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Reviews by Elanor J

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Elanor J. — Customer Snapshot Newsletter Profile (from back in 2010)
Gere Branch Library

Burt, Marissa — Storybound (j) (Fan) (as a Customer Review)
DiTerlizzi, Tony — A Hero for Wondla (j) (Fan) (as a Customer Review)
Fink, Joseph — Welcome to Night Vale
Hiaasen, Carl — Chomp (j) (as a Customer Review)
Littlewood, Kathryn — Bliss (j) (Fan) (as a Customer Review)
Rex, Adam — Cold Cereal (j) (Fan) (as a Customer Review)
Ruckman, Ivy — Night of the Twisters (j) (as a Customer Review)
Ryan, Britney — The Legend of Holly Claus (j) (Fan) (as a Customer Review)
Skye, Obert — Pillage (j) (Fan) (as a Customer Review)
Smith, Jennifer E. — The Storm Makers (j) (Fan) (as a Customer Review)
Smy, Pam — Thornhill (j) (Fan)
741.5 Car — Carroll, Emily — Through the Woods (Hor/Fan)

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last updated December 2019