)
Music 780.89 Har – Hart, Mickey – Songcatchers: In Search of the World’s Music
Music 781.63 Dud – Dudley, Shannon – Carnival Music in Trinidad: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture
Music 781.64 Dyl – Dylan, Bob – Chronicles, Vol. 1
Music 786.2 Gol – Goldsby, Robin Meloy – Piano Girl: Lessons in Life, Love and the Perfect Blue Hawaiian
Compact Disc 782.14 Pit – Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra – Cinema Serenade
Compact Disc 782.14 Psy – Herrman, Bernard – Psycho: Great Hitchcock Movie Thrillers
Compact Disc 782.14 Wes – Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra – Horror!
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Music for the Eye: A Sample of Music Videos in the Lincoln City Libraries (March 2010)
Gotta Dance! (May 2010)
It’s a Great Day to be Irish! (March 2011)
Strange and Wondrous Books: A Musical Booktalk (October 2012)
Musical Fiction (September 2013)
Podcasts this Reviewer participated in:
‘Casting About, Program 29 (January 2009)
Casting About, Program 43 (June 2009)
Bethany Books Talk: Strange and Wondrous Books (October 2012)

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