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Reviews by Scott S. (Polley)

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Scott S. — Reviewer Profile | Reviews | Polley Music Library Picks (newsletter)
Bennett Martin Public Library — Polley Music Library (2019-  )

Music 780 Bou — Boulez, Pierre — Music Lessons: The College de France Lectures
Music 780.04 Sua — Suarez, Lavender — Transcendent Waves: How Listening Shapes Our Creative Lives
Music 780.078 Cag — Cage, John — Silence (50th Anniversary Edition with new Forward by Kyle Gann)
Music 780.1 Bar — Bartsch, Nik — Listening: Music, Movement, Mind
Music 780.1 Bre — Brennan, Ian — Silenced by Sound: The Music Meritocracy Myth
Music 780.266 Sco — Scott, Jonathan — The Vinyl Frontier: The Story of the Voyager Golden Record
Music 780.63 Gainsbourg — Allen, Jeremy — Relax Baby, Be Cool: The Artistry and Audacity of Serge Gainsbourg
Music 780.87 Aur — Drever, John J. and Hugill, Andrew, eds. — Aural Diversity
Music 780.9 Bar — Barry, Robert — The Music of the Future
Music 780.9 Spi — Spitzer, Michael — The Musical Human: A History of Life on Earth
Music 780.904 Arc V.10 — Zorn, John (ed) — Arcana X: Musicians on Music
Music 780.904 Gru — Grubbs, David — Records Ruin the Landscape: John Cage, the Sixties and Sound Recording
Music 780.92 Cag — Kuhn, Laura (ed.) — The Selected Letters of John Cage
Music 780.92 Eas — Paker, Renee Levine and Leach, Mary Jane — Gay Guerrilla: Julius Easton and His Music
Music 780.92 Ive — Gann, Kyle — Charles Ives’s Concord: Essays After a Sonata
Music 780.92 Muc — Burrage, Melissa — The Karl Muck Scandal: Classical Music and Xenophobia in World War I America
Music 780.92 Rah — Trilok, Krishna — Notes of a Dream: The Authorized Biography of A.R. Rahman
Music 780.92 Rei — Reich, Steve — Conversations
Music 780.92 Rus — Lawrence, Tim — Hold on to Your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene: 1973-1992
Music 780.92 Tho — Thome, Diane — Palaces of Memory: American Composer Diane Thome on Her Life and Music
Music 780.92 Tudor — Nakai, You — Reminded By the Instruments: David Tudor’s Music
Music 780.92 Ustvolskaya — Bokman, Semyon — Variations on the Theme Galina Ustvolskaya: The Last Composer of the Passing Era
Music 780.922 Let — Usher, Shaun — Letters of Note: Music
Music 780.922 Mol — Molleson, Kate — Sound Within Sound: Radical Composers of the Twentieth Century
Music 780.922 Var — Varga, Balint Andras — The Courage of Composers and the Tyranny of Taste: Reflections on New Music
Music 781.1 Hod — Hodgkinson, Tim — Music and the Myth of Wholeness: Toward a New Aesthetic Paradigm
Music 781.1 Sol — Soldier, David (a.k.a. Sulzer, David) — Music, Math and Mind: The Physics and Neuroscience of Music
Music 781.11 Run — Runningdeer, Islene — Musician Healer: Transforming Art Into Medicine
Music 781.49 Pre – Preece, Ian – Listening to the Wind: Encounters With 21st Century Independent Record Labels
Music 781.54 Lud — Kemp, Michael + Summers, Tim + Sweeney, Mark (eds.) — Ludomusicology: Approaches to Video Game Music
Music 781.542 Fic — Fichera, J. Blake — Scored to Death: Conversations With Some of Horror’s Greatest Composers (Hor) | Scored to Death 2: More Conversations With Some of Horror’s Greatest Composers (Hor)
Music 781.542 Hol — Hollander, David – Unusual Sounds: The Hidden History of Library Music
Music 781.592 Cre — Crew, Danny O. – Suffragist Sheet Music
Music 781.62 Chu — Church, Michael — Musics Lost and Found: Sound Collectors and the Life and Death of Folk Tradition
Music 781.62 Coo — Coover, Gary — The Pocket Shantyman: 130 Songs of the Sea
Music 781.63 Han — Hansen, Arve (ed.) — A War of Songs: Popular Music and Recent Russia-Ukraine Relations
Music 781.63 Sal — Salie, Olaf — Chanson: A Tribute to France’s Most Romantic and Poetic Musical Tradition
Music 781.64 Dim — Dimery, Robert — MusicQuake: The Most Disruptive Moments in Music
Music 781.64 Par — Partridge, Christopher — Mortality and Music: Popular Music and the Awareness of Death
Music 781.64 Que — Questlove — Music is History
Music 781.64 Rac — Rachlin, Harvey — Song and System: The Making of American Pop Music
Music 781.64 Slo — Sloan, Nate & Harding, Charlie — Switched on Pop: How Popular Music Works and Why it Matters
Music 781.642 Hid — Pecknold, Diane — Hidden in the Mix: The African-American Presence in Country Music
Music 781.648 Mur — Murphy, Ben and Loben, Carl — Renegade Snares: The Resistance and Resilience of Drum and Bass
Music 781.65 Ayler — Koloda, Richard – Holy Ghost: The Life and Death of Free Jazz Pioneer Albert Ayler
Music 781.65 Bra — Bradley, Cisco — The Williamsburg Avant-Garde: Exprimental Music and the Sound on the Brooklyn Waterfront
Music 781.65 Bra — Lock, Graham – Forces in Motion: Anthony Braxton and the Meta-Reality of Creative Music
Music 781.65 Bre — Milkowski, Bill — Ode to a Tenor Titan: The Life and Times and Music of Michael Brecker
Music 781.65 Cherry — Kumpf, Lawrence & Karlsson, Naima & Nygren, Marcus (eds.) — Organic Music Societies
Music 781.65 Cli — Clifford-Napoleone, Amber R. — Queering Kansas City Jazz: Gender, Performances and a History of a Scene
Music 781.65 Coleman — Rush, Stephen — Free Jazz, Harmolodies and Ornette Coleman
Music 781.65 Graves — Christman, Mark & DiNucci, Celeste & Elms, Anthony (eds.) — Milford Graves: A Mind-Body Deal
Music 781.65 Hancock — Hancock, Herbie — Possibilities
Music 781.65 Hav — Havers, Richard — Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression
Music 781.65 Lur — Lurie, John — The History of Bones: A Memoir
Music 781.65 Ste — Steinbeck, Paul — Sound Experiments: The Music of the AACM
Music 781.65 Sun — Coleman, Rodger (author) & Byrd, Sam (ed.) — Rodger Coleman’s Sun Ra Sundays
Music 781.65 Wea — Bianchi,, Curt — Elegant People: A History of the Band Weather Report
Music 781.66 Bar — Bartos, Karl — The Sound of the Machine: My Life in Kraftwerk and Beyond
Music 781.66 Burroughs — Rae, Casey — William S. Burroughs and the Cult of Rock and Roll
Music 781.66 Car — Carlin, Peter Ames — Sonic Boom: The Impossible Rise of Warner Brothers Records
Music 781.66 Cla — Clair, Adam — Endless Endless: A Lo-Fi History of the Elephant 6 Mystery
Music 781.66 Fin — Fintoni, Laurent — Bedroom Beats & B-Sides: Instrumental Hip Hop and Electronic Music at the Turn of the Century
Music 781.66 Gol — Goldman, Vivien — Revenge of the She-Punks
Music 781.66 Ham — Grillo, Jerry — The Music and Mythocracy of Col. Bruce Hampton: A Basically True Biography
Music 781.66 Hei — Heiser, Jorg — Double Lives in Art and Pop Music
Music 781.66 Hip — Hipple, Mike — Lived Through That: 90s Musicians Today
Music 781.66 Jaf — Jaffee, Larry — Record Store Day: The Most Improbably Comeback of the 21st Century
Music 781.66 Los — Loss, Robert — Nothing Has Been Done Before: Seeking the New in 21st Century American Popular Music
Music 781.66 Mor — Morello, Tom — What it Takes
Music 781.66 Ozz — Ozzi, Dan — Sellout: The Major-Label Feeding Frenzy That Swept Punk, Emo and Hardcore (1994-2007)
Music 781.66 P-Orridge — P-Orridge, Genesis — Nonbinary: A Memoir
Music 781.66 Pri – Prato, Greg – Primus: Over the Electric Grapevine
Music 781.66 Rib — Ribot, Marc — Unstrung: Rants and Stories of a Noise Guitarist
Music 781.66 Spi — Spitznagel, Eric — Rock Stars on the Record: The Albums That Changed Their Lives
Music 781.66 Ulr – Ulrich, Peter – Drumming With Dead Can Dance and Parallel Advnentures
Music 781.66 Vanvliet — French, John — Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic
Music 781.66 Waits — Harvey, Alex — Song Noir: Tom Waits and the Spirit of Los Angeles
Music 781.68 Bur — Burgess, Anthony — This Man and Music
Music 781.68 Mor — Morley, Paul — A Sound Mind: How I Fell in Love With Classical Music (and Decided to Rewrite its Entire History)
Music 781.76 Art — Diederichsen, Detlef and Raffeiner, Arno (eds.) — Artificial Music
Music 783.092 Ton — Tongeren, Mark Van — Overture Singing
Music 784.18 Str — Hill, Peter — Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring
Music 784.19 Sou — Hopkin, Bart and Tewari, Sudhu (eds.) — Sound Inventions: Selected Articles From Experimental Musical Instruments
Music 786.7 Col — Collins, Nicolas — Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking, 3rd Ed
Music 786.7 Did — Diduck, Ryan Alexander — Mad Skills: Midi and Music Technology in the 20th Century
Music 786.7 Ora — Oram, Daphne – An Individual Note: Of Music, Sound and Electronics
Music 786.7 Puc — Puckette, Miller and Hagan, Kerry L. — Between the Tracks: Musicians on Selected Electronic Music
Music 786.75 Ferrari — Ferrari, Brunhild (ed.) — Luc Ferrari: Complete Works
Music 786.76 Moo — Moore, Adrian — Sonic Art: An Introduction to Electroacoustic Music Composition
Music 787.87 Hol — Holley, Chuck — A Perfectly Good Guitar: Musicians on Their Favorite Instruments
Music 787.87 Obr — Obrecht, Jas — Talking Guitar: Conversations With Musicians Who Shaped Twentieth Century American Music
Music 787.87 Paz — Paz, Eilon — Stompbox: 100 Pedals of the World’s Greatest Guitarists
Music 787.87 Por — Port, Ian S. — The Birth of Loud: Leo Fender, Les Paul and the Guitar Pioneering Rivalry That Shaped Rock & Roll
Music 787.872 Gor — Gore, Joe — The Subversive Guitarist
Music 787.872 Izn — Iznaola, Ricardo — Kitharologus: The Path to Virtuosity
Music 787.874 Zuc — Zucker, Jack A. — Sheets of Sound for Guitar
Music 787.878 Jen — Jensen, K.J. — Titans of Bass: The Tactics, Habits and Routines From Over 130 of the World’s Best
Music 789.1648 Pis — Piskor, Ed — The Hip Hop Family Tree (Graphic Novel)
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