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Reviews by Cindy K

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Cindy K.
Bennett Martin Public Library — Public Service

FICTION (both Adult and Juvenile)
Akveld, Joukje — What Ollie Saw (jP)
Albom, Mitch — The Stranger in the Lifeboat
Arnold, Elana — The House That Wasn’t There (j)
Burgis, Stephanie — The Dragon With a Chocolate Heart (j) (Fan)
Conklin, Melanie — Every Missing Piece (j)
jPB (Series) Cooke, Stephanie — Oh My Gods! (jPB)
Corry, Jane — My Husband’s Wife (as a Downloadable Audio)
Dave, Laura — The Last Thing He Told Me
de la Pena, Matt — Milo Imagines the World (jP)
Doerr, Anthony — Cloud Cuckoo Land
jPB (Series) Gonzalez, Sarai and Brown, Monica — Sarai in the Spotlight (jPB)
Guterson, Ben — Winterhouse (j)
Haig, Matt — The Midnight Library
Hawkins, Paula — A Slow Fire Burning
Holder, Alissa — I am Smart, I am Blessed, I Can Do Anything (jP)
Hoover, Colleen — Verity (M)
Jacobs, R.J. — Always the First to Die (as downloadable audio)
James, LeBron — I Promise (jP)
Lapinski, L.D. — Strangeworlds Travel Agency (Fan) (j)
jPB (Series) Lee, Lyla — Mindy Kim Makes a Splash (jPB)
Makkai, Rebecca — I Have Some Questions for You (as a Downloadable Audio)
Martin, Madeline — The Last Bookshop in London: A Tale of World War II
McCulloch, Amy — Jinxed (SF) (j)
jP Meghan, Duchess of Sussex — The Bench (jP)
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia — Mexican Gothic (M)
Morris, Heather — The Three Sisters
Napolitano, Ann — Hello Beautiful (as a Downloadable Audio)
Osman, Richard — The Man Who Died Twice (M)
E-book Price, Tirzah — Pride and Premeditation (M)
Quinn, Kate — The Diamond Eye | The Rose Code
Reynolds, Jason — Ghost (j)
Robinson, Sharon — The Hero Two Doors Down (j)
Ruby, Laura — The York Series (j) (Fan)
Schmidt, Gary — Just Like That (j)
Sedita, Francisco — The Mystery of the Moon Tower (jPB series)
Serle, Rebecca — One Italian Summer
Skeslien Charles, Janet — The Paris Library
Subity, Sam — The Last Shadow Warrior (j)
Sutanto, Jesse Q — Dial A for Aunties
Swanson, Peter — Eight Perfect Murders (M)
Thomas, Sherry — A Study in Scarlet Women (M)
Tinti, Hannah — The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley
Tooke, Hana — The Midnighters (j)
Van Otterloo, Ash — A Touch of Ruckus (j)
eissid, Jacqueline — Ruby’s Sword (jP)
jPB (Series) Watson, Stephanie — Pencilvania (j)
jPB (Series) Weir — Weir, Ive Noelle — The Secret Garden on 81st Street (j)
West, Jacqueline — Long Lost (j)
Yang, Kelly — New From Here (j)
Youssef, Bassem — The Magical Reality of Nadia (j)
NON-FICTION (both Adult and Juvenile)
741.5 Bea — Beaton, Kate — Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands
j Biography Judge — Shepard, Ray Anthony — Runaway: The Daring Escape of Ona Judge

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last updated August 2023