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Reviews by Erin I

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Erin I.
Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries — Erin I. left the Lincoln City Libraries in July 2023.

394.12 Sta – Standage, Tom – The History of the World in Six Glasses
Booklists from Book Talks presented by this Reviewer:
Royal Reads (February 2007)
Recent and Rereadable (September 2007)
Erin Go Bragh! (March 2008)
Set Sail to New Worlds (October 2008)
A Walk on the Wild Side (March 2009)
Tales From the Cryptographer (September 2009)
The Ghosts of Booktalks Past (January 2010)
My Life of Crime (September 2010)
Short and Sweet, or Good Things Come in Small Packages (January 2011)
A Celebration of Sisters (September/October 2011)
Spunky Ladies (October 2012)
If You Like…The Great Gatsby and More (April/May 2013)
About the Author (October 2014)
Podcasts this Reviewer participated in:
‘Casting About, Program 3 (May 2008)
‘Casting About, Program 6 (June 2008)
‘Casting About, Program 35 (March 2009)
Gere Books Talk: Tales From the Cryptographer (September 2009)
Bethany Books Talk: Spunky Ladies (September 2012)

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last updated July 2023